Moto Guzzi Breva V1100 Accessories & Finansies deal

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Moto Guzzi Breva 1100

Moto Guzzi Breva V1100 now also available with 0% Finance

nou, there is a complete range of Breva V1100 accessories available to further enhance the bike. The windshield, byvoorbeeld, is neat, but extremely effective in deflecting wind turbulence around both the rider and passenger when cruising at speed, whilst the tough stylish panniers are quickly detachable, made with great attention to detail and are ideal for long distance touring. A new 45-litre top case adds greatly to the Breva’s carrying capacity and practicality.

All accessories can be ordered from your nearest authorized Moto Guzzi dealer. Full Breva V1100 accessory list below (prices quoted are retail and do not include VAT).

Rigid side bags kit / panniers Ј410.47

Rear carrier kit Ј100.75

28-litre top case Ј184.67

45-litre top case Ј140.64

Rear carrier bag Ј96.53

Windshield kit Ј163.69

Tank bag Ј115.84

Lower seat (Grey/Black) Ј109.12

Alarm system, Thatcham approved Ј132.21

Alarm installation kit Ј57.08

Motorcycle Cover Ј54.56

There is even more good news for the Breva V1100. The electronic alarm has received official approval from Thatcham, following extensive testing. This means that any Breva V1100 fitted with the alarm should be eligible for significant insurance premium discounts.

Not got the cash to buy outright? goed, now there are no excuses for not buying a Breva V1100 as an extra special Christmas present, because it is included in Moto Guzzi’s Christmas 0% Finance Offer, available until 31st December 2005. A minimum 10% deposit is required to qualify for zero percent finance applicable over twelve months.

Subsidised rates of interest are available over longer repayment periods, conditions apply. Talk to your participating Moto Guzzi dealer for full details.


“…’s a clever blend of modernity and aggression with an unmistakable Guzzi style. It promises good things and delivers more.” Kevin Ash, The Daily Telegraph, 23 April 2005

“the Breva is agile and can be hustled through the bends with confidence.”

“At a quid under Ј7,000, the Breva is well worth serious consideration rather than a cursory afterthought.”

Keith Jackson, The Sun, 8 Julie 2005

“…..the Breva V1100, is packed with character…..At Ј6,999, it’s Italian exotica for the price of much more mundane stuff.” The Daily Mirror, 20 Mei 2005

“Forget all you know about Guzzi shafties – the stylish new Breva V1100 is the legendary Italian marque’s smoothest and best-handling ever….“ “First up, it’s smooooth” “But it’s still unmistakably Guzzi.” “More evocative than Kawasaki could ever be…” “It’s a cruiser – with style” “It handles, too” “It’s a lot of bike for the money” “And of course, on top of all that, there’s the legendary Guzzi badge…” “Moto Guzzi really had moved into the 21st century with the Breva. It’s the first Guzzi in more than 20 years to feature any significant technical innovations and the end result is the smoothest, most user-friendly bike they’ve ever built.” “The Breva V1100 is aimed squarely at BMW’s R1150R, so not only is a Guzzi able to compete on level terms with the German giant for the first time – we reckon it’s better. The Italian sports cruiser is more soulful, and the engine and gearbox are smoother too.” Star rating 4 out of 5

Michael Neeves, Motor Cycle News, 6 April 2005

“The all-new Breva 1100 roadster is the most advanced Guzzi in years.” “What is a revelation is how good Guzzi’s new six-speed gearbox is.” “With 21st Century technology, the Breva is able to compete…..but has lost none of its raw Italian character.” Michael Neeves, Motor Cycle News, 15 Junie 2005

“New Breva 1100 is the first of the new breed.” Roland Brown, Superbike, Julie 2005

“It’s clear after just a handful of miles that the new Breva V1100 is seriously smooth, thanks to its 1064cc 90° V-twin motor which has been re-worked with lighter pistons and better lubrication.” “The Breva V1100 is all about cruising at a leisurely pace, and it does that extremely well.” “It’s well built and has lots of nice touches and of course there’s that evocative badge.” Michael Neeves, RiDE, Junie 2005

“The Breva V11 is more involving to ride, has twice the character and looks about 18 times better. If you’re in the market for a new European touring tool, there is a now a proper contender from the Guzzi camp.”

John Cantlie, Two Wheels Only, Junie 2005

“The most important new Moto Guzzi model for 38 years.” “It’s a multi-purpose mileater in Guzzi’s traditional mould, combining enjoyable functionality with modern engineering.” Alan Cathcart, Motorcycle Sport Leisure, Junie 2005

For product and dealer information call 01293 823890, or visit

Moto Guzzi Breva 1100
Moto Guzzi Breva 1100
Moto Guzzi Breva 1100
Moto Guzzi Breva 1100

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