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Aprilia Mana 850 Aprilia Mana 850 Random Blog

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Aprilia Mana 850

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New to Sport Naked bikes?

Here are a few things to consider if you are considering moving over to a sport naked bike design, like the Aprilia Mana 850.  First, the definition of a naked design for a motorcycle refers to the fact that there is a lack of body panels covering the frame and motor.  There have been other expressions of the “naked” term, such as stripped down, chopped, bare, minimalist, and standard.

The latter, standard, usually refers to the riding position; in a more upright position than is used on the racing motorcycles.  With many more motorcycle riders becoming prevalent over recent times, manufacturers and designers have realized that there is more potential for newer designs with feature sets from many different motorcycle styles.

Overall, today’s motorcycles are engineered very well and perform very well technically.  So, seeing designs where the frames don’t have the typical bottom tubes and it utilizes the connection to the motor to complete the rigidity of the cycle is more common place.  Having the frame and motor exposed, without fairings and other body panels, does reduce the potential aerodynamics of the motorcycle.

  Having the rider in a more upright position also creates more wind resistance and drag, further reducing the potential aerodynamics.

But, unless you’re planning a trip out to Utah to the Bonneville Salt Flats, or your local drag strip or race course, the reduced speeds are negligent.  Today’s sport naked motorcycles offer larger engines with more displacement and torque than ever before.  So, cruising around town at 45 – 55 mph is no sweat.  Hitting the curves of a great two lane highway is little effort and lots of fun.

  Do you need to get on the interstate or parkway and be at your destination in a short amount of time?  More than easily accomplished.

If you own a sport or racing style motorcycle, or have ridden on one, moving over to the sport naked bike involves only minor adjustments.  If you are coming from a touring bike or cruiser, or even a custom chopper where your posture is reclined and your feet positioned forward, people usually say the adjustment is greater than the situation mentioned above.  It’s not as great of an adjustment to go from a cruiser to a racer though.

Coming from an off road, dual sport or enduro style motorcycle will usually allow the rider to be right at home, possibly experiencing a few more “luxuries.”  The adaptation here mostly is due to the road surface conditions than the motorcycle itself.

Not including the last grouping of motorcycles, the biggest difference going to a sport naked will be due to the weight differential.  Cruisers, touring and the larger racing motorcycles can have a dry weight of 650 to 1100 pounds.  Add in the weight from 4 to 12 gallons of gasoline and the weight can go up to 700 to 1200 pounds.

  The average sport naked dry weight is about 450 pounds and with gasoline, gets up to about 500 pounds.  So no matter how much the rider weighs, the difference can be significant.

So, going off the line is abruptly different, especially if coming from a cruiser or touring bike.  But, even the 1100 cc to 1300 cc racing bikes can be slower off the line than a 850 cc sport naked, like the Mana 850.  Not that life or motorcycle riding is always a race, as it’s not.

  But, if you have a lead wrist, you can end up on your butt, and the bike about 120 to 150 feet in front of you, lying on it’s side after it falls.

Take that same concept into an S curve or hairpin turn, and shifting your weight from side to side will potentially land you on your butt, or hip, or back and again your bike will be about 75 to 100 feet away, laying on it’s side again.  And, no, that’s not because it wants a little rest.

Aprilia Mana 850

Even if you’re just humming away on a two lane highway at 55 mph; if a 30 mph wind gust hits you and the bike on the right side, you can easily find yourself in the oncoming traffic lane.  Then you literally become the deer caught in the headlights.  Weight is crucial to motorcycle riding.

  Not the amount of weight necessarily, and not just the weight.  More specifically, the overall weight of the motorcycle and rider, as well as the center of mass.

So, when you get on your first (or next) sport naked motorcycle, don’t come to a conclusion too quickly about how you feel about the machine.  It will take a little while to get used to it, understanding the specific techniques required to properly operate the motorcycle, and mostly how to re-train the habits you may have from your previous riding experiences.  Once things are properly tuned, it will become pure pleasure.

  And I’m not talking about tuning the motorcycle’s performance; I’m talking about tuning the rider’s performance.

As always, ride for fun, but also ride to arrive safely.


Welcome to my Aprilia Mana 850 Blog!

Welcome to my new blog site dedicated to my new Aprilia Mana 850, as well as to my newly rekindled enthusiasm for motorcycles, cruising, touring, winding country roads, having fun, a better experience to commuting, saving gas, and mostly, enjoying life along the way.

Aprilia Mana 850
Aprilia Mana 850
Aprilia Mana 850

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