die GSResources – Stator Papers ek – A primer op GS laai stelsels

rubriek: Suzuki | 19 Junie 2015 | Comments Off op die GSResources – Stator Papers ek – A primer op GS laai stelsels
The GSResources – Stator Papers I – A primer on GS charging systems

A primer op GS laai stelsels deur Peter Huppertz ( met updates deur die huidige redakteurs ) In hierdie artikel gaan in die teoretiese aspekte van die heffing probleme op sommige Suzuki GS modelle. dit probeer (suksesvol!) om die bron van die probleem te identifiseer, en (inconclusively) die oorsaak sowel. Gedurende die tyd dat hierdie stuk prosa on-line is, 'n paar vrae gevra, waaruit ek geleer 'n paar dinge: dit was eintlik lees, wat daarop dui dat dit wel nuttig die probleem te tref 'n klomp mense sommige mense het inligting wat baie nuttig sowel die artikel was onvolledig en wat nodig is 'n paar praktiese inligting Van hierdie terugvoer, Ek saamgestel n soort van vrae. Dit word aanbeveel, ...

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Suzuki GS500E – hersiening en mening – Don’t mock the GS500

rubriek: Suzuki | 26 Mei 2015 | Comments Off op Suzuki GS500E – hersiening en mening – Don’t mock the GS500
Suzuki GS500E – review and opinion – Don’t mock the GS500

Don’t mock the GS500 Well there I wasover 50 years old and deciding to get into biking. Having had a CB100N around 25 years before but never done my test and having a husband into bikesit was if you can’t beat them join them. So got my theory and took my DAS. Now I took it on a Suzuki GS500 and therefore I felt comfortable on it so decided this was what I would buy for myself. The GS500 is a twin cylinder, four stroke, air-cooled machine, 487 cc, with disc brakes front and rear, and of very simple design. No fancy computerised bits, no fuel warning lights, just the rev counter and speedo and basic bits and pieces. However it does have electronic ignition which ...

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Suzuki GS500F Motorfietse

rubriek: Suzuki | 9 Apr 2015 | Comments Off op Suzuki GS500F Motorfietse
Suzuki GS500F Motorbikes

I bought a new Suzuki GS500F K5 a year ago and have found it to be an absolutely superb machine. I also own a 20-year old GS250T which shares a very similar design of power plant. In fact the older GS250T is an eight-valve engine with all the complexities that brings, whereas for the GS500 the Suzuki designers opted for a more reliable (though lower power) 4 valve design which makes it even more reliable than its 250cc predecessor. The engine design on the GS500F therefore has a very long pedigree and I would be very surprised if there were any major design or manufacturing flaws remaining. dit gesê, my GS500F engine did exhibit a knocking sound when the bike was leaned to one side. I took ...

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Klas dominerende Suzuki GS500 sportbike Review Sport ruiter

rubriek: Suzuki | 8 Apr 2015 | Comments Off op Klas dominerende Suzuki GS500 sportbike Review Sport ruiter
Class dominating Suzuki GS500 Sportbike Review Sport Rider

146_0110_07zoom+gsx_r750+engine.jpg Racers are a funny breed that usually fall into one of two categories. The first only care about the act of riding. On or off the track, their thoughts are focused on themselves and what they can do to be better riders. The second kind of racers derive as much fun out of crafting the machinery they race as they do from riding. For them, construction and creativity are as important as the physical activity. Cedric Smith, whose Hayabusa-powered GSX-R750 appeared in the June 2001 issue of Sport Rider, falls into the latter classification. After racing a Gixxer 750 for a couple years, Smith tried racing a stock GS500 in 1991 and discovered he liked how light ...

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Suzuki GS500F Specs eHow

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Suzuki GS500F Specs eHow

Pysical Dimensions The 2009 Suzuki GS500F has an overall length of 81.9 duim, an overall width of 31.5 duim, a wheelbase of 55.3 inches and a ground clearance of 4.7 duim. It has a curb weight of 439 pond. Suzuki quit providing the dry weight of their motorcycles and ATVs in 2009. The curb weight is the weight of the motorcycle as it would be driven, with all necessary fluids and a full tank of fuel. enjin Die 2009 Suzuki GS500F comes with 487-cubic-centimeter, vierslag, Lugverkoelde, dual-overhead-camshaft (DOHC) engine with a bore and stroke of 2.913 inches by 2.228 inches and a compression ratio of 9.0-to-1. It is a wet-sump engine with a twin BSR34 fuel system, a transistorized ...

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Suzuki GS 500 gebruik

rubriek: Suzuki | 3 Jan 2015 | Comments Off op Suzuki GS 500 gebruik
Suzuki gs 500 ocasion

Suzuki GS 500 ocasion Soczewki, Szkła, Soczewki kontaktowe, zdrowe oczy . Price for a used 2006 suzuki gs500f suzuki sv fender eliminator. Voitures occasion suzuki samurai suzuki samurai spare parts india. http: occasion-honda-x11. Carcreation. Cn/subaru-performance-transmissions. http: pimped-nissan-350z. Toyotaexpressrentals. Cn/suzuki-gs500-reviews. Html. skakel: Voiture Occasion; Link do. suzuki gs500-części używane, serwis części suzuki gs500-wszystkie części używane do motocykli.Suzuki gs500. Rating Views: 353 pewnei ostatni wyjazd przed zima: With the occasion of fast of Nowa Sól on the scene near Odra River great stars of . Suzuki katana ay50 triumph tr3 suzuki 650 savage ...

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