vlieggewig: 1986 Cagiva Aletta Oro S2

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Morini Dart 350

vlieggewig: 1986 Cagiva Aletta Oro S2

Pick up a Ducati from the 1980s and you probably have a 30 percent chance of running into another just like it a the local cappuccino bar. Buy a 1986 Cagiva Aletta Oro S2 and that chance drops to somewhere around zero. Here’s your shot at being the only one in your area code with this sweet little 125cc two-stroke gem.

Find it here on eBay in Chicester, New Hampshire.

The S2 was the second version of the Aletta Oro (ironically “Gold Wing” in Italian) van 1985. Changes between the two years are minimal. Electric start was the big change, though this bike also features the kick starter, ook.

These were Cagiva’s entry into the hot 125cc market popular in Europe, with major competitors in the form of the Honda NS 125, the Aprilia AS 125 R and the Girelli GTA.

The Aletta Oro is 1980s style from stem to stern. There’s a lot in the Cagiva that you’ll find in a Ducati Paso, or a Moto Morini Dart 350, albeit in a much more restrained fashion here. The gauges are all the familiar style of everything Cagiva was producing in those years.

And while Ducatisti tend to cringe at the Cagiva era the way Harley riders think about the AMF years, there’s something especially charming about the elephant logo on the instrument panel.

Morini Dart 350

This particular example is in fine condition, with just 2,124km since new. Since Caviga went to the trouble of incorporating those giant turn indicators, it seems a shame this sweet little bike never covered more miles. But since it’s not perfect, here’s your chance to buy it and bring-a-ding-ding around town like a World Champion.

A handful of items will need attention: the fuel cap isn’t seating properly, but those are fairly easy to come by since they’re the same as a lot of other Cagiva bikes of the era. The front turn signals seem to be ok, but the rears appear to be missing. That might prove to be a little more of a challenge to rectify. Ongelukkig, at some point the original tinted windscreen was cut down, so you’ll need to set that right.

The seller notes that these are available, but you’ll want to do your due diligence before committing.

One cool item: these bikes are water cooled, and the little door on the right side fairing conceals the radiator filler.

Nou dadelik, the price is at a super-low $1,425 with the reserve not met. That might be due to the fact that the bike was never registered by the current owner and is being sold on a bill of sale only. New Hampshire is one of those states that only titles vehicles 15 years old or newer, so it might be worth it to negotiate with the seller to have the bike registered before taking ownership, alleviating any issues with your state’s registration bureau.

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