Montesa Honda – ቪዲዮ ኢንሳይክሎፒዲያ

10 May 2015 | ደራሲ: | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ Montesa Honda – ቪዲዮ ኢንሳይክሎፒዲያ
Honda SW-T400

Permanyer and Bultó [ አርትዕ ]

Brio 110 (125ካርቦን ቅጂ) 1959-62

This model went on to enter the 1951 International Six Days Enduro. The bike was entered in by the factory, being ridden by Bultó and G. Cavestany. In the early 1950s, Montesa entered many races in the 125cc class of road racing.

These bikes featured six-speed, bolt on gearboxes, in semi-unit construction, with all gears running on needle-roller bearings. በ 1956, these Montesa 125s were very competitive and took second, third and fourth places in the Ultra-Lightweight race at the Isle of Man TT .

The most successful Montesa street bike of the ’50s was the Brio 80, of which more than 12,000 ምርት ነበር. The success of the Brio and the other models, led to the opening of a new and larger factory in Espluges de Llobregat. The Brio 80 and Brio 90 models contained many new advances, such as moving the carburetor behind the cylinder, and a handbrake. ቢሆንም, a slump in the Spanish economy had forced Permanyer to cut back on the company’s racing activities.

Permanyer wanted to pull out of road racing, but Bultó insisted that they stay in. In May 1958, chief designer Bultó left, taking with him several of Montesa’s vital personnel. Permanyer had not only lost the brilliant designer Bultó, but also his 30% share of the company.

Honda partnership [ አርትዕ ]

2008 Montesa COTA 4RT

በ 1981, another round of economic unrest in Spain began to hinder motorcycle manufacturers. Strikes and a shrinking market left Montesa as the only major motorcycle concern in the country; however they were in need for a major influx of capital in order to continue to survive. A loan from the government and shares sold to Honda (to establish a European manufacturing base for their commuter bikes) helped production continue.

በእርግጥም, one of the government’s stipulations was that Honda would guarantee that production would not stop. Honda was prepared to stockpile trials bikes and to sell them off at a loss in an effort to reach Europe’s more profitable market and to bypass restrictive import tariffs .

Montesa was still active in World Trials competition throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s. Even though reduced to only offering one model, the Cota, such riders like former World Champion Eddy Lejeune and Andrew Codina rode the bike to good results in the mid-’80s. ውስጥ 1992-93, the liquid-cooled Cota 311 was produced; this was to be the last real Montesa. ውስጥ 1994, a new model, the 314R, ተጀመረ.

This model featured an HRC Honda powerplant with many other components from Honda. Montesa-mounted Marc Colomer won the World title in 1996 and the 315R followed in early ’97. The 315R had a run of 7 ዓመታት, taking Dougie Lampkin to many world championships, and was replaced by the technically advanced four-stroke Cota 4RT in 2005.

Honda SW-T400
Honda SW-T400
Honda SW-T400
Honda SW-T400

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