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Piaggio MP3 400 Sport


After giving us a very promising Yourban MP3, Piaggio is about to evolve the GT’s 3-wheel scooter range. To widen the gap with its future competitors, the MP3 LT offers more performance and sportier styling.

As you will soon see by going to your local Piaggio, the Yourban is getting old in MP3 LT. Daarbenewens, the Quadro 3D comes with sportier lines and Peugeot promises a 3-wheel scooter GT pledged a dynamic style for the end of the year. An MP3 LT more yourbain despite the strong sales results of the current version the LT, Piaggio is not resting on its laurels and has given its designers behind their graphic palettes.

From the Beverly 125 en 300 cm3, says an Italian brand identity that combines elegant curves more nervous influences with neo-retro. We can therefore expect a wide front magazine, playing on the contrasts between painting and raw plastics to gain muscle while the radiator grille concealing the liquid cooling system will be more plunging. All eventually identify more than sedans to SUVs.

From the rigor and muscle According to our information, the MP3 LT would not be satisfied with a facelift and Piaggio engineers prey on dynamic performance. The carol this year Yourban rims 13 ‘instead of 12′ being mounted on the LT.

It therefore seems logical to see it take this development to optimize stability and accuracy of its direction. More interestingly, the engines should evolve with the appearance of a 350 cm3 version. It is not known whether it was a reduction of the bore of the block 400 cm3 or, alternatiewelik, adaptation of a larger cylinder on the 300 cm3.

In the latter case, performance should be closer to those of the LT400.

uiteindelik, the MP3 LT 500?Piaggio may choose to offer only the MP3 LT 125 en 350 but it seems more logical to see the European leader in its line of hair GT 3-wheeled model with a 500 cm3. What do two things at once, since the appearance of this version and fill the expectations of many users and 400 LT would change their horses, on one hand. Aan die ander kant, an MP3 LT 500 would be a more relevant alternative Quadro 4D face the future which will also be powered by a single cylinder of about 500 cm3.

uiteindelik, the advent of compulsory education from 7 for all aspirants to the handlebar comes appropriately to criticism to block the launch of the MP3 LT 400 against potentially released inexperienced drivers on a scooter to 34 HP. We should know more in the spring.


enjin: Master double ignition single cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve

Refrigeration: vloeistof

Piaggio MP3 400 Sport
Piaggio MP3 400 Sport

verplasing: 493 cc

Boring x Slag: 94 mm x 71 mm

Maximum Power: 40.1 HP (29.90 kW) / 7250 rpm

maksimum wringkrag: 46.5 Nm / 5,250 rpm

Feeding: Electronic fuel injection

smeer: nat oliebak

Change: CVT automatic variator with torque server

Piaggio MP3 400 Sport

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