Supersprox ሰንሰለት & Sprocket ኪት – 2005-2010 Tuono 1000R ፋብሪካ 520 Conversion

1 ጁን 2015 | ደራሲ: | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ Supersprox ሰንሰለት & Sprocket ኪት – 2005-2010 Tuono 1000R ፋብሪካ 520 Conversion
Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory

Application: 2005-2010 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory – 520 Chain Conversion

Original Front Sprocket Size: 16 Teeth

Original Rear Sprocket Size: 40 Teeth

Sprocket Colour: ወርቅ (unless specified otherwise)

Chain Pitch: 520

Chain Length: 108, 120, 122 ና 140 Links

Included in kit: Supersprox Stealth Rear Sprocket, Motorcycle Chain, Supersprox T-Shirt and Lifetime Guarantee

Free Shipping within Canada

If you’re looking for the the best option for replacing the worn out chain and sprockets on your Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory then you’ve come to the right product. The Supersprox kit offers a great value and lifetime guarantee on the rear sprocket. Weight is the enemy of motorcycles today and removing weight from the rotating assembly is most beneficial. The problem faced with other products on the market is that you have to sacrifice longevity or weight.

An aluminum sprocket will shed the most amount of weight compared to a stock sprocket but will not last nearly as long as a steel sprocket. A steel sprocket will be pretty much the same weight as stock so you have no weight savings but they will last a very long time. Supersprox has fixed this by offering a sprocket that uses an aluminum center assembly with a steel toothed outer assembly.

The front sprocket included with the Supersprox kits is a lightened steel piece.

For chains each kit has slightly different options but the main choices are from RK and IRIS. All chains are more than strong enough for the listed applications they are available for, but feel free to do some research to determine which product you’d like with your kit. Please select the model of chain and what length you would like at the bottom of the page before adding it to your cart.

It may be required to remove links from the chain you receive to achieve the correct length. Also specify which size sprocket you want as well. Sprocket availability changes daily, if your order is time sensitive please contact us ahead of time to confirm availability.

Most kits will ship within 1 week of ordering.

RK ChainClick here for product info

What is the Supersprox-stealth about?

Supersprox-stealth is about longer life without compromising weight. The primary goal is to last 3 times longer than aluminum sprockets and remain as light as possible. No concession, it’s performance and function first and last.

Better than steel!

Supersprox-stealth is infinitely better than steel! You just can’t achieve this level of strength on a steel sprocket with the same weight. እርግጥ, there are light steel sprockets out there, but they can’t handle the torque.

Pound for foot pound, Supersprox-stealth is the best.

Better than aluminium sprockets!

እሺ, this is no contest! ሙከራ 20,000 miles on a Hayabusa with an aluminium sprocket or the whole Dakar rally on one sprocket. What about the Baja 1000?

These are extremes and factory teams actually buy Supersprox-stealth for these gruelling challenges. Don’t waste your money on aluminium, invest in Supersprox-stealth.

Will a steel sprocket damage my chain?

Kind of stupid sounding question, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there. So think about bearings for example, they`re steel on steel and that works pretty well. Steel on steel is the best combination.

Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory
Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory

So when someone tells you different, you should ask if they only sell aluminium. We guarantee our sprockets. If they don’t do what we claim, you can have your money back.

Are the rivets strong enough?

There is no doubt, riveting is the only possibility for fixing such a high performance sprocket. We know how to use this technology, forging rivets into the sprockets. We have never had one single rivet break since starting to produce these sprockets.

ያ ነው 1,260,000 rivets.

It’s for your bike!

The Supersprox-stealth is perfect for any bike up to 1400 ካርቦን ቅጂ. Do you have a powerful 4 stroke or performance street bike? Covering high mileage or road racing? Then this is your best option for lightweight and long lasting.

A single sprocket can last more than 20,000 ማይሎች (See maintenance instructions). Whatever your bike, if you want peace of mind and the knowledge that you have the best of the best, then choose Supersprox-stealth.

KIT GUARANTEEWith Rear sprockets and a sealed link chain

አንድ . When you place an order for a Supersprox-stealth sprocket and chain kit (with sealed link chain), Your Supersprox-stealth rear sprocket carries a Lifetime guarantee , no matter what sport or what bike. If your Supersprox-stealth sprocket gets worn out within two years you can ask for a FREE replacement. (See terms and conditions for full details )

B . All you need to do is fill out the certificate that comes with your kit and mail it in to Supersprox and you’re covered.

አዲስ – Made to Order Rear Sprockets

Please note the Colour and Sprocket size in the order comments when completing your order and we will ignore the size selected with the drop-down menu.

Pictures used are for representation only, actual product may differ.

Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory
Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory
Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory

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