APRILIA ATLANTIC 500 — 2003 MANUAL Pdf Download.

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Aprilia Atlantic 500

Summary of Contents

Page 1

500 use+maintenancebook aprilia part#

Page 2

#xA9; 2003 s.p.a. — Noale FOREWORD INTRODUCTION NOTE manual is divided into chap- This manual is an and in- ters and paragraphs, by subject. The tegral part of your Keep it with your.


accidentally get gasoline get your flush SAFETY WARNINGS SAFETY RULES with quantities of cool, clear and The following precautionary warnings are seek professional medical as- MONOXIDE used throughout manual in order to con-

Page 4

BRAKE FLUID The (ethylene glycol) can cause HYDROGEN GAS skin irritation and is if swal- AND ELECTROLYTE CAUTION WARNING Brake fluid is poisonous. Do Coolant and coolant/water are not ever allow brake to be ingested sweet to the taste and colored, The battery gives off and explo- or swallowed.

Page 5

(NHTSA) in addition to no- system, at the of sale, meets all appli- a) The or rendering inoperative by tifying If NHTSA receives similar cable U.S. EPA Federal standards. any person other for purposes of.

Page 6

If any of the following are ob- served, immediately have vehicle in- and also: spected and by your Local aprilia #x2013; on the identification plate (B) is located on the front portion the Symptoms: steering head of the

Page 7

DIGIT MEANING 1) identification alphanumeric code. 2) type. 3) Model. 4) Country for the vehicle is intended. 5) #= Check number. 6) Model year. 7) factory designation (N = NOALE-VE-. S = -VE-. 0 = NOT SPECIFIED).

Page 8


WARNING ADHESIVE LABELS Ref. Description Ref. NOT PROVIDED FOR 49 STATES. FOR STATE OF ONLY. Follow use and maintenance 500.

Page 10

Ref. Ref. Description Follow use and Atlantic 500.

Page 11

Description Muffler stamping. WEIGHT LOAD ALLOWED lbs 20 (kg 5) use and Atlantic 500.

Page 12

EVAPORATIVE EMISSION SYSTEM FOR OF CALIFORNIA ONLY. 1) Fuel 2) Tank fumes relief 3) fumes breather tube 4) Tee 5) over valve 6) Roll valve — purge connection tube 7) Purge 8) Purge valve — canister connection tube 9) canister 10) Intake coupling

Page 13

#x2013; You are responsible for your State#x2019;s stringent standards. motorcycle to an aprilia as soon aprilia must the emission control MANUFACTURER#x2019;S as a problem exists. The warranty

Page 14

CONTROL SYSTEM dealer located within the aprilia dealer is not reasonably aprilia s.p.a. Via G. Galilei, 1, Noale States of America in with the a part is not available 30 days, or a (VE) Italy #x201C;aprilia#x201D;) warrants Clean Air Act and regulations repair is not complete 30 days.

Page 15

Such may be per- IS LIMITED TO THE EXPRESS formed at a service establishment or by A. The of aprilia under this SION CONTROL SYSTEM any individual. The warranty period be- System Warranty is limited TERMS STATED IN THIS

Page 16

NOTE and are to be supplied to the aprilia Soon after the vehicle, GENERAL iNSTRUCTIONS as reference data for the purchase of down the identification data spare parts or specific of the The operations preceded by this in the SPARE PARTS IDENTIFICATION you have acquired.

Page 17

20: Basic Safety Rules

SAFETY RULES The instructions below cover normal of your vehicle and must be fully observed. By following rules you will enhance own safety and the safety of those you. You will also the life and utility of your

Page 21

Observe all rules of the Particularly pay Avoid obstacles could damage the ve- Always with both hands on the attention to all warning, regulatory and hicle or make you lose bars and feet on the footrests. signs.

Page 22

Local Dealer for repairs. bricants in the #x201C;LUBRICANT Your aprilia is ready and able to help to heed this warning can to a CHART#x201D;; check the oil, and coolant lev-.

Page 23

vehicle was not designed to be equipped or of your license plate. Do not it parts, and use only original or with a sidecar or to be used to tow or with even a clear covering. Do not aprilia approved

Page 24

Never race vehicles with your Always ride at the appropriate and Gradually open and close the to avoid unnecessary hard This avoid spinning or the rear wheel.

Brake both the front and rear not only is safer, but also fuel con- The use of one brake for sudden brak- sumption and the life of the ve-.

Page 25:

Always observe posted and speed Inevitably, the driver look right at you, and limits, but do not assume that you can yet swear that they did not see you as fast as the speed limit all road con- they directly into your

Page 26: Accessories, Load

Use genuine aprilia Fairings and installed on the accessories. The installation of accessories.

Page 27

Do not hang from your vehicle This makes it more that the front wheel carry loosely packaged make dlebars, fenders, or because this will come up off the ground, especially on that everything that you on your upset the handling of vehicle, and could acceleration.

28: Positions Of Main Parts

OF MAIN PARTS LEGEND 1) tank 6) Air filter 11) Side 2) Coolant expansion tank 7) Helmet compartment 12) Spark 3) Rear brake fluid 8) Variator air filter cover 13) inspection cover 4) Bag carrying 9) Center stand 5) Helmet 10) Left passenger footrest.


LEGEND 1) Battery 6) Fuel cap door 10) Secondary fuse box 2) fuse box 7) Front brake reservoir 11) Right inspection 3) Passenger grab handle 8) switch /steering lock/ 12) passenger footrest 4) Fuel saddle opening 13) Engine oil / filler cap 5) Fuel tank

Page 30

ARRANGEMENT OF THE INSTRUMENT/CONTROLS 5) Green right direction LED ( ) LEGEND 1) Electrical controls on the side of the handlebar 6) Blue beam LED ( 2) Combined brake (front and rear) 7) Amber fuel reserve LED ( ) 8) Fuel indicator ( ) 3) Left rearview 9) Button to select functions and set the clock.

Page 31: Table Of And Indicators

CAUTION that the oil pressure in the circuit is too low. In case stop the engine and contact your nearest dealer. Indicates the total traveled, and trip mileage 1, TRIP 2) see page 38.

Page 32

If the LED while the engine is running it means CAUTION that a has occurred in the electronic fuel system. In this case the engine immediately and contact an dealer. Tachometer Indicates the rpm.

Page 33: Main Controls, Controls On The Left Of The Handlebar

MAIN INDIVIDUAL CONTROLS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE NOTE The electrical components work with the ignition set to #x201C; #x201D;. 1) HORN ( When pressed, it activates the MODE 2) DIRECTION INDICATOR ( Move the switch to the left to a left turn;.

Page 34: Controls On The Right Of The Handlebar

CONTROLS ON THE RIGHT OF THE HANDLEBAR NOTE The electrical only work with the switch set to #x201C; #x201D;. 1) STOP SWITCH ( WARNING Do not the engine stop switch #x201D; while the motor- is moving.

Page 35: Ignition Steering Lock

Removing Position The steering The key may is locked. be It is not possible to Steering start the lock engine and operate the The engine The key may STEERING LOCK SWITCH and the be removed. lights cannot be.

Page 36: Digital

Setting the clock: Adjusting the #x2666; Hold down the key (2) (W) for than NOTE The clock be set with the en- three seconds to the calendar gine off, the stopped and direc- setting (ONLY WHEN THE DATE indicators switched off.

37: Multifunction Lcd

Km/l), consumption play. espresso in G/ml only for the In this case an aprilia dealer to versions) maximum speed icon ex- carry out the operations described in the temperature icon expressed in de- maintenance chart, see page Celsius (#xB0;C) (11), tempera-.

Page 38: Digital


Page 39

TOOL KIT LOCKING/RELEASING COMPARTMENT SADDLE Thanks to the compartment, you do The tool kit (1) is fastened the bottom #x2666; not need to inconvenient items with you of the compartment, under Insert the key (2) in the switch (3).

Page 40: Compartment, Helmet Clip

COMPARTMENT BAG CARRYING CLIP CLIP #x2666; Press the top of the (1). The helmet clip (3) is under the WARNING #x2666; The opens automatically to allow on the left side of the vehicle: to ac- to the glove compartment.

Page 41: Components, Fuel

MAIN FUEL WARNING Gasoline is flammable and in some conditions can explosive. It is therefore necessary to and carry out maintenance operations ing the fuel system in a well-ventilated with the engine off. Do not while refueling or in the vicinity of fumes.

Page 42: Lubricants, Oil, Engine Oil

Work carefully. Do not spill any oil! The oil must be changed after To contact your nearest Be careful not to spill oil on any compo- the 625 mi (1,000 km) and every 15,000

Page 43: Brake Fluid Recommendations, Disc Brakes

The brake fluid must be every two Contact your aprilia dealer if you years by an dealer. have any doubts as to the brake system is working and if you are unable to carry out normal

Page 44

NOTE MIN = minimum This vehicle is equipped front #x2666; contact nearest aprilia dealer, who and disc brakes, with hydrau- will top up the fluid. lic The following information refers to a CAUTION brake system, but is to both.

Page 45: Coolant

Check the coolant level 1,250 mi (2,000 km) and after trips; have it replaced ev- ery 2 by an aprilia dealer. WARNING is harmful if swallowed; contact skin or eyes may cause

Page 46: Checking And Topping Up

is between the ref- WARNING for in the circuit. Contact an autho- marks #x201C;MIN#x201D; and #x201C;MAX#x201D;. aprilia Dealer for repairs. is harmful if swallowed; contact skin or eyes may cause

MIN = minimum level.

Page 47:

Various kinds of wear are avail- able. Ask your dealer for instructions on how to check for Visually inspect the tire and have them replaced if are worn.

If the tires are old, if they are not completely worn they may harden and be unable to good adherence.

Page 48: Pressure, Muffler/exhaust Silencer

We recommend that you con- PRESSURE Check the muffler/exhaust and muf- tact your aprilia dealer or tire fler lines, making there are no signs of cialist to the aforementioned op- FRONT REAR.

49: Riding Rules, Table Of Checks

Engine oil Check top up if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact an dealer if you do not understand how cer- Check the surface condition of the inflation pressure, tain work or if you suspect any wear and for any

Page 50: Starting

CAUTION seconds, contact your #x2666; Place the vehicle on the stand aprilia dealer. starting the engine. Do not press the button #x201C; #x201D; (7) #x2666; Make sure the light dimmer (1) is set #x2666;.


Never use the vehicle with low oil, to avoid dam- the engine parts. use and maintenance 500.

Page 52: Take-off And

WARNING When traveling a passenger, make sure the passenger footrests are closed. your hands firmly on the and your feet on the footrests riding. NEVER RIDE IN ANY POSITION.

When riding a passenger, instruct the person carried so as to avoid interference driving.

Page 53

WARNING braking on curves, reduce or brake while continuing to at the same constant or slightly moderate speed; avoid on the brakes: this greatly your likeli- hood of Pumping the brakes on downhill may cause the friction gaskets to thus dimin- ishing effectiveness.

Page 54: Breaking-in,

BREAKING-IN STOPPING WARNING After the first 625 mi (1,000 km) of Whenever possible, avoid or carry out the checks described in the slowing the vehicle abruptly, and ter breaking-in#x201D; column of the SCHED- the brakes. ULED MAINTENANCE see pages 57-58, to avoid injury to your- #x2666;.

55: Positioning The Vehicle On The Side

Park the vehicle in a safe in a garage or other attended if possible. Whenever possible, use the #x201C;Body- Guard#x201D; shielded or other antitheft de- vice. sure that your and permit are in order.

Page 56:

Should you require service or as- sistance, contact an aprilia to en- Non hold any mechanical or other of CAUTION sure thorough, service.

Page 57: Scheduled Chart

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS HANDLED BY THE aprilia Every 3,750 mi Every mi End of breaking-in Components [625 mi km)] ( 6,000 km ) or 8 months ( km ) or 16 months #x97; Fuel at idling speed (CO)

Page 58

OPERATIONS HANDLED BY THE dealer (THAT MAY BE CARRIED OUT BY THE Every 3,750 mi Every mi End of breaking-in Components [625 mi km)] ( 6,000 km ) or 8 months ( km ) or 16 months #x97;.

Page 59

INFORMATION FRAME NUMBER NUMBER The frame number is on the center The engine number is near the tube of the frame. To a reading you must lower shock absorber support. It is recommended to note the frame the cover (1).

Page 60

THE OIL LEVEL NOTE If you do not carry out the CAUTION ENGINE AND TOPPING UP you risk taking an incorrect Do not fill beyond the #x201C;MAX#x201D; or surement of the engine oil level. read page 42 (LUBRICANTS), the #x201C;MIN#x201D;.

Page 61: Engine Oil Change And Oil Checking And Topping Up The Transmission Oil

The oil used contains substances Carefully read page 42 ous to the environment; therefore, to page 56 and page 90 change the engine oil an aprilia (LUBRICANT CHART). who will dispose of the used oil in with current regulations.

62: Changing The Transmission Oil

#x2666; and extract the cap-dipstick (1). Use a clean cloth to clean the in con- tact with the #x2666; Fully tighten the (1) in the fill- ing hole. #x2666; the cap-dipstick (1) again and read the that oil reaches on the stick: MAX = level MIN = minimum level.

63: Air Filter

To change, contact an dealer. WARNING When the transmission oil, make it does not come into with the rear brake #x2666; Unscrew and extract the (1). #x2666; Unscrew and the transmission oil drain screw

Page 64

CHECKING THE BRAKE PAD Carefully read page 43 FLUID- recommendations), (DISC and page 56 (MAINTENANCE). NOTE The information refers to a single system, but is applicable to both. the wear of the brake pads the first 625 mi (1,000 km), and 1,250 mi (2,000 km) thereafter.


WARNING creating a metallic noise and FRONT BRAKE producing sparks from the the To change, contact your aprilia #x2013; Check the front, looking upwards, for effectiveness, safety and integ- both calipers.

Aprilia Atlantic 500

Page 66: The Side Stand, Checking The

REAR SUSPENSION Carefully page 56 (MAINTENANCE). CAUTION To the front suspension oil, tact your nearest dealer, to en- sure thorough, service. Change the front oil every 18,750 mi (30,000 km) or 4 years.

Page 67: Adjusting The Suspension, Steering Control

THE REAR TABLE: PRELOAD FOR STEERING CONTROL REAR SPRING SUSPENSION Carefully page 56 (MAINTENANCE). Adjuster Rotation The rear suspension is up of a pair of ring-nut (arrow A) B) dual-effect shock absorbers in com- You should occasionally for any play pression/extension), fastened via in the steering.

Page 68: Checking The Fulcrum

#x2666; If you notice any contact your near- If there is clear indication of contact est aprilia dealer, who restore the CAUTION your aprilia dealer, who will re- running conditions. store the to optimum condition.

Page 69: The Right And Left Inspection Removing The Front Fairing

THE RIGHT AND REMOVING THE FRONT LEFT INSPECTION COVERS Work very carefully. Do not the tabs (3) and/or the Carefully page 56 (MAINTENANCE). Carefully page 56 (MAINTENANCE). corresponding slots. #x2666; Place the on the center stand.

Handle all and painted compo- #x2666;.

70: Removing The Rearview Mirrors, The Front Hood

CAUTION all plastic and painted compo- with care to avoid or scratching them. #x2666; the rearview mirror (2) by sliding it #x2666; Retrieve the cover A B S REMOVING THE REMOVING THE FRONT REARVIEW MIRRORS Carefully page 56 (MAINTENANCE).

Page 71: The Throttle Control

If not, as follows: #x2666; Place the on the center stand. #x2666; back the rubber boot #x2666; Loosen the lock nut #x2666; Rotate the adjuster (8) so as to the proper play. #x2666; completing the adjustment, tighten the nut (7) and check the clearance again.


#x2666; Use a strong blast of air to MAINTENANCE prevent the residue from enter- 0.027-0.031 in ing the The spark plug must be re- in placed if it shows cracked cor- 0.7-0.8 mm 0.7-0.8 mm electrodes or excessive buildup.

Page 73: Battery

Make the area is adequately venti- lated during recharging or running Carefully read 56 (MAINTENANCE). the engine; avoid the fumes emitted while the first 625 mi (1,000 km) and every the battery. 3,750 mi (6,000 km) check the electrolyte level and sure the termi- KEEP OUT OF OF CHILDREN.

Page 74: Removal The Cover, Checking And Cleaning Removing The Battery

REMOVING THE REMOVAL THE BATTERY CHECKING AND #x2666; Remove the battery see alongside COVER TERMINALS THE BATTERY COVER). #x2666; Remove the battery bleed (6). Remove the battery see alongside Carefully read 73 (BATTERY). #x2666;.

Page 75: The Level Of Battery Electrolyte, Recharging

BATTERY RECHARGING Remove the battery, see page 74 MOVING THE BATTERY). #x2666; the plugs from the elements. Check the level of battery see alongside (CHECKING THE LEVEL OF ELECTROLYTE). #x2666; Connect the to a battery charger. #x2666;.

76: Changing Fuses

From the fuse to the power socket in as as convenient. the storage compartment. system. In this case see an #x2013; 3A Fuse (6) dealer. Replace the battery cover, see 74.

Page 77: Vertical Adjustment Beam

MAIN FUSE (BATTERY VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT To the headlight beam: COMPARTMENT) BEAM #x2666; Adjust the (1) provided from the front 30A Fuse (10) of the vehicle. To check the correct adjustment of battery to: ignition switch, (2), Turn CLOCKWISE to the beam the beam, place the on flat ground, helmet light, cooling fan.

78: Horizontal Adjustment Headlight Bulbs, Changing The Front Indicator Lamps

BULBS read page 56 (MAINTENANCE). Danger of fire. Fuel and flammable substances must be away from electrical ponents.

CAUTION Before a bulb, set the ignition switch to #x201C; #x201D; and wait a few ADJUSTMENT minutes to allow it to

Page 79: Changing Headlight Low Beam Bulbs

NOTE HEADLIGHT BULBS LOW BEAM Insert the bulb in the bulb carefully aligning the two bulb with their CAUTION read page 78 (BULBS). in the socket. Do not pull the electrical to extract #x2666;.

Page 80: Beam Bulbs, Parking Bulbs, Changing Taillight

HIGH BEAM BULBS LIGHT BULBS CHANGING BULBS #x2666; Turn the socket/bulb (1) counter- Carefully page 78 (BULBS). CAUTION and remove it from the reflec- tor The taillight houses: To remove the socket do not pull the #x2013;.

81: Changing The License Plate Bulb

#x2666; Remove the from its seat. NOTE the bulb in the bulb socket, aligning the two bulb pins their guides in the socket. Correctly install a new bulb of the type. NOTE During position the lens correctly in its

Page 82: Changing The Helmet Light Bulb, Transport

CHANGING THE HELMET CAUTION COMPARTMENT LIGHT BULB drain the fuel tank, partially Never attempt to tow vehicle with an- Carefully page 78 (BULBS). or completely. may cause damage other To replace: to the inner components of the tank, While your is being transported, #x2666;.

83: Draining The Fuel Tank,

CLEANING Clean your regularly. Your vehicle DRAINING THE FUEL TANK look better and work if you keep it CAUTION clean. You find you will need to it After your vehicle has washed, the more frequently if it is in the following brake functioning be temporarily im- Never drain the tank, either partially.

Page 84: Periods Of Extended

Polish with silicone wax after hav- ing carefully your vehicle. Do not use polishing on matt paints. Do not wash the in direct sunlight, especially the summer, when the paintwork is warm, since if the sham- poo before being rinsed it can damage the paint.

Page 85

etary fuel storage available from the muffler, and or tie it tight. your Local Dealer or automobile Ride a few to test at moderate speed Cover the vehicle with an old or a supply stores.

Page 86: Specifications

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Max. length 89.37 in mm) Max. width 28.34 in mm) Max. height (al front 57.08 in (1450 mm) DIMENSIONS height 30.71 in (780 mm) 62.08 in (1575 mm) Minimum clearance 5.90 in (150 mm) in operating condition 440.92 lbs kg) Type.

Page 87

Description (including reserve) 4.356 US gal l ) Fuel reserve 1.056 US gal (4 l ) oil -engine oil and oil filter change cu.in (1500 cc) -change due to overhaul 103.7 cu.in cc) Transmission oil

15.25 cu.in cc) CAPACITY Coolant.

Page 88

Front Hydraulically operated adjustable fork Stroke in (100 mm) rear SUSPENSIONS Two dual-effect hydraulic shock with pre-load with settings Wheel … in (100 mm) BRAKES Front — #xD8; 10.2 in mm)-with hydraulic transmission combined Double disc front #xD8;.

Page 89

IGNITION Type C.D.I. / Ignition advance Variable managed by the injection control Standard CHAMPION RG6YC PLUG #x2013; Alternatively NGK CR7EKB Spark plug gap #x2013; 0.031 in (0.7 0.8 mm) Battery 12 V — 14 Ah ELECTRICAL Fuses 30 — 20 — 15 3 A.

Page 90: Lubricant Chart

CHART Engine oil (recommended): 4, SAE 5W — 40 or 4T FORMULA RACING, SAE 5W 40. Alternatively to the oils recommended, you may use oils with performance that match or exceed SJ specifications.

Transmission oil (recommended): SAE 75W — 90 or GEAR SYNTH, SAE 75W 90.

Page 91

NOTE ASK FOR ONLY SPARE PARTS use and maintenance 500.

Page 92

Importers via G. 1 — 30033 Noale Italy — Tel. 5829111 — Fax +39(0)41 Servizio Clienti aprilia 5786269 — E-mail: Z.A. Central Parc 255 BLV Robert Ballanger B.P. 77 Villepinte (F) — Tel. — Fax 0033-1-49638750 Am Seestern 3 D#xFC;sseldorf (D)

Page 93

Tel. — Fax 00353-1-4756461 — sales@bikeworld.ie HARO SKANDINAVIA Kj#xF8;rbekkdalen 6, 3735 Skien (N)

0047-35506780 — Fax 0047-35506781 E-mail: tore@aprilia.no San Jeromino, 552 Monterrey N.L. (MX) DE MEXICO, SA. de CV. Tel. 0052-8333-4493 Fax 0052-8348-9398 — E-mail: Str.

Page 94: Wiring

WIRING DIAGRAM — 500. SCROLL x1000r/min Km/h PASSING STOP 13 14 15 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 18 19 20 M/Bi Az/R Ro/G.


WIRING DIAGRAM LEGEND Atlantic 500 Multiple connectors 31) lamps WIRE COLOR rpm 32) Right taillight orange motor 33) Rear stop light blue Coil 34) stop switch blue plug 35) Key selector switch Fuel injector 36) Overturn yellow.

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