Suzuki GS 150 2013 in Pakistan Prys met Review Oor die motorfiets

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Suzuki GS 125 ES
Suzuki GS 125 ES

Suzuki GS 150 2013 in Pakistan Prys met Review Oor die motorfiets

deur: A.Rehman | 22. Jan 2013 | Suzuki Bikes

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Suzuki GS-150 is a stylish bike introduced by Suzuki. It is a Pakistan made bike with a four stroke air cooled engine capable to producing 150CC power. Japanese styled and shape silencer is also attached, giving it a nice look.

Having a sensational shape and body with a heavy bike look, it is more popular among the youth of the country. The bike enjoys its domination, as no 150cc bike is available in the market. It is available in red and black color from the company.

Most of the owners of this bike feel comfort in altering its color and parts according to their own design and desire.

It has a large fuel tank as compared to other brands of the same manufacturer with a capacity of 12 liter. Despite having a powerful engine in it, this bike is capable of going 45-55 km per liter, which is not ordinary at all. So this fuel drawback does not carry much weight.

Suzuki has installed a dual system of ignition for starting the bike. It can be started by using a kick starter while innovative way of self-start option is also available. With the view of comfort and smooth ride, its engine has five speed transmission and a drum brake system to have optimum control and ensure security.

Moving towards other features and starting from the crystal headlight, it has a long and large lamp present in front. A small tube for functioning as a parking light, also lies beneath the main lamp. On the rear side of this bike, a flashing red light is there but it is not up to the mark according to the overall grace of this bike.

Indicators are relatively better.

Suzuki GS 125 ES
Suzuki GS 125 ES

Two separate meters regarding speedometer and RPM meter are mounted on the top. In between these meters, indicator lights are present for the riders. The key insertion hole is separate and is not coupled with the meter as one can found in the old traditional bikes.

Pair of stylish back view mirror is also put on each handle of the bike.

A long, wide and well-cushioned black leather seat gives a sense of ease during the ride. While a grip bar for the back seated is also staged for comfy sitting. Shock absorbers are good and have a grace full look with black color spring around the main cylinder of these absorbers.

It sounds less during the long journeys especially the vibration from the bike ranks low to normal as compared with other bike in the market.

All of these features have provided a grace and customer pulling force in the bike. It proves to be a competitor of Honda CG-125 in the market as it provides more speed which is the demand of todays youth. It may not be attract by the fuel sensitive riders due to its high fuel consumption pattern.

Mostly suited for the long distance travels where fuel efficiency per km also increases. algehele, if one is looking for a heavy bike looked, stylish and comfortable ride, Suzuki GS-150 can be a good choice to have.

Suzuki GS 125 ES
Suzuki GS 125 ES
Suzuki GS 125 ES
Suzuki GS 125 ES
Suzuki GS 125 ES

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