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Benelli 750 Sei

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The Fascinating History Of Benelli Motorcycles

Benelli motorcycles have a long and interesting history. The company was founded in Pesaro, Italy during 1911 by Teresa Benelli. After losing her husband, she made the decision to invest all the family’s income in the Benelli Garage.

The widow’s goal was to establish a business which would provide life-long careers for her six sons: Antonio, Giovanni, Domenico, Francesco, Filippo, and Giuseppe.

These bikes continue to be widely admired and recognized for their exceptional quality, ቅጥ, and reliability. ቢሆንም, like all vehicles, they require ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal functionality. When maintenance or repairs are needed, owners and mechanics will discover many resources on the web.

Among the wide variety of available items are fuel and engine components, wheels and tyres, brake pads, screens and fairings, and suspension and electrical parts. ደግሞ, complete engines are available, as well as workshop manuals and tools. Online options are convenient, and often offer competitive pricing as well as quick deliveries.

This family business began as a garage that specialized in motorcycle and bicycle repairs. From its earliest days, the garage had the capacity to produce the parts that were needed for the repairs, and was noted for its consistent high quality. During World War I, the garage also specialized in repairing the country’s heavy-duty machinery which was used for battle.

ውስጥ 1919, the first Benelli motorbike was introduced to the public. It featured some components which were out-sourced to other manufacturers. ቢሆንም, በሚቀጥለው ዓመት, the company presented its first two-stroke, ነጠላ-ሲሊንደር 75 cc engine which was produced completely in-house. This engine was adapted to a bicycle frame. The company released its first fully-crafted motorcycle in 1921.

The engine was a 98 ካርቦን ሞዴል.

The youngest son, Antonio, became a successful motorcycle racer in 1923. Known as Tonio the Terrible, he possessed extraordinary skills as a rider and brought notoriety to the family’s exceptional production and design capacities. His motorcycles were specially crafted for competitions.

On a Benelli 175, Antonio won the Italian championship races in 1927, 1928, 1930, ና 1931. During his 1930 ውድድሮች, he rode a bike that was enhanced with an SOHC (single over-head camshaft). በ 1931, the company had developed the powerful DOHC (double over-head camshaft), which Tonio the Terrible rode to victory.

ወቅት 1940, the family introduced its Benelli Four racing bike. It featured a super-charged four-cylinder 250 ካርቦን ፕሮግራም. ቢሆንም, the beginning of World War II restricted its competitions to a few domestic championships.

The widespread destruction across Italy caused by the war forced the company to pause its productions until 1949.

During the post-war years, this family company purchased motorcycles that had been used by the Italian army. These war-time bikes were modified into civilian bikes, and they were sold to help finance the company’s re-start-up operations. በ 1951, operations had resumed and a wide range of lightweight 98cc and 125 cc bikes were in production. There was a great demand for inexpensive vehicles in post-war Italy.

Benelli 750 Sei

As a result, these lightweight bikes became tremendously successful and provided the organization with an infusion of funds.

በ 1962, the company had grown tremendously. It was employing 550 individuals, and producing 300 motorcycles each day. Benelli broke into the U. S. And British markets during 1969 with its Tornado 650, which featured a vertical twin design.

It could achieve 57 በ HP 7,400 በደቂቃ, which allowed it to reach the impressive speed of 117 በሰዓት ማይልስ. This hefty 480-pound machine gained the company international recognition for high quality and exceptional performance.

The reliable, high-performance bikes gained a large part of the American market. Compact Benelli bikes that were under 350 cc were sold through Montgomery Ward. ቢሆንም, competition from Japanese motorcycles such as Honda began to affect the Italian organization’s international sales.

ወቅት 1972, the impressive 750 Sei was introduced. It featured a massive six-cylinder in-line engine which gave the company a competitive edge over its Japanese counter-parts. This bike’s launch was accompanied by tremendous international publicity.

It spear-headed the trend of the angular designed bikes as opposed to the old-fashioned round styles.

The Sei was produced for six successful years. Its powerful 76 በ HP 9000 rpm engine could achieve a top speed of 120 በሰዓት ማይልስ. It featured a five-speed wet clutch transmission and weighed-in at 560 ፓውንድ (when wet).

Its fuel capacity was just over six U. S. Gallons.

Benelli motorcycles experienced a revival during the 1990s. New models such as the super sport bike, the Tornado Tre 900 and the TNT roadster experienced success in the global marketplace. In addition to new models, the company’s vintage bikes continue to be high demand.

Often, the bikes from the 1970s and 1980s command higher prices than the contemporary models. Of all the models, the Sei is consistently in high demand and commands higher prices than its counter-parts.

Benelli 750 Sei
Benelli 750 Sei
Benelli 750 Sei
Benelli 750 Sei
Benelli 750 Sei

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