Belly Up. American IronHorse Saga Continues. at Cyril Huze Post – Custom…

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Belly Up. American IronHorse Continues.

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of what your experience was AIH, client, dealer or you wish they disappear or they find buyers. see.

Not good news for the and owners of their bikes. the picture upside down.

visual illustration!

Even if come back with new it’s gonna be extremely for them to rebuild a brand such a tarnished image. Not good at all.

CEO states: the legacy costs are gone, but you end up people.” They listed 10 of debts. They were 10 million worth of parts the bankruptcy. So, no money went to pay the Or the debt amounted to 20 milions selling the parts in stock?


Seems like the is too small to stiff people. Who in right mind would AIH parts and engines?

Remember Excelsior/Hederson,Indian? Dead is …. AIH is let ‘em rest

R.I.P. A.I.H.

i’m mike @kiwi. at this of challenge in the aftermarket and industry in its the worse time to burn the the and devoted suppliers. most are businesses that are severly bigger bike companies by big wigs have no feeling for the guy in times of trouble.

Remember the Toto, how bout Boston, The The Beatles, or American Idol Hicks. One was named after a dog, one a town, the next a of rocks, some bugs and one a who is a loser.

A name is just a it’s the people behind the that make the name or fall. Well in the motorcycle it’s no different. You can’t me that vendors would American Ironhorse because of the of the company, it’s the people the name they either or they don’t trust.

You put men and women behind American that vendors, investors, companys as well as financial know and trust, then you a company again.

The real is will the buying public them again, the answer is no, don’t know the major in the game or even how it’s I have sold more to people based on pure than anything else, the way the looks, the paint the chrome the the size of the rear tire, the way he or she is to feel pulling up to their biker hangout on their new I have yet to sell anyone a based on who the companys CEO was or who was in charge of or how bout my sales rep??

I believe if any one could pull a out of the hat for AIH it would be Bill Rucker, but it was Bill or any one else I think I change the name of the company and go some new styling and price It’s proven time and again you can’t resurect a company based on the name, it is the that sticks in the craw of buyer that got screwed, in case CHANGE THE NAME, with out end users, all you have is a



Yeah Biker the brand got branded as DOA… if (doubtful) change the name!

enough to keep them on the all the vendors AIH used are out there. I two AIH bikes and will keep no matter what happens to the I wish them the best, I’d too see them make it.

Just dosen’t look to anymore.

I have to say thanks for the on AIH bankrupcy. I read the blog and get it from you and gotta say you’re for the industry and the riders .Thanks on a job done. As for AIH i own one and now, thanks to u, im on my own .

If has any info on warranty for AIH(if it still exist if another purchases the company) and if any aftermarket are picking up immediately instead of till the end of the 2 year manufacturer please advise. Or if anyone has a of the manufacturers of the parts for AIH(transmission, future repairs, it would be I would like to add that my AIH is the best riding bike I ever rode.

I have a harley soft tail, Big Dog Victory Vegas, and a few sport over the years and AIH has the most ride over all of them. I with Biker Bob that I know anything about the at AIH or even thought about it I purchased my bike. I loved how my looked and rode. That was the I bought it.

Unfortunately most are not knowledgable about the internal of a specific manufacturer like a would be.

Transmissions are made by engine is SS obviously, AIH was supplied components and assembled them in Electonics such as the speedo Thunder-Heart. A dealer here is an aftermarket warranty that from day of purchase.

Great shot of a company that’s “upside down” for a long Cyril. I also feel sorry for all of their employees, and vendors. Not a good sign of the and the affect that this is on our market.

Way too many dealers are in deep over this situation.

As for the electronics on AIH bikes, Wire has come up with a solution to their problems. More be posted on this later. If you a problem, you should call over at Wire Plus.

luck to all who were associated AIH!”

Serviceguard Systems, Inc has all ESC (extended service contracts) for AIH 3-28-08. No new contracts will be after 4-4. peace

Could you elaborate on the “bad” I recently started having the get “stuck” after the bike warmed up for an hour or so. It will at like 40 or 50 mph and wont reset i turn the key so the bike is completely

Any help or ideas with would be greatly appreciated.

I had the same problem with my I contacted Thunder-Heart and they had me it to them. They fixed if for it is now working great. All I paid for was the cost.

Give them a they will give you a number.

IronHorse is still one of the top customs! IronHorse is,and be fine. I guess I will be worried after they there 3Rd bankruptcy like did.

Watch and see, just did not have the right in place.

i got screwed for about for 40, 000 some of wich i might to pay back to these cocksuckers…meanwhile the pr is doing a hell of a job marketing how are now stronger than ever as far as finacials are is a list of that got it worse than i did

frames, Hesperia, Calif.

PIAA Corporation, Portland, $112,656.94

American Ironhorse Legend
American Ironhorse Legend

IronHorse of Texas, Fort Texas, $82,586.17

Im having with my 2002 AIH Tejas my ignition module keeps out. Anyone have any what it could be? Im having my system rewired at this

What is a good place to get the

I hate to say I own a few and work on these of ….The only thing saving is the frame, motor and about all I save on these.I gutted over 30 aih bikes.Everything on bikes are aftermarket and cheap you own 1 tear it down to bare and throw out everything that has or a wire.I also have a against them.They have my bikes and others that I with,back to taxas to get worked on and over again.Then it started to longer to fix and they used for their own personal use.Road they said,my ….They put on miles than I did.I got pissed off enough where I to aih and scared the … out of them.I them a few days before and them don’t aggravate me or im down.They thought I was kidding.I was in the a couple days later.

my bike hope all is well to many people love my for AIH to go belly up, cme on and get it together.

I have a Slammer and it is a great bike, no The only issue was the Speedo, I it to Thunderheart they repaired it and it has fine since. Sorry to others have had problems, I they come back, but if not I be keeping my bike which I had now 1 1/2 years.

Rick B the only I had with my o7 slammer trannie leak, all fixed front caliperleaked I rebuilt myself, all set now and then a nut or bolt loosens up and i tight, I went through the bike, I get so many compliments a SICK bike I love bike It is very fast and I have not yet lost a red light light race yet, your bike I do

It is great news that Rucker did not win the bid to purchase American Horse. What made him that he could run a multi-million company? Ego? Rucker is headed into a financial spiral. Employees at Rucker have to run all over town to get checks cashed, hoping they will get their so they can pay their bills.

Mr. Rucker is on vacation catching sun in Mexico. Most of his employees do not that their medical has been canceled, due to lack of

Wait until they getting the doctor bills in the I am sure Mr. Rucker will care of them. I am not a lawyer but I bet the Texas Work Force would frown on this.

Not to that it is illegal to write when you know that the are not in the bank. Why his employees do not leave I do not

O7 Slammer,

I feel the same. I did out the pipes and opened it up a little Runs like hell.

I go anywhere without getting I have even had people up next to me in a car and take pictures.

Now Scott Meyers as won the bid he will this product back. The thing he is doing is honoring all He only plans to build 300 the first year and 600 the second

He is cutting his dealeship network to 20

Regardless of what happens the company I will keep the I can turn a wrench and don’t anyone else to repair my But my dealership in Jacksonville,Big Bikes, has to service my bike.

The owner has been outstanding to work

MCC – You never were in the lobby, no kid anyone. You can tough talk all day but you were never in the lobby. In I highly doubt you even own one of bikes, they are too expensive for and based off of your grammer and I highly doubt you have a job can pay you enough to even get in the dealership.

Now for the of the doubters, everything I have about this Scott person, and his plan for AIH is fantastic. His to honor all warranties is great, he is back the city of Fort for back rent and paying vendors(none of this he has to do). I was how they were going to bikes, after they bankruptcy, but this plan like it could make work.

Good Luck to AIH and who chooses to back to work for

All of the legal wrangling aside, I’m trying to find somebody to sell parts for these I have been all over the web to find a front turn mount for my 2005 AIH Legend. Any

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