የህንድ ቢግ ዋና ብጁ ሙሉ ዝርዝር

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 14 May 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ የህንድ ቢግ ዋና ብጁ ሙሉ ዝርዝር
Complete Details Of Indian Big Chief Custom

Indian Big Chief Custom Is Pure Awesomeness on December 18 2013, 8:16 pm Earlier this week, we reported about Indian Motorcycles’ arrival in the Indian market in January 2014. The company will be launching three motorbikes here namely the Chief Classic, ዋና አንጋፋ እና አለቃው. All these bikes are luxury tourers aiming to provide comfort as well as style. የህንድ ሞተርሳይክሎች, which is fully owned by Polaris, showcased the Big Chief Custom at the International Motorbike Show in New York. The Big Chief Custom is a fully customized bike based on the Chief Classic. The custom project was taken up by the Industrial Design department of Polaris. The team took a wide array of Genuine Indian ...

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2010 የህንድ ዋና አንጋፋ 2010 የሃርሊ-ዴቪድሰን መንገድ ንጉሥ ክላሲክ

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 11 May 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ 2010 የህንድ ዋና አንጋፋ 2010 የሃርሊ-ዴቪድሰን መንገድ ንጉሥ ክላሲክ
2010 Indian Chief Vintage 2010 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic

RIDE REPORT: 2010 Indian Chief Vintage Oh boy. But how would she compare against the 2010 FLHRC? She’s beautiful. Indian’s got a stable of demo bikes they’re hauling around the coastline states nearest their North Carolina factory. I happened to get a taste while the gettin’ was good. The day was bright and warm for spring. Perfect for riding. I stopped in at the dealer hosting the demo truck and was a little early for the next ride. They were organizing group rides rather than sending out each man alone. Works for me. I handed them my license and signed up. In the 20-odd minutes I had to kill, I browsed the showroom. While I pulled up on my Harley, I parked it off ...

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አዲስ የቢስክሌት ግምገማ: 2014 የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ, ዋና አንጋፋ, Chieftain

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 10 May 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ አዲስ የቢስክሌት ግምገማ: 2014 የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ, ዋና አንጋፋ, Chieftain
New Bike Evaluation: 2014 Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, Chieftain…

አዲስ የቢስክሌት ግምገማ: 2014 የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ, ዋና አንጋፋ, Chieftain The mere fact that you’re looking at pictures of the new Indian motorcycles within these pages is actually an incredible achievement. Perhaps not on your part, but it is on the part of Polaris and the team at Indian Motorcycle. The motorcycle you see before you was imagined, developed, የተፈተነ, and produced in an astonishingly short time period: 27 ወራት, to be exact. As a former employee of an automotive parts manufacturer, I can personally attest that this time frame is amazing. When I was in the industry, I found that sometimes one machine component could take three years to go from drawing board to driveway. ...

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2014 የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ: በመጀመሪያ ጉዞ ገጽ – 3 ZigWheels.com

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 29 ኤፕ 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ 2014 የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ: በመጀመሪያ ጉዞ ገጽ – 3 ZigWheels.com
2014 Indian Chief Classic: First Ride Page – 3 ZigWheels.com

2014 የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ: First Ride Indian Motorcycle made their debut in our country with the Chief range and we spend a day aboard the Chief Classic The seats are just 26 inches from the ground, which makes the riding position lower towards the ground, while the tank and handle bars feel as if they are inclining towards you and your legs are stretched forward and relaxed on the floorboards. The Indian Chief range comes equipped with keyless-start, which means you have to keep the key fob in your pocket, press the power button on the tank and then thumb the starter to bring the V-twin engine to life with a mild and bassy exhaust note which is vastly different from that of Harley-Davidson’s. ...

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1948 የህንድ ዋና ሞተርሳይክል ዕድሳት

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 27 Mar 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ 1948 የህንድ ዋና ሞተርሳይክል ዕድሳት
1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle Restoration

In the antique motorcycle hobby there comes a dangerous point where the tide changes and machines begin to find you rather than than vice versa. New to this complete turn of events, I’d deliriously kept purchasing pace initially with all offers coming my way but was rapidly coming to the realization that a working bloke’s finite funds really had a limit regardless of how conditioned one becomes to subsisting on bread and water diets to pay for them. ከጥቂት ጊዜ በፊት, after the usual initial hyperventilation with each discovery, I was just learning to be more selective. A crusty old harley shop I’d hung out at for years called right after Thanksgiving in 94 saying someone had strolled ...

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የ የሞተርሳይክል መጨነቅ: እኔ እምፈልገው: የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 17 Mar 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ የ የሞተርሳይክል መጨነቅ: እኔ እምፈልገው: የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ
The Motorcycle Obsession: What I want: Indian Chief Classic

እኔ እምፈልገው: Indian Chief Classic Maybe it’s not bad ass in the traditional sense. It doesn’t have that threatening I will get off this bike and break your bones quality that the best stripped-down Harley-Davidson might possess. ይልቅ, the Chief Classic looks even more menacing. That headlight set-up brings to mind the spaceships in the 1950s version of War of the Worlds . እንደዚህ, rather than breaking bones it will raze entire cities with a laser death ray. The machine appears solid, ደግሞ. ABS is standard (you know I love me some ABS) and the all-new Thunderstroke 111 (አንድ) engine gets a respectable-for-a-cruiser 45 miles to the gallon, according to the New York Times . አሉ ...

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Indian Chief Classic Cruiser review – Hindustan ታይምስ

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 16 Mar 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ Indian Chief Classic Cruiser review – Hindustan ታይምስ
Indian Chief Classic Cruiser review – Hindustan Times

Indian Chief Classic Cruiser review Advertisement The name may mislead a few unfamiliar with the brand but Indian is an all-American bike maker that has been around since 1901. It’s had it fair share of ups and downs and ownership changes over the course of its history. ቢሆንም, ጀምሮ 2011, Indian Motorcycles is part of Polaris Industries, best known in India for its range of specialist off-road vehicles. ፖላሪስ, and the corresponding money it pumped into the company, allowed Indian to develop a new range of bikes that were launched at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in USA in 2013. The ‘base’ model in the Indian line-up, if you can call a bike that costs Rs. 26.5 lakh (የቀድሞ ማሳያ ክፍል, ...

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ወደ ዘመን አይሽሬ የመኪና ተነፍቶ: 1947 የህንድ ዋና

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 10 Mar 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ ወደ ዘመን አይሽሬ የመኪና ተነፍቶ: 1947 የህንድ ዋና
The Classic Car Novice: 1947 Indian Chief

አርብ, May 14, 2010 1947 Indian Chief The 1947 Indian chief was produced by the Indian Motocycle Company and for those that caught the seeming spelling error, yes that was how the company spelled its name. Its original co-owner Oscar Hedstrom was apparently familiar with the fact that Italian motorcycles names started with moto. I was excited to find out that this motorcycle was in the Museum’s collection. I had recently gotten a very good documentary on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and they discussed the rivalry between the Harley-Davidison fans and the Indian fans and discussed the company’s history. It was started by a champion bicycle racer, Oscar Hedstrom and a brilliant ...

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የሙከራ የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ: የደቡብ ግብረ-ጥቃቶች! ቢስክሌቶች ካታሎግ

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 20 Feb 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ የሙከራ የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ: የደቡብ ግብረ-ጥቃቶች! ቢስክሌቶች ካታሎግ
Test Indian Chief Classic: The South counter-attacks! Bikes Catalog

የሙከራ የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ: The South Counter-Attacks! Harley Davidson is not the only American manufacturer of customs Indian marks quite as emblematic and established her in the south-east of the USA, proposes alternatives which do not have to redden of the comparison. Such this Classical, lately imported Indian Chief on our premises. In saddle! Classical Indian Chief: 1st Test Born in 1901 in the United States . Indian is one of the oldest brands of motorcycles in the world . Like all the firms with the so rich past, Indian knew its hours of glory: industrial with supplies for the army; sporting, with speed records (see on this subject the film “Burt Munro”, with Anthony Hopkins and ...

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NashvilleRiders.com – በመጀመሪያ ጉዞ: 2014 የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ

Rubric: የህንድ ዋና | 19 Feb 2015 | ጠፍቷል አስተያየቶች ላይ NashvilleRiders.com – በመጀመሪያ ጉዞ: 2014 የህንድ ዋና ክላሲክ
NashvilleRiders.com – First Ride: 2014 Indian Chief Classic

Bikes First Ride: 2014 Indian Chief Classic Details Category: Bikes Published on Thursday, 10 ጥቅምት 2013 14:16 Written by Brandon The new 2014 Indian motorcycles are making their way around the country presently for demo rides. These demo bikes are stopping at dealer locations to facilitate demo rides for the public. ሰሞኑን, our friends over at Sloan’s Motorcycle and ATV Superstore in Murfressboro. one of the new Indian dealers, played host to a couple of demo ride days and we of course signed up for our chance to ride the bikes. The following is my look and impression of the 2014 Indian Chief Classic which is the starting point in the current lineup. Kevin was also there that day ...

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