2013 Honda CB 500 Trio has arrived to MalaysiaCBR500R RM28,588, CB500F…

26 Apr 2015 | ደራሲ: | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ 2013 Honda CB 500 Trio has arrived to MalaysiaCBR500R RM28,588, CB500F…

Honda CB 500
Honda CB 500

2013 Honda CB 500 Trio has arrived to Malaysia – CBR500R RM28,588, CB500F RM28,288 and CB500X RM28,688

The CB 500 trio that we have been waiting for has arrived in Malaysia. What’s better is the price that is lower than RM35k as rumored before. This is a great time for any moped rider that has been waiting for so long to get a hold on superbikes.

Wait no more, this is the time! Check out the official press release below:

Kuala Lumpur, 01 ነሐሴ 2013 . Boon Siew Honda welcomes the latest addition of CB 500 series with introduction of the highly anticipated CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X models.According to Mr Satoshi Okada, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Boon Siew Honda, the CB 500 series exemplify Honda’s reputation in superior design and innovation, powerful performance and legendary durability and dependability. These mid-size machines are specially equipped with unique features and excellent value for money based on the platform – ‘Designed for Asian, Developed for Malaysian’.

Riders looking for ‘Affordable Mobility’ with a fun combination of power, handling, racy excitement and everyday usability now have more choices to choose from the CB 500 series. The Supersport, Naked Style and Adventure Sport models are ready to drive the market with greater value and motoring excitement.

2013 Honda CBR500R

Honda CBR500RRM28,588, ABS RM31,888

A mid-size Supersport designed with lightweight agility and engaging power delivery

For riders looking to move up from a 250, or holding a B2 license, the fully faired twin-cylinder CBR500R provides an excellent first big sports bike experience, which will also appeal to experienced riders looking for a great value alternative to larger sports bikes.

The CBR500R is powered by a next generation 8-valve liquid-cooled twin-cylinder 500cc DOHC engine. This purpose-built lightweight powerplant uses a square bore stroke of 67 ሚሜ x 66.8 mm that delivers superb peak power of 35kW at 8500rpm and maximum torque reaching 43Nm at 7000rpm. The engine is also fitted with PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel-Injection) system to ensure crisp performance and better fuel efficiency of 27km/liter (WMTC figure).

Fuel tank capacity is 15.7 ሊትር (including reserve).

Efforts to enhance a more feisty Supersport started right from the diamond shaped steel frame measuring 2075mm(L) x 740mm(ወ) x 1145mm(H) which is light in weight but robust in character. The rear section was designed to facilitate a lower seat height of 790mm that allows most riders to easily plant their feet on the ground when stopped.

Besides sheer performance, the CBR500R affords riders with a level of comfort on par with its image. This comes in the form of Pro-Link rear suspension with preload-adjuster and 41mm telescopic front fork to ensure a comfortable but sporty ride.

Honda CB 500
Honda CB 500

Ergonomics were carefully configured to ensure an unrestricted riding position that allows easy maneuvering in town, an easy reach to the ground, as well as excellent comfort during long-distance highway trips.

Lightweight cast aluminum wheels with Y-shaped spokes not only accentuate a sporty look, they also contribute to the bike’s excellent maneuverability.

The potent performance of CBR500R is paired with an equally powerful ABS (Antilock Brake System). Wave brake rotors with superlative heat-dissipating qualities are lighter than conventional discs of the same diameter, which help to further reduce the bike’s unsprung weight. Two POT calipers up front and a single POT caliper at the back provide strong but easily controlled stopping power.

When it comes to environmental performance, the CBR500R fares extremely well. Thanks to an in-built secondary air injection (AI) ስርዓት, an Oxygen sensor and catalyser inside the exhaust that work to ensure the CBR500R’s emissions are low. CBR500R sports two 55W H7 Halogen bulbs with multi-reflectors for its signature headlight.

It also comes with the assurance of HISS (Honda Intelligent Security System) against theft.

The CBR500R is available in three colour options of Pearl Himalayas White, Graphite Black and Seal Silver Metallic.


Honda CB 500
Honda CB 500
Honda CB 500
Honda CB 500
Honda CB 500

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