APRILIA 6.5 — 1996 MANUAL Pdf Download.

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Aprilia Moto 6.5

Summary of Contents

Page 1

use and Mot#xF3; 6.5 MOTO’.

Page 2

manual is to be considered an integral of the vehicle, which must be complete with it also in of resale. aprilia s.p.a. the right to modify its models at any without prejudice to the main here de- scribed.

Page 3

4: Table Of Contents


Page 6

To drive the it is necessary to The taking of some prepara- Most road are ascribable to have all the requirements for in tions, alcohol and drugs or tropic the driver#x2019;s lack of law (driving licence, minimum age re- notably increases the risk of lend the vehicle to beginners psychophysical ability, insurance.


#xA1; STOP 150 m 150 m STOP observe the road signs and Do not hit which could damage drive with both on the the national and local road the vehicle or make you loose the handlebar and both feet on the Avoid any abrupt movement, can trol.

Page 8

If necessary, the vehicle controlled by an aprilia Dealer, asking him to carefully the frame, the handle- bar, the the safety parts and the devices integrity you are not able to verify.

9: Clothing

ONLY ORIGINALS Do not change the position, Any modification out on the ve- the inclination or the colour of: plate, hicle or the removal of original can Before moving off, wear your indicators, and horns. impair the performance of the thus reducing its safety or even crash helmet, fastened.

Page 10: Accessories,

$(6625,(6 Make sure the equipment is well Do not keep which can be dan- fastened to the and is not dan- gerous in case of for example gerous during the The owner of the vehicle is responsible objects like keys, glass Do not install electrical and do for the choice, installation and use of any.


Absolutely do not hang bulky, Do not carry any bag if it is not tightly se- Do not exceed the load allowed minous, and/or dangerous objects to the vehicle. for each side-bag. on the the mudguards and Do not carry bags protrude too When the vehicle is its sta- the forks, as the vehicle react.

Page 12

Fig. 1 1) Fuel plug 6) Transmission control 2) Coolant expansion tank 7) Footrest 3) Crash helmet 8) Side stand 4) Battery 9) footrest 5) Fuses.

Page 13

2 .( )LJ 1) Tool kit/glove compartment 6) suspension spring-loading adjusting 2) tap 3) Motor oil inlet hole 7) Footrest 4) Front brake tank 8) Rear brake lever 5) Passenger#x2019;s footrest 9) brake fluid tank.


Fig. 3 Fig. 4 1) Left mirror 1) Coolant temperature ( 2) High beam signaller button 2) Speedometer 3) Cold lever ( 3) Total kilometres 4) Ignition switch 4) Trip control knob 5) Instruments and 5) Trip odometer 6) Engine switch ( 6) High beam light (.

Page 15

DESCRIPTION Revolution counter It indicates the of engine revolutions per minute. It indicates the driving speed. kilometres odometer It indicates the number of kilometres covered. odometer It indicates the partial of kilometres covered.

Trip control knob By rotating it it is possible to set the trip odometer to

Page 16

The electrical parts only when the ignition key is on the ON 1) HEADLIGHT SWITCH ( When the switch, see p. 17 (CONTROLS ON THE RIGHT OF THE HANDLEBAR) is on the , posi- tion, if the switch is on the .

Page 17

The electrical work only when the key is on the ON position. 1) ENGINE STOP ( It mainly serves as a safety or switch. When the switch is on the it is possible to start the engine;.

18: Ignition Switch, Tool Kit

To the steering, turn the handlebar completely with the key on the OFF position, the key, release it and turn it to the position. Extract the key. turn the key to the LOCK position driving, in order to avoid control of the ve- hicle.

Page 19

refuelling, avoid pushing the gun (1) to the of the tank, in order to prevent from flowing out of the filler. the plug up carefully after re- The fuel used for internal engines is extremely inflammable and in conditions it can become explosive.


Make sure that the disc and the or painted parts, it can take it to the filling station you friction surface are neither nor damage them. usually buy it. especially after maintenance or operations. aprilia recommends: see p. 59 CHART).

Page 21: Front Brake

sure that the fluid the glass (1) completely. Otherwise, for topping up. Proceed as follows: the two screws (2) and raise the little (3).

In order not to spill the fluid while topping up, the vehicle in vertical position.

22: Rear Brake

To check the level, keep the vehicle in position and incline the tank so that the fluid it contains is to the ground. Make sure the fluid level is included the MIN and MAX notches. If the fluid level not reach the MIN.

Page 23:

After the adjustment, make Start the engine and engage the 1st when the brake is released make sure that the does- the wheel rotates n#x2019;t stop, doesn#x2019;t to advance or that the clutch slip during the acceleration or while the vehicle Check the efficiency.

Page 24: Coolant

to the freezing temperature of the cooling you want to obtain, add water to the percentage indi- cated in the table: FREEZING POINT #xB0;C % VOL. -20#xB0; -40#xB0; Fig. 16 It is useful to the same mixture also the summer, since this CHECKING AND TOPPING UP (Fig.

25: Catalytic Silencers

The catalytic is fitted with two si- It is sufficient to these periods lencers metal catalytic converter of periods in which the engine at the platinum-rhodium bivalent type. high rpm, even if for a few This device provides for the of seconds, but rather frequently.

26: Tyres

2,0 mm REAR 2,0 mm After a tyre, have the wheels Use only tyres in the size by aprilia, 75(6 see p. 56 (TECHNICAL Make sure that the always have Periodically the tyre infla-.

Page 27

departure, always carry CHECK PAGE out a preliminary of the Front and rear Check the the idle … of the control 21, 22 vehicle to make sure it func- disc brake the level and make sure are no leaks. tions correctly and (see the PRE- Check the of the pads.

Page 28: Starting

18 Fig. 19 Fig.

17 Before the engine, let the side The engine can be with stand up and block at one wheel, the side stand only if the in order to avoid control of the Exhaust gases carbon gears are in neutral;.


A few seconds after the engine the warning light ( must go If this does not occur, it is to top up the engine oil. In this stop the engine immedi- and proceed as indicated at page 36 THE ENGINE OIL LEVEL AND TOPPING

Page 30

a a a a a a a a a a a a a 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 Before departure, p. 5 (SAFE DRIVE) and p. 50 (CHECKING THE STAND SWITCH) carefully. the inclination of the rear- view properly.

Page 31

Avoid and closing the Pay the utmost attention to any grip repeatedly and con- or variation of the tinuously, so that you do not ac- Uneven roads, rails, lose control of the vehicle. covers, indications painted on If you to brake, close the throttle the surface, building site and put both brakes on, properly

Page 32: Running-in

After the 1000 kilometres, Between the 1000 and 2000 km carry out the operation- drive more change speed and The running-in of the is primary to s indicated in the Periodic use the maximum acceleration only for its working life and its correct chart, see p.

Page 33

To park: the gears to the neutral (green light on). NEVER the ignition key in the block Turn the key to the OFF and always use the steering lock. 23).

Park the vehicle in a place, possibly Position the on the side stand.

Page 34:

If you need assistance or technical ad- consult your aprilia Dealer, Before beginning any who can ensure you quick and careful operation or any inspection servicing.


AFTER RUNNING-IN EVERY km EVERY 12000 km COMPONENT km OR 4 MONTHS) OR 8 MONTHS OR 16 MONTHS — fluid level plug Carburettor Gearing every 500 km: C Timing chain centering Steering bearings and Wheel bearings Air filter 18000 km: S.

Page 36

Fig. 24 25 Fig.

26 If you don#x2019;t carry out the mentioned operations, you run the risk of a wrong It is a good idea to down the frame Read 20 (ENGINE OIL) and 34 measurement of the

Page 37

Fig. 27 Fig. 28 29 If necessary, top up the engine oil Remove the oil and change it. When warmed up, the through the filling opening

Put a thin layer of engine oil on the O hot oil;.

Page 38: Front

To remove the front wheel, as REASSEMBLY follows: Raise the part of the vehicle, To reassemble the placing a support under the so Position the front wheel the that the front wheel has space fork rods, introducing the disc to move and the cannot fall in the brake

Page 39: Rear Wheel

To reassemble the wheel, proceed as Position the wheel between the rods, carefully introducing the in the brake calliper. Push the forward and position the gearing in its seat. Insert the pin (1-Fig.

Insert and screw the nut (1-Fig.

40: Chain

20 25 mm 20 25 mm Fig. 33 Fig. 34

35 If maintenance operations are Move the forward, in such a not carried out the way as to be able to check the vertical page 34 (MAINTENANCE) care- may wear untimely and/or of the chain also when the

Page 41

ADJUSTMENT CHECKING THE AND TEAR OF LUBRICATION AND CLEANING PINION AND CROWN. If after the it is necessary to The gearing chain is adjust the chain tension, as fol- Further, check the the pinion and with O rings the links, in lows: the crown and sure that they do.


Fig. 36 Fig. 37 Fig. 38 the fuel breather pipe (2- For the proceed as follows: Fig. 38) the connection point (3- Remove the see p. 45 (LOCK- Fig. 38).

THE SADDLE). Lift the tank and it with care, in- Remove the case cover (1), pages 19 (FUEL) and 34 (MAIN- it slightly rightwards.

Page 43

the fastening of all the compo- nents and the of the rear suspension joints. If you irregularities in the operation or if the help of a fied technician is necessary, your Official Dealer.

39 Fig.

Page 44

Aprilia Moto 6.5

Fig. 41 42 Fig.

43 If the slack must be Once this operation has Rotate the headlight/dashboard unit out, make sure the rightwards, see p. 51 (REPLACING handlebar smoothly, to THE HEADLIGHT BULBS). damaging the balls and in order page 34 (MAINTENANCE) care- the two screws (1-2-Fig.

Page 45

44 Fig. 46 Fig. 45 To unlock the unscrew the screw Proceed as (1) positioned under the rear Remove the saddle, see (LOCKING/- and the saddle.

UNLOCKING THE SADDLE). To it again, introduce the hooks in and remove the screw (1-Fig.


Fig. 47 Fig. 49 Fig. 48 By on the throttle grip, accel- and decelerate a few times to Read (MAINTENANCE) 34 care- verify the functioning and to fully.

Read page 34 (MAINTENANCE) check if the idling speed is fully.

Page 47: Spark

63$5. 3/8* )LJ Check the between the elec- trodes 49) with a thickness Read 34 (MAINTENANCE) care- gauge.

The must be 0,6 0,6 0,7 mm 0,6 0,7 mm fully. mm; if necessary it, carefully bending the earth

Page 48: Battery

In case of with the skin, rinse To the electrolyte level, proceed as Remove the saddle, see p. 45 (LOCK- plenty of water. ING/UNLOCKING THE In case of contact with the rinse Remove the left see p. 45 (RE- with plenty of for 15 minutes, MOVING THE SIDES).


ARRANGEMENT OF THE FUSES 20A fuse From the battery to: key switch, 15A fuse — From the key to: all light loads. 7,5A — From the key switch to:

Never use fuses different Fig. 52 the recommended ones.


If the engine does not stop, sult your Official who will overhaul the system. 53 Fig. 54 Read page 34 (MAINTENANCE).

The headlight beam can be by acting on the two screws (1-2-Fig. 54) on the headlight sides. Carry out the checking oper- To rapidly the correct direction of ations.


%8/%6 Read page 34 (MAINTENANCE). Before changing a turn the ignition switch to the OFF po- Change bulbs wearing gloves or using a clean and dry

Do not leave fingerprints on the bulbs, these could cause overheating and conse- quent

Page 52

Fig. 59 Fig. 60 61 Unscrew and remove the four The introduction of a new bulb (1-2-Fig.

can be carried out in one sense Disconnect the connector. only, because the two pins Read pages 34 and Unscrew and remove the three are misaligned.

Page 53

Fig. 62 63 Fig. 64 Read pages 34 and Proceed as follows: Read 34 (MAINTENANCE) and Extract the rubber socket (1). 51 (BULBS) 51 (BULBS) carefully.

Remove the (2) from its seat. Install a new Proceed as follows: Proceed as Press the tang (1) with a

Page 54

Do not wash the vehicle the sun, especially during the when the body is still transporting the vehicle, it is To remove and mud from the painted warm, if the shampoo dries be- necessary to the fuel tank and the surfaces use a low water jet;.

Page 55

After a long of inactivity of the ve- Uncover and clean the hicle some precautions are to Check the electrolyte level in the avoid any problem. tery and it, see p. 48 (BAT- Further, it is important to out the TERY).

Page 56

DIMENSIONS length. 2260 mm Max. 830 mm Max. height incl. element. 1140 mm Seat 830 mm Distance between centres. mm Min. ground clearance. 180 mm diameter.

4480 mm Weight driver (ready for starting). 183 kg Type.

Page 57

CARBURETTOR MIKUNI BST 40 Choke tube. 40 mm Fuel. Unleaded petrol to the DIN 51607 standard, min.

95 (N.O.R.M.) and 85 (N.O.M.M.) FRAME one-beam, split in two cradles, and square-section tubes. Steering angle.

Page 58

ELECTRIC Battery. 12 V — 12 Ah Fuses. 7,5 / 15 / 20 A (with permanent magnet). 12 V 180 W BULBS Dipped/high beam. 12 V 55 / 60 W Parking light. 12 V — 5 W indicators.

Page 59

Engine oil IP EXTRA RAID 4, SAE 20W — 50 / IP 4, SAE 5W — 40. As an alternative to the recommended it is possible to use high-quality oils characteristics in compliance with or to the CCMC G-4 A.P.I.

Page 61

1) indicator warning light 36) 2) High beam warning 37) Fan 3) Thermometer light 38) Spark 4) Engine oil pressure warning 39) Fuses 5) Speedometer light 40) oil pressure sensor 6) Neutral warning light 41) Multiple 7) Side stand switch 42) 2.

Page 62


065 2820082.

Page 64

Do not dispose of used oil, polluting substances and compo- in the environment. — Do not keep the running if it isn#x2019;t necessary.

Aprilia Moto 6.5
Aprilia Moto 6.5
Aprilia Moto 6.5
Aprilia Moto 6.5


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