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Summary of Contents

Page 1

500 use+maintenancebook aprilia part#

Page 2: Safety Information

2002 aprilia s.p.a. Noale (VE) TECHNICAL SAFETY INFORMATION Any operations by this The following conventions are to identify symbol must be on the safety information throughout the opposite side of the vehicle. symbol identifies safety-related

Page 3

Page 4: Table Of


Page 6: Basic Rules

Practice riding in away from traffic or on ground until you become the vehicle and its controls. use and maintenance 500.

Page 7

Do not stand up or your limbs while rearing up on the back wheel, riding. speeding, etc.). your speed and riding to surface conditions, visibility, use and maintenance Atlantic 500.


If necessary, have the vehicle by an aprilia Official Dealer. attention should be paid to handlebars, suspension, safety and all the devices that you are not able to yourself.

Page 9: Clothing

Do not off the road. Loose clothing or such as strings, belts or may impair your movements riding or become tangled in the or other moving parts. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 10: Load

Large fairings and affect vehicle the load is evenly to avoid aerodynamics and especially at high imbalance. sure the load is firmly secured to the vehicle, especially a long trip. use and maintenance 500.

Page 11

ARRANGEMENT OF THE the vehicle, which could hit or object Do not carry animals or on the glove while riding and you lose control of the compartment or on the rack. vehicle. use and maintenance 500.

Page 12

8) Converter air cover 2) Coolant expansion plug 9) Centre stand 3) brake fluid reservoir 10) left footrest 4) Bag hook 11) stand 5) Helmet hook 12) plug 6) Air cleaner use and maintenance 500.

Page 13

2) Main carrier 9) Horn 3) Passenger rail 10) Auxiliary fuse 4) Fuel tank 11) Right cover ANORDNUNG 5) Fuel filler cap 12) Passenger right 6) Fuel tank filler cap use and maintenance Atlantic 500.


2) Green left turn light ( 19) 3 display function and 18 and 3 resetting 3) Digital odometer 20) Red ABS ( ) (for versions with ABS 4) Speedometer 21) Red anti-theft (IMMOBILIZER) ( use and maintenance Atlantic 500.

15: Instruments And Indicators Table

If the comes on during the normal operation, it CAUTION means engine oil pressure in the circuit is too Stop the engine immediately and an aprilia Official Dealer. odometer Gives total covered in kilometres, TRIP1 and (see page 22).

Page 16

If the light comes one the normal engine operation, it means that the fuel injection system is not working Stop the engine immediately and an aprilia Official Dealer. Rev Indicates the number of engine

Page 17: Key Controls, Controls On The Side Of The Handlebar

Insert the key the ignition switch and turn it to #x201C; #x201D;, Press it to select the various indications by press the HAZARD button to turn off the blinker. the multifunction use and maintenance Atlantic 500.

18: Controls On The Right Side Of The

Do not operate the engine kill #x201C; #x201D; while This is a safety or emergency When it is in position #x201C; the engine can be started.

When set to #x201C; #x201D;, it will the engine. use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 19: Ignition Switch, Lock

Push in the key (2) and turn it to open the small storage Push in the key (2) and turn it anticlockwise to release/lock the saddle and access the under the saddle. use and maintenance 500.

Page 20: Digital Liquid Cristal Display

display: hours and minutes. at standstill and the direction indicators display: press the key SET (3), the are off. month and the day are displayed for than five seconds. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 21

icon of the external tempe- you see this message, contact an expressed in Celsius degrees C) aprilia Official Dealer to the vehicle (11), icon of the temperature serviced as specified in the expressed in Fahrenheit degrees

Page 22: Digital Odometer

START/STOP: Press the MODE key for than three seconds. #x25C6; Press the TRIP key (1) for than three seconds when the lap timer is stopped. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 23: Kit, Unlocking/locking The Saddle, Compartment

Make sure the is locked securely CAUTION before riding. #x2013; 13 mm wrench; Prolonged use of the power with the #x2013; spanner with square snug; stopped may flatten the battery. tool bag. use and maintenance 500.

Page 24: Small Compartment, Bag Hook, Helmet

The bag hook (2) is mounted to the inner at the front end. WARNING load allowed: 1.5 kg Use helmet when the vehicle is not running. leave helmets hooked riding the vehicle. use and maintenance 500.

Page 25: Main Fuel

Avoid contact skin. Do not inhale (MON). Do not swallow fuel. Do not transfer between different containers CAPACITY (reserve included): a hose. #x2013; 16.5.

FUEL RESERVE. #x2013; 4. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 26:

(625 miles) and then 24.000 km surrounding area. miles) Remove any trace of Have engine oil changed at an Official Dealer. In case of or malfunctions, contact Have oil checked and oil changed at an an aprilia Dealer.

Page 27: Brake — Recommendations, Disc

WARNING DO NOT RELEASE BRAKE INTO THE Have brake changed at an aprilia ENVIRONMENT. Any changes in play or hardness in Dealer every two years.

28: Checking Brake Fluid

MIN = minimum level. NOTE in condition: This vehicle is with front and Contact an Official Dealer and have rear disc brakes. braking system is brake level topped up. operated by an hydraulic circuit.

Page 29:

Do not ride when coolant is the #x201C;MIN#x201D; level. Check level every 2000 km miles) and after a long Have coolant changed at an Official Dealer every two WARNING Coolant is toxic ingested.

Contact with or skin may cause irritation.

30: Checking And Topping Up

If coolant drops too quickly or the tank (1) is the #x201C;MIN#x201D; and #x201C;MAX#x201D; tank is check the cooling circuit for leaks. Have the leak at an aprilia WARNING Official MIN = minimum level.

Page 31:

Always check that the are in place on the valves, or the tyres may An overinflated tyre will a harsh suddenly. ride, riding comfort and stability cornering. use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 32: Muffler/exhaust Silencer

your tyres Check the silencer and the and wheels serviced at an Official silencer pipes for or holes. Ensure that REAR Dealer or a specialised repairer. New the exhaust system correctly.

Page 33: Instructions For Pre-ride Checks Chart

for proper operation. switch ( warning lights, Check and visual devices for proper Change bulbs or injection horn and fix a failure, if necessary. electrical devices Injection Check for proper operation. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 34:

Do not start the engine when the is If the lights do not come on or fail to go out three seconds, contact an on the side stand. WARNING Dealer.

Page 35

When is the case, stop the engine and contact an aprilia Official Do not use the vehicle when engine oil is or this will damage components. use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 36: Moving Off —

Convex mirrors (FUEL). a larger view, but any objects in these mirrors seem than they really It may take some time to to judge the distance of traffic accurately. use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 38: Running-in, Stopping

500 km mi). #x25C6; Vary frequently. #x25C6; Lock the see page 19 (STEERING #x25C6; the first 1000 km (625 progresively LOCK) and extract the increase speed until max. perfor- mance. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 39: The Vehicle On The Stand, Suggestions To Theft

Park the vehicle in a place, possibly in a garage or an protected by security. If possible, use the aprilia #x201C;Body-Guard#x201D; armoured or an additional anti-theft device. sure to have all the necessary and the Excise Duty stamp.

40: Maintenance

If you need assistance or advice, antenna built the switch when the key is Never put any parts or other contact an Official Dealer for turned to on. The signal acts as a vehicle in your mouth when accurate, prompt service.

41: Periodic Maintenance Chart

MAINTENANCE CHART OPERATIONS TO BE OUT BY THE aprilia Official Dealer running-in Every 6000 km 12000 km Components [1000 km mi)] (3750 mi) or 8 months mi) or 16 months #x2780; Carburetor idle rpm (CO) #x2780;.


OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE aprilia Dealer (CAN BE CARRIED OUT BY THE AS WELL) Post running-in 6000 km Every 12000 km [1000 km (625 mi)] mi) or 8 months (7500 mi) or 16 months

Page 43: Identification Data, Number, Engine Number

no ________________________ The frame number can be for the Frame no __________________________ purchase of parts. NOTE Altering the numbers is a legal offence. the frame number invalidates the use and maintenance Atlantic 500.

44: Checking And Topping Up Engine Oil

Stop the engine and let it cool This #x25C6; level lubrication will lead to parts fretting, will the oil to settle into the oil pan resulting in damage. and cool down. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 45: Engine Oil And The Engine Oil Filter, And Topping Up Transmission Oil Level

SAE 5/W 40 exceeding the API ST Place the vehicle on the stand. #x25C6; Have the oil at an aprilia Official specification. use new oil. WARNING Dealer The and exhaust system components and extract the plug/dipstick (1).

46: Changing Transmission Oil

Improper will lead to working allow the oil to settle into the oil pan fretting, resulting in irreparable and down. damage. NOTE oil level measurement is only when the above procedures are use and maintenance Atlantic 500.

47: Air Cleaner

Have oil changed at an Official Dealer. WARNING sure not to spill oil on the rear disc while changing #x25C6; Unscrew and extract the (1). #x25C6; Release and the transmission oil drain screw

Page 48: Checking The Brake For Wear

WITH OIL. Any oil affect cleaner and engine CAUTION When refitting the (7), install it inside the cover (6) (take care seal is perfectly seated), screw cover to filter again. use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 49

WARNING disc and pads proceeding as follows. uncovering the metal substrate, to-metal contact with the disc would Have the replaced at an aprilia FRONT CALIPERS lead to rattle and the calliper Official Dealer.

50: Checking The Stand, Checking The Checking The Front And Rear

Read page 40 (MAINTENANCE) CAUTION Have front oil changed at an aprilia Official who can ensure you an accurate and prompt Have the front suspension oil every 30000 km (18750 or every 4 years.

Page 51: Suspension Adjustment, Checking The

Aprilia Atlantic 500

Both shock absorbers be set to the damage. The support must the same setting. Uneven from falling, while the wheel Road Smooth or be able to move freely. normal Riding solo

Carrying a when passenger use and Atlantic 500.

Page 52: Engine Pivot Shaft

If is too much play, have the CAUTION serviced at an aprilia serviced at an aprilia Official Tightening the ring nut gives a Dealer. setting. As a result, the required to rotate the handlebar be greater and handling will be

Page 53: Removing The Right And Inspection Covers

#x25C6; a screwdriver, force up inspection front fairing (6). cover (4) until it comes out of its CAUTION Ensure that the locate correctly into seats on refitting. use and maintenance 500.

Page 54

Release and the two screws (4). #x25C6; the rear-view mirror (2) in order to prevent it from falling Pay attention to the fixing tab clips. might come loose removal. use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 55: Throttle Twistgrip

There should be 2#x2013;3 mm play in the released. #x25C6; the front cover (5) gently to throttle twistgrip cable at twistgrip edge). CAUTION that the tabs with the locate correctly into seats on refitting. use and maintenance 500.

Page 56: Spark

Check electrode and insulating #x25C6; Refit the left cover, see page for carbon or corrosion. Clean 53 (REMOVING THE AND LEFT off deposits with a wire or wire brush, COVERS). if needed. use and maintenance 500.

Page 57

If you are leaving the fitted in the KEEP AWAY CHILDREN. motorcycle, disconnect the from the Avoid leaning the at steep angles terminals. or you spill battery fluid. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 58: Removing The Battery

the positive cable (+) first and the negative cable (-). with care when the hose #x25C6; Coat the lead connections and is removed, or fluid might spill with neutral grease or out. use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 59: Checking Battery Level, Charging The Battery, The Battery

Vaseline. #x25C6; the battery breather hose Add distilled water until correct #x25C6; Refit the cover, see page 58 #x25C6; (REMOVING THE BATTERY COVER). use and Atlantic 500.

Page 60: The Fuses

Replace any failed with a fuse of be a short or overloading. When this compartment. equal current is the case, contact an aprilia #x2013; 3-A fuse (6) NOTE When you use one of the spare From regulator to ECU permanent power (seat E in the wiring diagram).

61: Vertical Adjustment Of The Headlight

Switch on the low beam and sit astride the fuse (5). motorcycle. The spot on the wall should 30-A fuse (12) be below the horizontal line of the fuse. headlight (about of overall height) use and maintenance 500.

Page 62: Horizontal Of The Headlight Beam, Bulbs, The Bulbs Of The Front Direction

Working from the front of the ro- #x25C6; tate the bulb (1) with the bulb (2) clockwise and both from their #x25C6; Slightly press the (2) and rotate it anticlockwise. #x25C6; the bulb from its seat. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 63: The Headlight Bulbs, Low Beam

To change bulbs, you can also in the guides in the reflector seat. the loudspeakers covers. Place the holder (7) into the reflector seat and turn it clockwise. Connect the bulb connector. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 64: Beam Bulbs, Parking Bulbs, Replacing The Tail Bulbs

Replace it with a new one of the new bulb of equal rating. THE SADDLE). rating. Upon carry on the same NOTE The instructions apply to operations in order. both indicators. use and Atlantic 500.

Page 65: The Number Plate Bulb

the bulb (2) and fit a new bulb of #x25C6; the tail light in your turn equal rating. counterclockwise and remove the bulb (9) with bulb (10) of (8). Remove the bulb its seat #x25C6; use and maintenance 500.

Page 66: Changing The Stop Bulbs

Do not pull on the to extract the bulb teeth. Pull up sissy bar (6) to remove. Grasp the bulb holder (3) and to #x25C6; extract. Remove the (4) and fit a new bulb of #x25C6; equal use and maintenance Atlantic 500.

Page 67: Transport

Fuel are noxious for human health. the area is well ventilated proceeding. Do not inhale fuel Do not smoke or use open flames.


Page 68

3) Use neutral detergent to wash the that may damage the vehicle. with water, but do not use a water (see page 68). use and maintenance Atlantic 500.

69: Long Inactivity

Put a clean on the cylinder, steady temperature. ride the vehicle at moderate in near the spark plug in order to protect an area from traffic. it from oil use and maintenance Atlantic 500.

70: Technical Data

Forced by trochoidal pump accommodated crankcase, oil filter and pressure through bypass valve system Liquid cooling forced circulation by centrifugal Converter Stepless automatic V-belt TRANSMISSION Secondary Total engine/wheel ratio 1/11.988 maximum 1/4.86 use and Atlantic 500.

Page 71

Electronic fuel injection electric fuel pump Premium-grade unleaded petrol (4 minimum octane rating 95 and 85 (MON) FRAME Type STEEL TUBING Steering angle 28#xB0;, 50#x2019; 118 mm use and maintenance Atlantic 500.


14 x 3.75 Type Tubeless 120 /70 -15 M/C 56R Rear 140 /60 -14 M/C REINF. 64R STANDARD PRESSURES Front 2.1 bar TYRES 2.3 bar INFLATION PRESSURES FOR CARRYING A Front Rear use and maintenance 500.

Page 73

Number light 12V — 5W Dashboard Third stop light 12V 2.3W Turning indicator Engine oil pressure Low beam High beam light LIGHTS Low fuel light pads wear High temperature use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 74

Use only nitrite-free and corrosion inhibitors with a point of -35#xB0;C as a minimum. engine coolant: ECOBLU -40 — COOL. As an alternative to the product, top brand coolant or exceeding CUNA NC 956-16 for ethylene glycol based can be used. use and maintenance Atlantic

Page 75

When you demand Original Parts, you are purchasing that have been and tested as early as the vehicle stage. aprilia Original systematically undergo strict control procedures to ensure reliability and long service

Aprilia Atlantic 500

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