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Kawasaki ZX 6 RR

05-06 ZX6R / RR ሹካዎች በመዞርም ውጭ ለውጥ

To do this you will NEED A SPANNER CLUTCH TOOL. I have tried without one and broke my clutch basket which is $300 the tool is only like $30 so buy one or borrow one. If you have been wanting to install an after market shift start now is the time.

I would suggest still having a manual when doing this to reference too. I am not responsible if you pull it apart and mess up or can’t put it back together. አዝናለሁ. It’s really not hard to do but some people can’t even change plugs so please know your own limits.

1)Pull your fairings off. For stock fairings just the sides and lower should be good.

2)Unbolt your radiator and tie it forward against your front tire so you can reach the header bolts easily and not damage your radiator.

3)Remove your headers and exhaust. You might not have to completely remove everything but you need to make sure none of it is blocking the oil pan from dropping straight down. I had to remove everything but the can under the tail.

4)Drain the oil thru the plug on the oil pan and then pull the clutch cover off of the motor and remover your clutch.

5)This next part is probebly the hardest part. You WILL NEED the clutch tool to do this. I have broken my clutch basket before and they cost $300.

Once you have the tool you will need an impact or breaker bar to remove that bolt. Take your time and DO NOT round it off.

Kawasaki ZX 6 RR
Kawasaki ZX 6 RR

6)To be able to remove the clutch basket you have to slide out the inner ring, otherwise it will not pass part of the case on the right. To slide out the inner ring I start to thread a dry wall screw into the hole and pull it out. It might take a few tries but it should slide out pretty easy.

7)Undo your shifter linkage off of the input shaft on the shifter side of the motor. Once it is off you should be able to pull the shifter rod out from the clutch side of the motor. WIth that out of the way you can see the shifting star and the ends of the rods holding your shifting forks.

There is a small metal plate that is holding in the shift star/shift drum and the shift forks rod(don’t remove the 2 bolts yet). Remove the oil pan from the bottom of the engine before removing any more from this side.

8) I had to lay my bike on it’s side to get pics of the transmission from under. There is another rod with gears under the shifting drum you can’t see.

9)Ok now remove the 2 hex heads holding in the shift star/shift drum and the shift forks. Slide out the rods and reach under the engine,try and keep a hand under the forks because they will drop out. With the front rod 1 fork will drop and with the rear rod 2 forks will drop out.

Now inspect them.

Kawasaki ZX 6 RR
Kawasaki ZX 6 RR
Kawasaki ZX 6 RR

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