APRILIA PEGASO 650 IE — PART2 02-2001 MANUAL Pdf Download.

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Aprilia Pegaso 650

Summary of Contents

Page 1

ADVICE). erly ventilated. Ask aprilia Official Dealer to the WARNING Keep away the red-hot parts of the vehicle on the after a repair or period- and of the exhaust system, in or- Risk of

Page 2

After run- 6000 Every 12000 ning-in [1000 km (3750 mi) km mi) km (625 mi)] or 12 months or 24 OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY Official (WHICH Battery #x2013; level #x2013; CAN BE CARRIED OUT BY THE Spark plug #x2013;.


OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY After Every 6000 km Every Official Dealer Component in km (3750 mi) or 12 km (7500 mi) (625 months or 24 months Rear absorber #x2013; #x2013; = and clean, adjust, lubricate or chain #x2013;.

Page 4

NUMBER ENGINE NUMBER The number is stamped on the right The number is stamped on the rear It is a rule to write down the side of the steering column. of the engine, near the pinion. and numbers in the space provided in manual.

Page 5

Stop the see p. 51 (STOPPING). If necessary, top up the engine oil by the vehicle in vertical position, proceeding as follows: the two wheels on the ground. CAUTION Carefully p. 37 (ENGINE OIL) and p. Insert the (1) completely in 55 (MAINTENANCE).

Page 6

The engine oil and the oil filter change may be difficult for unskilled operators. If contact your Offi- Dealer. If you want to perform operations personally, keep to the in- structions.

Carefully read p. 37 OIL) and p. To change, proceed as Unscrew and remove the drain (2) 55 (MAINTENANCE).

Page 7

CAUTION THE ENGINE OIL FILTER CLEANING THE OIL FILTER ON THE TANK Change the oil filter after the Do not dispose of the oil in the first 1000 km (625 mi) and Clean the engine oil filter (9) on the ment.

Page 8

Pull the oil filter (9) and clean it Screw the (3). with a jet of compressed Put back the fuel tank, see p. 72 Check the air cleaner every km (3750 Check the seal of the oil filter (9) MOVAL OF THE FUEL

Page 9

REMOVAL PARTIAL CHANGING Remove the rider see p. 21 (UN- CAUTION CAUTION THE SADDLE). Do not press or strike the net of Do not use filters that have Rotate the air conveyor (1) clockwise, the air (3). been used.


CAUTION The disassembly and reassembly of the wheel may be difficult for unskilled If necessary, contact your cial Dealer. If you want to these operations personally, to the following in- structions.

Carefully p. 55 (MAINTENANCE). While disassembling and Put a support (1) under the tyre, in Remove.

Page 11

With front brake lever, the CAUTION handlebar repeatedly, the fork Proceed with while inserting the downwards. In way the fork rods will in the brake caliper. settle Position the vehicle on the stand, see p. 52 (POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON Danger of

Page 12

NOTE WARNING To the extraction of the wheel pin, raise the wheel. Riding damaged rims may be dan- gerous for the rider, other and Withdraw the wheel pin (2) from the The disassembly and reassembly of the the vehicle.


NOTE CAUTION The removal of the drive unit REASSEMBLY necessary if the wheel is in the normal Do not operate the rear brake after Insert the final unit, running position or in horizontal removing the wheel, the pins may parallel to the wheel introducing the position with the sprocket facing up- go out of their and cause brake.

Page 14

CAUTION Wheel nut driving (2#x2013;3): 100 Nm (10 kgm). Danger of Before proceeding with the make sure that plate (8) of the Do not introduce your to align Make sure the following components brake (9) is positioned correctly;.

Page 15

pins (3) rest on the lower of the rear fork rods: Loosen the knob (1). the right support (Pos.A); To the vehicle on the Withdraw the fork (2) and extract #x2013; the left (Pos.B). front support it is necessary to use it from the stand

Page 16

CAUTION Carry out the operations more frequently if you use the in difficult conditions or on dusty muddy roads. CHECKING THE To check the slack, proceed as Stop the engine, see p. 51 (STOPPING). the vehicle on the appropriate rear stand, see p.

Page 17

CHECKING THE CHAIN, PIN- CLEANING AND ION AND SPROCKET WEAR CAUTION check the chain and sprockets The chain is provided with O and make sure that do not present: among the links, in to keep the #x2013;.

Page 18

the ignition switch to position #x201D;. Release and disconnect the cou- Remove the rider see p. 21 (UN- plings (6) (7). read p. 27 (FUEL) and p. 55 LOCKING/LOCKING THE (MAINTENANCE).

WARNING Unscrew and the centre screw (1).


If the heat-resistant material in- If the deadening inside side the oil sump (4) is deteriorated, the oil sump guard (2) is con- contact an aprilia Dealer to have it tact an Official Dealer to have it changed.

Page 20

CAUTION the plastic and painted compo- with care to avoid or Carefully read 55 (MAINTENANCE). them. Position the vehicle on the see p. NOTE If also the rear supports Lift and remove the guard (3). 52 (POSITIONING THE ON must be installed beside the bag sup- Unscrew and remove the two (4).

Page 21

NOTE The marked with Put back the nut and screw it Put back the bag support not necessary if the rear case are manually. Insert and tighten the (5) (6), installed. Position the ring (7). applying the prescribed.

Page 22

(8). km (3750 mi) or 12 months, and if installed. one of the screws (2), with the have it changed by an aprilia washer (3).

Remove the panels, see p. 73 Official Dealer. on the lower side, position the THE RIGHT AND LEFT nut (5) and tighten it

Page 23

Carry out the following after the first rear fulcrum axis require 1000 km (625 mi) and successively knowledge and experience, therefore it the fork oil seals changed by a 12000 km (7500 mi): is to contact an Offi-.

Page 24

If weight and needs are different, for in case of ride with and full load, it is advisable to an aprilia Official Dealer. According to the conditions of use of the The rear consists of a spring-.

Page 25

SHOCK ABSORBER ADJUSTMENT Standard HARD adjustment SOFT adjustment for heavy (for With this of suspension it is possible Rear (INTERMEDIATE) for light load example, rider, to adjust the preload and the hy- absorber for normal (for example, rider.


To carry out a rapid checking of the If the of the friction material wear of the proceed as follows: [even of one (3) or rear pad (4) only] Carefully p. 29 (BRAKE FLUID — has to about 1 mm (or even if only the vehicle on the stand, see p.

Page 27

the adjusting knob (1). Have the accelerator control #x2013; BY SCREWING IT (clockwise), you in- by an aprilia Official Dealer After the adjustment, make that the crease the rpm; the 1000 km (625 mi) and successively of the handlebar does not mod-

Page 28

THE STAND). Have the control cables Withdraw the element (2). checked by an Official Dealer after the lock nut (3). the first km (625 mi) and successively Rotate the (4) in such a way as every 6000 km mi).

Page 29

REMOVING THE MIRRORS ADJUSTMENT OF THE REAR-VIEW Position the vehicle on the stand, see p. 52 (POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON Get on the vehicle in position, see Do not use the vehicle with the THE STAND). p.

Page 30

For the removal, as follows: For the check and cleaning: the cap (1) of the spark plug (2). read p. 55 (MAINTENANCE). Key: any trace of dirt from the #x2013; centre electrode Check the spark plug 6000 km (3750 plug

Page 31

For the installation: CAUTION With the washer on (7), the spark When changing the plug, check Make that the cap (1) is correctly plug by in order not to damage the the thread and length. connected to the spark (2).

Page 32

SIDE Position the vehicle on the centre see p. 52 (POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON THE STAND). The (3) must not be damaged, worn, or weakened. Make sure the stand presents no slack in position (extended and lift-

Page 33

If the electrolyte is accidentally CAUTION lowed, drink a lot of or milk, then Carefully p. 55 (MAINTENANCE). Never invert the of the bat- continue drinking of magnesia or tery cables. oil and consult a doctor with- Connect and disconnect the battery out

Page 34

CAUTION Remove the red element (1). Make that the cable terminals (2) and Do not the #x201C;MAX#x201D; mark, since the terminals (3) are: the electrolyte increases during Carefully p. 87 (BATTERY). #x2013; in good (and not corroded or the recharge.


WARNING CAUTION Do not force the cables. Upon reassembly, first the pos- Carefully p. 87 (BATTERY). itive cable (+) and the negative ca- Withdraw the breather (8). Make sure the ignition switch is in ble (#x2013;).


Carefully read p. 87 (BATTERY). the battery, see p. 89 (REMOV- ING THE BATTERY). an appropriate battery charger. Set the for the desired type of re- charge.

A recharge with an amperage to 1/10th of the battery capacity is

Page 37

Make sure there are no dirt or mud deposits on the the pin must be Carefully read p. 55 able to move without re- If the vehicle remains unused for turning automatically to its initial than fifteen days, it is to re- The vehicle is provided w ith four sure that the cables are

Page 38

In this case it is to consult an aprilia Official If an electric component does not or works irregularly, or if the vehicle to start, it is necessary to check the

Page 39

If you need assistance or advice, 52 (POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON To check the direction of the consult aprilia Official Dealer, who THE headlight beam, specific must can ensure you prompt and serv- Working on the lower of the front be adopted, in accordance the regula- icing.

Page 40

If you the bulb with bare remove any fingerprint with in Carefully read p. 55 (MAINTENANCE). to avoid any damage. Carefully p. 94 (BULBS). WARNING DO NOT FORCE THE CA- The headlight contains: BLES.

of fire.

Page 41

HIGH BULBS PARKING LIGHT LOW BEAM BULB/HIGH BEAM the protection element (4) with the protection element (8) with the protection element (10) your hands. your your hands. Grasp the terminal (5), pull it and CAUTION disconnect it from the (1).

Page 42

Carefully p. 94 (BULBS). Position the vehicle on the see p. 52 (POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON THE STAND). and remove the two screws (1). the protection screen (2). Upon reassembly, correctly the protection screen in its seat.

the screw (1) moderately and carefully, to damaging the protection Press the (6) slightly and rotate it.

Page 43

Upon reassembly, correctly tion the protection screen in its Carefully read p. 94 (BULBS). the screw (2) carefully, without ex- read p. 94 (BULBS). erting too pressure, in order to avoid The rear light houses two To change, proceed as follows: the protection screen.

Page 44

During transport, the vehicle Clean the vehicle frequently if it in WARNING be kept in vertical it must be firmly particular or conditions, such as: After the has been washed, its anchored and the 1st must be en- #x2013;.

Page 45

CAUTION To remove dirt and mud the painted surfaces use a low- water jet, Do not direct water or air To clean the lights, use a carefully wet the dirty parts, mud jets or steam jets on to the soaked with water and a deter- and filth with a car sponge impregnat- components: hubs, controls on.

Page 46

Place the vehicle in an not-hu- AFTER A PERIOD OF mid room, away from with mini- NOTE a long period of inactivity of the Withdraw the plastic bags mum temperature variations. cle some are necessary to the exhaust tailpipes.


DIMENSIONS Max. length. mm Max. width. 910 mm Max. (front part of the fairing 1253 mm Seat height. 815 mm between centres. 1466 mm ground clearance. 200 mm Weight for starting. 200 kg ENGINE Model.


GEAR RATIOS Ratio Secondary Final ratio ratio 1#xAA; 37/72 = 1. 12/33 = 1. 2.750 16/46 = 1. 15.385 2#xAA; 16/28 = 1. 9.791 3#xAA; 16/21 = 1. 7.34 4#xAA;.

Page 49

REAR. 130/80 #x2013; R17 65 H alternative. 140/70 #x2013; 17 66 H; #x2013; 17 65 S; 130/80 #x2013; 17 65 T; #x2013; 17 65 H #x2013; Inflation — solo rider off-road driving.

210 kPa (2.1 #x2013;.

Page 50

Engine oil SUPERBIKE 4, SAE 5W-40 or 4T FORMULA SAE 5W-40. As an alternative to the recommended it is possible to use high-quality oils characteristics in compliance with or to the CCMC G-4, A.P.I. SG

Fork oil (recommended): F.A.

Aprilia Pegaso 650
Aprilia Pegaso 650
Aprilia Pegaso 650
Aprilia Pegaso 650
Aprilia Pegaso 650
Aprilia Pegaso 650


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