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Kawasaki KR 1 S

Bikes for sale Bikes For Sale

We try to update this site as often as practical, the problem is that the majority of H2’s are now sold LONG before they even get onto this website. Please mail to enquire about specific Triples that you are interested inwithout doubt we are now Europe’s leading agent for H1 H2 Kawasaki Triples.

Always Wanted good clean Triples

Please note that the quality of the bikes is reflected in the price, we only sell quality bikes or price others accordingly, and we are often too honest for our own good! Maybe this is why we are the countries leading experts on Triplesif you want to gamble then buy from an unknown and uneducated source? We can relate countless stories from people that have paid top prices for Triples (H2’s especially) from other sources and then have then had to hire a van to bring the bike to us to have the many faults corrected.

If you need any more information or would like further photographs, just email us at the address above. Click on pictures for a larger image

(You might be interested to know that most of these bikes would cost around Ј110.00 to insure FULLY COMPREHENSIVE! – agreed value and also including breakdown coverwith some of them also being Tax exempt that is cheap biking!)

If you want to get an idea of prices, check out our previously sold bikes page.


This means that virtually ANY Japanese bike you buy and I ship that was made BEFORE 1984

will enter the U.K. by 5% Duty as opposed to the 30ish% that we have been paying for years 🙂

1st February 2014

NOVA (Notification Of Vehicles Arriving) Required Dating evidence

goed, what an out and out total MESS the Government made with this scheme! Basically from 1st April any imported vehicle that you tried to register had to be issued with a NOVA number by the HMRC, they set themselves up to deal with all the imports from Europe (watter, apparently was the original problem with people not paying the VAT) what they didn’t take into account was the THOUSANDS of vehicles that were already here and undergoing restoration no-one was able to register an old vehicle for the first three weeks of April, they then held their hands up and allowed the registrations on a temporary basis.

It would now appear that they are caught up and ALL vehicles now have to have a NOVA before the DVLA will accept an application for registration. With the impending closure of all local DVLA offices it would appear that all registrations are now done through Swansea, so expect a week to 10 days for the turn around.

Some other good news is that I am One of the few people that is allowed to issue age certificates to date a vehicle for an age related plate, with all the new people at the DVLA they are following the registration process to the letter and you have to apply to the original manufacturer for dating evidence or myself! I have been authorised by the DVLA to date bikes for over 20 jaar, this has just been re-confirmed for current applications.

Kawasaki KR 1 S

Here’s the latest. As of April 15th 2013 EVERY vehicle now needs a NOVA, for a vehicle Imported before April 15th you will need the HMRC CE 389 or the older CE 386 along with a bill of sale, you will then have to send these papers to the Personal Transport Unit in Dover and they will look into whether or not the correct duty was paid at the time of Import. Once the number has been issued you then follow the normal procedure using dating evidence or the original title to get an age related plate.

Your local DVLA office no longer process these applications, they are all now done from Swansea. Maar, whilst the local offices are in their death throws I suggest that you put your application into there and let them send the papers to Swansea, that way you will at least have a receipt to say that you handed all the correct paperwork inHorror stories of lost paperwork en route to Swansea are already appearing.

Any bike imported after 15th April should have been automatically been put onto NOVA by the Importer. There will however still be some HUGE glitches, often the numbers on the U.S. titles are innacurate at best, 2 are’s written a Zs, slashes hyphens appear everywhere and whilst I put these down as written on the title for the Import paperwork the M.O.T. over here could have a totally different number which would not be pulled up on the NOVA / DVLA database. it’s a mess!

Having just put a 100 or so onto the NOVA it would appear that there is a particular problem for Yamaha owners, Yamaha chassis numbers generally start with 3 digits then a hyphen and then more numbers, the NOVA system has no facility to insert hyphens it rejects the numbers every time, so you either have to leave the hyphen out or miss out the first 3 numbers and the hyphen, as we all know in this computer age, all these numbers need to tally or they will be rejected, so when the M.O.T. man puts in the hyphen it won’t get linked to the right places.

And a word of warning, if you are Importing a bike Via a shipping agent, make sure that they do the NOVA for you, there is a hefty DAILY fine for every vehicle not on the NOVA scheme within 2 weeks of entry.

so, 11th september, my local office rejects my applications as they don’t have a NOVA, Down in Cardiff a pal walks in to the DVLA there and his gets accepted as the bike was imported before April 15th. what an absolute F*ck up!

Here’s the January 2012 foto's. Brrrr.

And it was FAR colder this Year in 2013!

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