2000 Aprilia Falco FAQ

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Aprilia SL 1000 Falco

Frequently Asked (Falco)

This site has been for me in that I get a ton of email, and get to talk all year long. After 200,000 hits and hundreds of I figured it was probably time to a list of recurring questions.

Q: I have a different year than you — is the derestriction the same?

A: Through the 2003 year, they have not the procedure for the Falco.

Q: I have a — is the derestriction procedure the

A: For models years through the ECU wire and airbox derestriction are the Milles have a restriction in the that must also be In 2002 they changed the

Q: I have a Futura/CapoNorde — is the procedure the same?

A: No, these different ECUs entirely.

Q: I a used Falco. How can I tell if my has already been derestricted?

A: By to do it again. Open the airbox and sure the plug is gone opening to the throttle bodies be large enough for a tennis Remove the seat and expose the ECU to that the wire has been

Q: I clipped the wire and removed the plug and now the bike overheats. went wrong?

A: I’ve this from two people, but got enough details to know if the was related to the derestriction.


Q: My Falco came with cans. How can I tell if I have an chip?

A: Most chips are Open the ECU and have a look. If the sits on a tiny daughterboard, its an chip. The stock chip is directly in the socket on the motherboard.

The chip is also quite in its markings. Most just had a with a few digits of code on it. aftermarket chip manufacturers but sort of advertisement sticker on chips.

Q: I’m running an chip. Do I need to cut the ECU wire?

A: aftermarket chips I’ve only contain one map, and it matter if the wire is cut. Pro gives you two slightly different and you can try them both by cutting or the wire. The safe answer is you should always cut the wire.

Q: running an aftermarket chip. Do I to derestrict the airbox?

A: Almost yes. Very few people design a performance chip to with a restricted airbox.

Q: Do I an aftermarket exhaust to run an aftermarket

A: In most cases no. The Falco is very well done. sound and weight, there are not flow differences between the and aftermarket slip-ons.

A chip designed specifically for a may be different, but I don’t know of any at the time.

Q: Do I need an aftermarket to run an aftermarket exhaust?

A: In most no. Again, the stock chip is enough to support the small in flow you’ll probably On this particular bike, you likely see much performance if any without the chip.

Q: I’m copies of aftermarket chips. Do you one or know of anyone who does?

A: No, you. I don’t steal property (although I have known to try before I buy ;). No, I won’t you one (sorry).


Q: Are the RSC cans

A: Most certainly, yes. You are to get a lot of attention with them. I heard many alternatives, so I comment on them (not to say there aren’t alternatives, that the local riders seem to have RSC cans).

Q: I’m running the RSC cans and (SL-Carbon). My bike stutters/hesitates accelerating from below 3k. wrong?

A: This is a common of the RSC chip, and I don’t know if fixable. Other chips Pro for one) do not do this. I would the problem as mild though.

And its not an rpm that I frequently ride in.

Q: I replaced my chip, my bike rich/doesn’t idle well. wrong?

A: If you’ve balanced the bodies and adjusted the CO pots as described, you may want to check fuel pressure. There is in the stock pressure regulators and pressure directly offsets the maps on the chips.


Q: tires should I buy?

A: is personal, but conventional wisdom that the stock MEZ3’s are a choice. They wear and are slow turning. I think Pilots are a good step up, feeling unstable.

For more the Bridgestone BT-010/020 series many fans. I personally the Dunlop D207/208 for their steering (nearly unstable) plus they wear


Q: Which oil should I use?

A: too much undeserved controversy motorcycle oils I think. I’m using a semi-synthetic oil from just about any manufacturer the shop happens to I choose 15W-50.

Q: Will oil make the clutch slip?

A: synthetic and lighter weight may make a work-hardened clutch slip sooner, but my personal experience has been that style and clutch design are the cause of clutch failure. My clutch lasted 6,500 with full synthetic My second clutch lasted miles with semi-synthetic

Q: How the hell do I set the oil level? Sometimes its sometimes its high — going on?

A: The Falco uses a lubrication system. The sight oil height varies with pressure, rpm and the phases of the moon. I the position the oil pump stops in may something to do with how much you get.

I’ve found you have to stop trying to on a given level, and keep eye on the range. When the bike is hot and you don’t want the oil over the max When it is cold and running, you to see some oil in the bottom of the tube.

try to maintain it in that range. the oil just leads to consumption blowing oil into the airbox.

Q: My is using oil, or burning It smokes on start-up! Am I in for a big service?

A: getting excited, remember it is very easy to overfill the If you do overfill, the excess will get into the airbox and burn or go to the tube. Then you’ll add more oil, and continue the

Let the sump level drop a and see if the usage doesn’t go away.

If is not your problem, it still may be If you’ve recently had a valve check for leaks, particularly the hard-to-access front valve The gasket might not be installed

Other places for leaks are the coolant reservoir from a seal.

Finally, a rare but problem is a perforated clutch The slipper clutch has a rubber under the clutch cover. It has oil on one and manifold vacuum on the other.

If is a hole in the cover, oil can be drawn the throttle bodies and burned.

Q: Is there a problem with the clutch?

A: Officially, no. Unofficially, of us have worn out one or more I believe this has to do with the clutch.

The Falco (Mille) has a neat vacuum feedback that not only reduces effort, but slips the clutch a on hard deceleration to limit hop. It works well, but you roll off the throttle you are slipping the and of course wearing it. This can be disabled if you like, but the simplicity of the replacement and the relatively low cost every 7,500 miles for me) has me from pursuing solutions.

Q: My fluid goes black My clutch lever is soft, or work until the very end of its What’s wrong?

A: These seem to be related to the slave cylinder (control The blackened fluid by itself to be unavoidable. The soft lever can be as simple as particle of grit in the cylinder seal.

See the main for instructions on cleaning and bleeding the

Compared to Other Bikes

Q: torn between buying a and another bike. Which is

A: The Falco :)

Q: I’m torn buying a Falco and another How bad is the maintenance on the Falco?

A: The procedures are no harder than a Japanese (in many ways, the construction is traditional Japanese than If I were honest, I’d say the of maintenance is a slightly more, but its a solidly constructed, reliable

Q: I’m looking for a bike to on. Would you recommend the Falco?

A: Its not a tourer for sure, but it transforms sport and touring very Wind protection and luggage are for light touring. I would seat and handlebar comfort as compared to purpose-built sport though.

Fortunately, the aftermarket has us alternative seats and bars. the Falco shines I think is the motor has not been tamed as is in many sport touring The raw edge does not fatigue me on rides, in fact, it keeps me

Computer Dashboard

Q: When I to start my bike, the dashboard (to km/h, degrees C, 6,000 What happened?

A: This is not and most people have it with battery voltage during cranking. The stock in my bike and others I’ve to were never really from day one. There been fixes demonstrated simply getting a new battery makes one with a bit more to using a trickle charger, to a big-… capacitor in your

Q: I’ve replaced my battery and the still won’t start What else could be

A: Several people have me saying that the starter contacts corrode on this Cleaning them has restored starting.

Q: How to I remove the SERVICE from the dashboard?

A: Turn on the but don’t start the bike. the LAP button (flash-to-pass) on the left and press the R button on the dash. both of these buttons together for five seconds and the will clear.

Q: How to I switch the from km/h to mph? How do I the clocks from mph to km/h? Can I the odometer units?

A: Push and button A for five seconds. The left side will to flash. Release button A. button B to change display kph to mph or vice versa.

To confirm setting, push and A again for five seconds.

Q: Can I the temperature display to Fahrenheit? To How do I set the clock?

A: Push D repeatedly the segments on the right side that you want to change are then use the lap button (high flash) to change.

Q: How do I set the redline light?

A: With the key on, but engine off . use the C to set the counter. If the C button is pressed for less than one second, the will remind you of the current To set the redline, push C, release it, within three seconds C a second time. As long as you in the C button, it will step up by (and wrap around if you go too To step it up slowly, release and the C button momentarily and the needle go up by 100 rpm each click.

If you wait seconds, without doing you may be forced to start over. you are done, press and hold C for three seconds to store the Confusing, but you get the feel for it.

Keep in that this is just a light, and doesn’t change the

Q: How do I clear the SERVICE notice the dash? What does notice mean?

A: The SERVICE comes on at 1000 km (625 and every 7,500 km (4,700 afterwards. In general, it means to change your oil but there are check/inspect/adjust items in the service chart that are supposed to be at this interval too. To the notice, push the LAP button beam flash button) and the R button and hold them for five seconds.

Q: Can I change the from 24-hr mode to (12-hr) mode?

A: No.

Q: My coolant display says LLL. does that mean?

A: the temperature is too hot (over 130 degrees C or 266 F), LLL is displayed. This is a dangerous for your motor and you should over and shut down If the engine is obviously not overheated and you see the LLL it is likely a sensor error.

Q: How many miles do you get before

A: For me, it has varied between a low of 106 to a high of Its completely dependent on your and which gear you ride in. On the highway in 6th gear mileage is In the wheelie zone it’s the Superhawk’s low standards.

When I in town and commuted stop and go to work, I averaged 118 miles to (29-30 mpg?). I’m mostly highway now and am getting 38 I’ve been told the reserve comes on around 4 down and holds 4.75 but I’ve never bothered to

Q: At what temperature does fan come on?

A: There’s some in the switches. My particular bike in the fan at 202 F. I think the manual allows for up to 210 F a good switch.

Q: Do you have the to match the red metallic paint?

A: No, been told this is a But with the exception of Harley relationship with PPG paints, never seen a paint published for any motorcycle. Many bikes have a paint under the seat, but this mean anything to the autobody (it is a proprietary serial number, not instructions).

Q: What’s the best

A: Bang for the buck, the 15 tooth sprocket is a steal. But I rank the rear shock as the best I ever did.

Q: What is on this motor?

A: 10,500 rpm for a motor. During break-in, for the 600 miles, Aprilia recommends rpm. Between 600 and 950 miles, rpm. Then 10,500 rpm

The redline indicator (flashing red is just a cosmetic reminder and can be set by the to any value between 3,000 and rpm. There is a rev-limiter at or 10,500 rpm for the stock EEPROMs, and its is not affected by the setting of the reminder and doesn’t adjust itself for

Q: My idle went up to 4,000 What’s going on?

A: Its likely throttle cable locknuts loosened.

Q: My key just rotates in the cowl lock, but doesn’t the latch. Do I need a locksmith?

A: No, the pull lever is bolted bolted) to the backside of the lock and is probably hanging loose You can remove the seat and bolts on the cowl and get enough room to a coat hanger in there to the latch.

Q: Is there a service Can you mail me one?

A: I originally this site because was not a service manual, or even oil instructions in the U.S. owner’s Fortunately, Aprilia does now a Workshop Manual for the RSV Mille mostly covers the Falco are only minor differences). I purchased it, and it seems quite

Someone of course has made a 20MB PDF version of the manual with searchable text. I know if it is copyrighted or not, but in any I won’t distribute it. I’ve had no problem finding it in a search with the term workshop_manual.pdf sites other than as they seem to have the listings lately).

Additionally, people are selling the on CD for cheap on Ebay. but I can’t for their quality or legality.

I also seen a Haynes Manual for sale online. manuals are of mixed quality, on the model, and I can’t speak for particular manual. The ISBN for this manual is 1844252558.

Q: I my bike used and it didn’t with an owner’s manual. Can I another?

A: Aprilia distributes copies of its owner’s manuals at serviceaprilia.com. They have the (SL Mille) manual available in languages. You can get to this site Aprilia’s main portal Customer Service.

Q: Did they the Falco?

A: Sadly, yes. was the last model year. will tell if the Falco a cult-classic or just a trivia

There should be no problem critical parts as long as keeps proliferating the 1000 cc motor in other bikes.


Q: I like your can I translate it into another Can I use parts of it for my Futura/Caponorde/Mille site?

A: ask me first. I have never no, I just like to know the content is being reused and I it if you give me credit and a link your site.

Q: Your is frequently unavailable due to bandwidth Would you like me to mirror it?

A: I regret choosing a free service, but at this point, the of hits is much lower it used to be, and I anticipate it will to decline. But you are welcome to exactly my site, but as of now I have no way of keeping up to date. Please add text to the page warning people the site is a mirror and linking to the original.

Q: Can I advertise on your

A: No, if for no other reason than it is the Yahoo! Geocities terms of Plus, people visiting my with Internet Explorer see advertisements.

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