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MV Agusta F4 100 CC


As an avid car nut the question I get the most is “If you were rich car would you drive?” This always sets me in a head as I think of all the vehicles I like. The of the matter is, if I was rich I couldn’t own one So I sat down and thought of the 10 vehicles I’d to own. They are in no particular I’ve been specific the year of certain cars and engine specs.

Price is not (because if you need to ask……..) but I’m you can Google it. Enjoy.

1. Lamborghini VT -(1993-2000) 5.7L V12 – 485-530HP lbs/ft torque

Lamborghini was my choice. If you read my about you know that Lambo was my love. Ironically I would not a new one.

The Aventador and the Gallardo are vehicles with crazy and presence but they lack the exotic style of their Blame it on their German (VW), but the new Lambos are too sharp-edged for my

The Diablo is the last model Lamborghini that I lusted It is the last curvy model Bolognese. Italy. It is simply powerful, and exotic.

The VT had all wheel but any Diablo would suit me fine.

2. Ferrari California – V8 – 460HP 357 lbs/ft torque

you’re a Lamborghini or Ferrari It’s like GM vs. Ford, or BMW vs. But for me it’s impossible not to look at the new First there are more Then there is the difference in Much more Italian, more technology. The California is a fun It is a hard top convertible so you can have fun in the sun and It has four seats (OK you’re those back seats are storage racks). It’s of a GT car.

A car you can take for a weekend and drive up and the coast or through the Keys in

The California represents a number of for Ferrari:

The first front Ferrari with a V8

The to feature a 7-speed dual clutch

The first with a folding roof.

For me it would be the first for taking the top down and letting the blow through my hair.

3. F1 – (1992-1998) 6.1L V12 – 618HP 480 torque

This separates the men the boys. The McLaren F1 is one of the rarest in the world. It was designed by Gordon (among others). Gordon is one of the most well-known car guys. a goal to create the best sports car in the world.

Imagine a 3 seat configuration with the seat being smack in the of the car. Imagine doors swing up and forward. Cap it off with a BMW V12 sitting behind the passengers in Gold (yes really!!).

The F1 is the of supercars. Only about 100 made in the 90′s. It is pure and has set a few records that it still may It’s not as outlandishly fast as a but I know I’d prefer this car on a

I think to top it off I’d like an afternoon with Gordon so he can tell me all went into creating masterpiece!

4. McLaren MP4-12C – – Now) 3.8L Turbo V8 – 443 lbs/ft torque

More a decade later McLaren has to create its own car company. If you don’t McLaren check out Formula 1 You will see their name beside Ferrari in the winner Now McLaren wants to compete Ferrari on the street.

The MP4-12C name) is their first And what a car! Two seats, and doors that swing up and ala the F1.

This car specs very to the king of this segment the 458 Italia. Both are beautiful Both are based on Formula 1 technology. They differ in materials. The McLaren uses Fiber. while Ferrari with Aluminum.

I could about all the engineering and technology, but the is I picked this car over the for one reason.

No one knows the McLaren. again we separate the men from the This is the car you drive up in and when you get out ask 2 questions. “Who is he?” and is he driving?”

5. Audi R8 4.2  — (2006 – 4.2L V8 – 430HP 316 lbs/ft

By this point you may be asking many mid engine exotic is this guy gonna have?” this is the last one. Let me The Diablo and McLaren F1 are more items.

For me they are like Drive them a few times and let them sit. The California is a vacation car. The wife and I a nice road trip.

The is my “I think I’m Tony Stark” Flashy but on the weekend I would it to a track and see what it can do.

The Audi R8 is my Supercar. It’s the one I’d let the wife The one I may hop into to pick up milk. You take the kids to school and head to my job.

Audi hit one out of the park. Their rivals and BMW have nothing to compete it. Thanks to their VW parent they get access to their company Lamborghini.

As much as may deny it this car must a lot of Lamborghini Gallardo in it. Ironically the R8 is a looking car (in my humble opinion).

The and curves are smooth, classic multi colored changeable on the side are genius and unique. as an Audi the interior is remarkable.

I don’t even care power in this car (obviously I have enough). I just to hop in and ride.

6. Jaguar XJ (X351) – Now) 5.0L V8 Supercharged – 424 lbs/ft torque

This may out of no where. How did Jaguar get in with all exotics and why their biggest Well Jaguar has rejuvenated being sold by Ford to I had the opportunity to test drive the new (with the exception of this I loved what I drove.

cars are true luxury cars.

I choose the XJ as my family car or an night out with my wife and For a big car this cat looks lean and Its roomy and if you ever sat in one full of

I guess once again is me going against the flow of the

Most people look at the Benz S-Class or BMW 7 series even the Audi A8. In the Jaguar you the same performance and luxury a sense of uniqueness.

I’m a BMW fan. owned way too many and will own more. If you locked me down to a car this would be it. The M5 is the absolute sports sedan period. It has for 5, tons of horsepower, a magic ride that somehow comfortable luxury and sports car ability.

It is as close to perfection in a car as driven. It’s one of those cars. Are there other Sure but most of them because of the M5.

The hard part is one to choose. I’ve driven and I’m of the E39 chassis. Last model 2003 -4.9L V8 with 394 HP and 368 torque.

Now there is a new one 2012 — Turbo V8 with 560 HP and 501lbs/ft

It will be more luxurious and than before with styling than the Bangle era Actually it looks like my is clear!

8. BMW 6 series Gran – Now) 3.0L Turbo I6 – 332 lbs/ft torque

What’s than one BMW…..2 BMWs. You how I feel on the M5 but I must admit the does not make you turn head. Enter the 6 Series Coupe !

This is BMW’s for the Mercedes-Benz CLS. The new 4 door class. I must admit I this class silly.

MV Agusta F4 100 CC
MV Agusta F4 100 CC

The take their mid-sized and add more style to them and take away the rear seat making them four seater cars.

they  call them which is so wrong since a is defined as having two doors.

But hey I it works! I can see myself driving car everyday. This is my executive Once again the classy choice.

9. Dodge Durango R/T – 5.7 L Hemi V8 – 360HP 390 lbs/ft

WTH. How does a Durango fit in all this other eye candy. first let me say I wish I had more cars on here. Of course the is not a car but a truck or SUV. I have a and 3 kids and we need a big 3 row vehicle for etc.

Now I’m not a big Escalade or Navigator I guess I could get a fancy or even an Infiniti. But there is about the new Durango and others in its that I like.

The Durango has or a masculine look and the interior and is top-notch.

Looking at the different levels I would choose the R/T and it into an SRT version (come on just do it!). Chrysler has a great job with their and they have always to be different. In a sea of front wheel SUVs Dodge builds a in rear wheel drive.

 I can see the kids in the back seat now and cheering as we take a fast

10. MV Agusta F4 – (2006) 1078cc I4 –  200HP 92 lbs/ft torque

And but not least the MV Agusta F4. What of car is that? It’s not a car it’s a

Yes a motorcycle. I love motorcycles and of riding again. Forget Harley or Honda cruiser again I choose a piece of art exudes exotic, power, and sport. Of course it’s

But that’s not what’s important. is important is that this will stop you in your and cause you to stare. It is that

Just look at the four pipes following under the

The bike I’d really want is a edition dedicated to company director Claudio Castiglioni. It was called the F4 CC. I say ride nothing but the best!


This process was fun and hard for me. I probably could a top 20 or even 30 cars. So here is a list of cars that did not the cut but I think are worth mentioning.

NSX – Affordable exotic mid-engine Almost an impossible dream but pulled it off two decades ago and the vehicle is attractive. It looks like might try again. See New NSX Concept .

S5/A5 – I love coupes and one is beautiful. This might replaced the California if money was an

Audi S8 – Audi makes cars and the 8 is the alternative to a 7 Series or S

BMW 3 series – M3, 335, 330 or 328 doesn’t this is consistently one of BMW’s cars. The next version have better materials and more space. There is a lot to about this car.

300 / Dodge Charger – My two American big rear drive adrenaline These cars are like fast strong, and in your Again if money was a consideration is the first place I would

Ferrari 458 Italia (Spider) – someone who does not own a Ferrari dare say that it is not exclusive (see McLaren). This car is a masterpiece and it has gathered rave I just happen to dream as a big snob and wanted something the average person wouldn’t recognize.

Mercedes-Benz SL (2007) – driven this car and there is about it that is perfect. (check), Speed (check), hard top to enjoy the sun or keep out the weather (check, check, All this in a seductive body the particular year I’m attracted

Nissan GT-R – Faster all but the fastest Porsche 911. Able to world-class cars on the track. Godzilla as a nickname, and a fanatic racer following, the GT-R is of a myth than a car. price for Supercar performance.

$100K. This would be the choice if I cared about stealth.

MV Agusta F4 100 CC
MV Agusta F4 100 CC
MV Agusta F4 100 CC
MV Agusta F4 100 CC
MV Agusta F4 100 CC

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