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Husaberg FE570 Review

Excellent handling and power

Light ride makes it feel like a smaller bike

Good air filter access

Decals are injection-moulded

Brembo brakes best there are

Regardless of its entirely modern engineering, Husaberg’s FE570 is all about the on-bike experience, not just the things that make that possible.

Engineering and appearance

Australia is Husaberg’s biggest market, but you rarely hear the name mentioned here as a prospective purchase. The usual suspects remain at the top of that enduro list in Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna and Honda, but make no mistake; the Husaberg is a better bike to ride than any of the others.

Husaberg is making the best four-stroke enduro bikes in the world today. They look different and they feel different, but they’re better. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that Husaberg is the only manufacturer (with the exception of BMW) to make any sort of major design leap in the enduro market for years.

The FE570 isn’t overly thin. It feels like a cross between the KTM 450 EXC-F and BMW’s G 450 X. The pegs feel a little high and the ‘bars a little low. The seat is comfortable and you can get well forward before your best mates start getting cosy with the fuel cap.

The Neken bars are wide so KTM and Sherco riders will feel at home and the switchblocks are identical to KTM’s. We’d recommend removing the left-side block and freeing up some space for the clutch lever.

The FE’s shroud decals are injection-mouldedgreat idea as stickers don’t last long and they cost a fortune to replace. The seat comes off by pulling a plastic ring at the left rear, which then reveals the air-filter and the EFI’s brain. The air-filter is the easiest to work with, and it sits in a translucent tank.

The braking is done by Brembos and they are brilliant. They might feel a bit over the top if you haven’t tried them before, but once you’re used to them it’s then difficult to appreciate any other system.

Bar raisers might be needed for taller riders and handguards aren’t standard.

A note of caution: besides the simple stuff, this isn’t the easiest bike to work on. The tank is fiddly to remove and the rocker covers reside within very little real estate.

Performance and handling

I love this bike because of the way it rides. The WP suspension is slightly different and better than that on KTM’s EXC-F. It does everything really well.

I couldn’t fault it and neither could two other test riders, who were just as amazed by its stability and ability to take big hits without bottoming, but remain plush and forgiving. This owes as much to the bike’s overall make-up as it does to the suspension, which is another indication that Husaberg got it right in more than one area.

The engine is very strong. But it’s no brute. Those 565.5 cubic centimetres are available to torque and grunt your way, in the smoothest manner courtesy of EFI, over or through anything you may come across.

The power is usable, not aggressive, and at all times predictable.

The handling is truly astonishing. It’s better than a bike this size has any right to be. It’s easier to rail than a Husky or Honda 450F and doesn’t resist any attitude changes in the air like pretty much every other big bore out there.

Hierdie is 'n 570 that you can actually throw around.

The FE570 is the best of the biggest. It’s better than the Husky and makes the KTM appear dated; wat dit is. That’s the only competition in the mainstream stakes and it has them hands down.

Benelli BX 570 Motard
Benelli BX 570 Motard

The only real issue with the 570 is the price. By $15,995 (Redbook List Price, plus on-road costs) it’s a few K more than what you can pick up a Husky TC510 for. It’s a better bike mind you, but price could be the difference in this economy.


Engine type Single cylinder, vierslag

Displacement 565.5cc

Bore x stroke 100mm x 72mm

Kompressieverhouding 12.2. 1

Starter/Battery Electric starter/12V 7Ah

Transmission Six gears

Fuel system Keihin EFI

Lubrication Pressure lubrication with 2 oil pumps

Cooling Liquid cooling

Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch, hydraulically operated

Frame Double cradle perimeter design 25CrMo4

Benelli BX 570 Motard
Benelli BX 570 Motard
Benelli BX 570 Motard

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