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#xA9; 2004 aprilia s.p.a. – Noale (VE) SAFETY WARNINGS INFORMATION #x2605; The following precautionary warnings are The operations preceded by this used throughout this manual in order to symbol must be repeated on the convey the following messages: opposite side of the vehicle.

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(I, UK, A. ). tion and noise regulations in force require periodical inspections. and are to be supplied to the aprilia Offi- cial Dealer as reference data for the pur- chase of spare parts or specific accesso- ries of the model you have acquired.

Page 4: Table Of Contents


Page 6: Basic Safety Rules

BASIC SAFETY RULES The use of medicins, alcohol and drugs or Most road accidents are caused by the psychotropic substances notably increases driver#xBB;s lack of experience. To drive the vehicle it is necessary to be in the risk of accidents. NEVER lend the vehicle to beginners and, possession of all the requirements pre- Be sure that you are in good psychophysi-.

Page 7

WARNING Rigorously observe all road signs and na- Avoid obstacles that could damage the ve- Always drive with both hands on the tional and local road regulations. hicle or make you lose control. handlebars and both feet on the foot- Avoid abrupt movements that can be dan- Avoid riding in the slipstream created by rests (or on the rider#x2019;s footboards), in.

Page 8

If necessary, have the vehicle inspected by an aprilia Official Dealer, who should care- fully check the frame, handlebars, suspen- sions, safety parts and all the devices that you cannot check by yourself.

Page 9: Clothing

ONLY ORIGINALS Never change the position, inclination or Further, said modifications cause the loss CLOTHING colour of: number plate, direction indica- of the insurance cover, since insurance Before starting, always wear a correctly tors, lights and horns. policies expressly prohibit to make techni- fastened crash helmet.

Page 10: Accessories, Load

(aprilia genuine accessories).

Page 11

Avoid hanging bulky, heavy and/or danger- Do not carry any bag if it is not tightly se- Do not exceed the maximum load allowed ous objects on the handlebars, mudguards cured to the vehicle. for each side-bag. and forks, because the vehicle might re- Do not carry bags which protrude too much When the vehicle is overloaded, its stability spond more slowly in turns and its ma-.

Page 12: Arrangement Of The Main Elements

ARRANGEMENT OF THE MAIN ELEMENTS 1) Left rear-view mirror 8) Fuse carrier 12) Rider left footrest 2) Radiator cap 9) Passenger left footrest (with spring, always open) 3) Radiator (snapping, closed/open) 13) Shifting lever 4) Fuel tank plug (in the countries where required) 14) Left fairing 5) Spark plug 10) Drive chain.

Page 13

1) Glove/tool kit compartment 8) Right rear-view mirror 15) Rider right footrest 9) Front brake fluid tank 2) 2 stroke oil tank (with spring, always open) 10) Dashboard 3) 2 stroke oil tank plug 16) Passenger right footrest 11) Cold start lever 4) Rider saddle (snapping, closed/open) 12) Rear brake fluid tank.

Page 14: Arrangement Of The Instruments/controls, Instruments And Indicators

ARRANGEMENT OF THE INSTRUMENTS/CONTROLS INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS 1) Ignition switch/steering lock ( 1) Revolution counter 2) Direction indicator switch ( 2) Coolant temperature indicator ( ) 3) Horn push button ( 3) Green right direction indicator warning light ( 4) Dimmer switch ( 4) Green neutral indicator warning light ( ) 5) High beam signalling push button ( 5) Red 2 stroke oil reserve warning light (.

Page 15: Instruments And Indicators Table

INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS TABLE Description Function Right direction indicator warning light ( ) Blinks when the right direction indicator is on. Left direction indicator warning light ( ) Blinks when the left direction indicator is on. High beam warning light ) Comes on when the headlight is in #x2248;high beam#x2206;.

Page 16: Main Independent Controls, Controls On The Left Part Of The Handlebar

MAIN INDEPENDENT CONTROLS NOTE The electrical parts work only when the ignition switch is in position #x2248; #x2206;. The lighting system works only when the engine is running. CONTROLS ON THE LEFT PART OF THE HANDLEBAR 1) HORN PUSH BUTTON ( The horn is activated when the push button is pressed.

Page 17: Controls On The Right Part Of The Handlebar

CONTROLS ON THE RIGHT PART OF THE HANDLEBAR 1) ENGINE STOP SWITCH ( (in the countries where required) CAUTION Do not operate the engine stop switch #x201C; #x201D; in running conditions. This is a safety or emergency switch. With the switch in posi- tion #x2248;.

Page 18: Ignition Switch, Steering Lock

Position Function removal The steer- It is possi- ing is ble to locked. remove the It is neither key. possible to start the Steering engine, nor lock to switch on the lights. Neither the It is possi- IGNITION SWITCH STEERING LOCK engine, nor ble to the lights.

Page 19: Glove/tool Kit Compartment

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT GLOVE/TOOL KIT COMPARTMENT REAR MUDGUARD EXTENSION (in the countries where required) The glove/tool kit compartment is posi- tioned under the rider saddle; to reach it: The extension of the rear mudguard (2) is #x25C6; Remove the rider saddle, see p. 52 (RE- extremely useful when the road surface is MOVING THE RIDER SADDLE).

Page 20: Special Tools

(2) Drive chain adjustment. Front support Front wheel disassembly. stand (3) SPECIAL TOOLS To perform some specific operations, it is advisable to use the following special tools (to be requested to an aprilia Official Dealer): use and maintenance RS 50.

Page 21: Main Components, Fuel, Transmission Oil

TRANSMISSION OIL MAIN COMPONENTS Check the transmission oil level every FUEL 4000 km (2500 mi), see p. 44 (CHECK- ING THE TRANSMISSION OIL LEVEL WARNING AND TOPPING UP). The fuel used for internal combustion Change the transmission oil after the first engines is extremely inflammable and 500 km (312 mi) and successively every in particular conditions it can become.

Page 22: Brake Fluid-recommendations, Disc Brakes

Prevent water or dust from accidentally getting into the circuit. The brake fluid must be changed once a year by an aprilia Official Dealer. In case maintenance operations are to be performed on the hydraulic circuit, it Use brake fluid of the type specified in is advisable to use latex gloves.

Page 23: Front Brake

#x25C6; #x25C6; Remove the gasket (5). Make sure that the brake fluid contained aprilia Official Dealer, since it may be in the tank covers the glass gauge (2) necessary to bleed the system. CAUTION completely.

Page 24: Rear Brake

Official Dealer, since it may be #x25C6; Keep the vehicle in vertical position, so necessary to bleed the system.

Page 25: Stroke Oil Tank, Adjusting The Shifting Lever

Rotate the rod and adjust the shifting le- tank or if the mixer oil pipe has been re- ver height. TANK RESERVE: 0.35 moved, contact an aprilia Official Deal- #x25C6; Tighten the nuts (3, 4). er, who will provide for bleeding the CAUTION system.

Page 26: Adjusting The Rear Brake

(1). Check the braking efficiency. #x25C6; Unscrew the pump control rod (4) and If necessary, contact an aprilia Official bring it in contact with the pump piston. Dealer. #x25C6; Screw the rod in order to ensure a mini- mum clearance of 0.5#xF7;1 mm between.

Page 27: Adjusting The Clutch

Adjust the clutch and if the engine stops or adjustment or if the clutch does not tends to advance when the clutch lever is function properly, contact your aprilia pulled and the gears are engaged, or if the Official Dealer.

Page 28: Coolant

#x25C6; The seat of the plug (1) is characterized expansion tank with cold engine. by a diameter reduction (3): visually Have the coolant changed by an aprilia check if the coolant reaches this reduc- Official Dealer. tion point. use and maintenance RS 50.

Page 29: Tyres

Official Dealer or by a ing during turns. tion point (3). Do not exceed this level, qualified tyre repairer.

Page 30: Catalytic Silencer, Exhaust Silencer

If the noise produced by the exhaust sys- tem increases, immediately contact your aprilia Official Dealer. use and maintenance RS 50.

Page 31: Instructions For Use, Preliminary Checking Operations

Wheel/tyres Check the tyre surface, the inflation pressure, wear Do not hesitate to consult your aprilia and tear and any damage. Official Dealer in case there is some- Brake levers Make sure that they work smoothly. If necessary, lubri- thing you do not understand about the cate the articulations and adjust the stroke.

Page 32: Starting

#x25C6; STARTING Rotate the key (2) and move the ignition as the engine starts. switch to position #x2248; #x2206;. WARNING CAUTION #x25C6; Lock at least one wheel, by pulling a brake lever. Exhaust gases contain carbon monox- If the 2 stroke oil warning light #x201C; #x201D;.

Page 33

STARTING WITH FLOODED ENGINE If the engine starts. #x25C6; If the starting is not carried out properly or if Release the throttle grip (8). #x25C6; there is too much fuel in the intake ducts Rotate the cold start lever #x2248; #x2206; (6) up- and in the carburettor, the engine may get wards.

Page 34: Departure And Drive

DEPARTURE AND DRIVE WARNING Do not position any object inside the front part of the fairing (between the handlebar and the dashboard), in order not to hinder the rotation of the handle- bar and visibility toward the dashboard. NOTE Before departure, carefully read the #x2248;safe drive#x2206;.

Page 35

The downshifting should be carried out in the following situations: #x25C6; When riding downhill or when braking, in order to increase the braking action by using the compression of the engine. #x25C6; When riding uphill, if the gear engaged is not suitable to the speed (high gear, moderate speed) and the engine rpm de- creases.

Page 36

WARNING WARNING WARNING Avoid opening and closing the throttle Before beginning to turn, slow down or Pay the utmost attention to any obsta- grip repeatedly and continuously, so brake driving at moderate and constant cle or variation of the ground. Uneven that you do not accidentally lose control speed or accelerating slightly;.

Page 37: Running-in, Stopping, Parking

RUNNING-IN STOPPING WARNING WARNING After the first 500 km (312 mi), carry out If possible, avoid stopping abruptly, the checking operations indicated in the slowing down suddenly and braking at column #x2248;After running-in#x2206; of the REGU- the last moment. LAR SERVICE INTERVALS CHART, see p.

Page 38: Suggestions To Prevent Theft

SUGGESTIONS TO PREVENT THEFT CAUTION Do not use any #x201C;brake lock#x201D; devices. Failure to heed this warning can seri- ously damage the braking system and lead to an accident thus provoking seri- ous injuries or death. NEVER leave the ignition key inserted and always use the steering lock.

Page 39: Maintenance

CAUTION switch off the engine and remove the Ask your aprilia Official Dealer to test the If not expressly indicated otherwise, for key, wait until the engine and the ex- vehicle on the road after a repair or period-.

Page 40: Regular Service Intervals Chart

(5000 mi) or [500 km (312 mi)] 12 months 24 months OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY Battery – Terminal fastening – THE aprilia Official Dealer (WHICH #x221A; Electrolyte level CAN BE CARRIED OUT EVEN BY THE USER).

Page 41

OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY Every 4000 km Every 8000 km After running-in THE aprilia Official Dealer. Component (2500 mi) or (5000 mi) or [500 km (312 mi)] 12 months 24 months Rear shock absorber #x221A; #x221A; = check and clean, adjust, lubricate or .

Page 42: Identification Data, Positioning The Vehicle On The Front Support Stand

ENGINE NUMBER IDENTIFICATION DATA POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON (in the countries where required) THE FRONT SUPPORT STAND It is a good rule to write down the frame and engine numbers in the space provided #x25C6; The engine number is stamped on the up- Position the vehicle on the appropriate in this manual.

Page 43: Positioning The Vehicle On The Rear Support Stand

#x25C6; POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON Withdraw the support pins (3) and make THE REAR SUPPORT STAND them hit against the rear fork. #x25C6; Tighten the two knobs (1). #x25C6; Loosen the knob (1). NOTE #x25C6; Withdraw the fork support (2) and extract Have someone help you keep the it from the stand seat.

Page 44: Checking The Transmission Oil Level And Topping Up

CHECKING TOPPING UP NOTE If it were necessary to top up, proceed as Position the vehicle on firm and follows: flat ground. #x25C6; Unscrew and remove the filling cap (4). #x25C6; Stop the engine and let it cool down for #x25C6;.

Page 45: Changing The Transmission Oil

#x25C6; Screw and tighten the drain plug (2). WARNING Drain plug (2) driving torque: When warmed up, the engine contains 27 Nm (2.7 kgm). hot oil; therefore, while carrying out the #x25C6; operations described here below be Pour about 820 cm of transmission oil particularly careful, in order to avoid through the filling opening (4), see p.

Page 46: Front Wheel

T I O N I N G T H E V E H I C L E O N T H E brake fluid. In this case consult your personally, keep to the following in- FRONT SUPPORT STAND aprilia Official Dealer, who will carry structions. out the proper maintenance operation. WARNING Carefully read p.

Page 47

#x25C6; Spread a film of lubricating grease on the aprilia Official Dealer, in order to avoid While reassembling the wheel, be care- whole length of the wheel pin (5), see accidents that may be harmful for you ful not to damage the brake pipe, the p.

Page 48: Rear Wheel

NOTE Check the arrangement of the To remove the rear wheel it is aprilia Official Dealer. right (4) and left (5) chain tighteners, in or- necessary to use the appropriate rear sup- der to be able to reassemble them correctly.

Page 49

#x25C6; Take the right spacer ring (9). balancing of the wheel checked by your Danger of injury. aprilia Official Dealer, in order to avoid Do not introduce your fingers to align accidents that may be harmful for you REASSEMBLY the holes.

Page 50: Use And Maintenance Rs, Drive Chain

25 mm, adjust it, see p. 51 (AD- is about 25 mm. MENT). JUSTMENT).

To change the chain, contact an aprilia Official Dealer, who will ensure you prompt and accurate servicing. use and maintenance RS 50.

Page 51

#x25C6; Tighten the two lock nuts (5). If this is not possible, contact an aprilia #x25C6; Tighten the nut (2). Official Dealer, who will provide for changing the chain.

Page 52: Removing The Rider Saddle, Removing The Side Fairings

REMOVING THE RIDER SADDLE REMOVING THE SIDE FAIRINGS CAUTION Carefully read p. 39 (MAINTENANCE). Carefully read p. 39 (MAINTENANCE). Handle the plastic and painted compo- nents with care and avoid scraping or #x25C6; Position the vehicle on the stand.

WARNING damaging them.

Page 53: Lifting The Fuel Tank

#x25C6; LIFTING THE FUEL TANK Remove the rider saddle, see p. 52 (RE- CAUTION MOVING THE RIDER SADDLE). Carefully read p. 21 (FUEL) and p. 39 Upon reassembly, reintroduce the fuel #x25C6; Unscrew and remove the screw (2) and (MAINTENANCE). pipe (6) completely and position the take the bushing.

Page 54: Air Cleaner, Removing The Exhaust Silencer

REMOVAL #x25C6; Lift the fuel tank, see p. 53 (LIFTING THE FUEL TANK). #x25C6; Unscrew and remove the screw (1). #x25C6; Unscrew and remove the six screws (2). #x25C6; Remove the filter case cover (3). #x25C6; Remove the filtering element (4). #x25C6;.

Page 55: Inspecting The Front And Rear Suspensions

CAUTION nents and the functionality of the front Have the front fork oil changed by an and rear suspension joints. aprilia Official Dealer, who will ensure CAUTION you prompt and accurate servicing. If you notice irregularities in the opera- Carefully read p. 39 (MAINTENANCE).

Aprilia RS 50
Aprilia RS 50

Page 56: Checking The Brake Pad Wear

#x221A; Rear pad (4). the use, on the kind of drive and on the road. WARNING WARNING Have the pads changed by your aprilia Official Dealer. Check the wear of the brake pads, espe- cially before every trip. use and maintenance RS 50.

Page 57: Idling Adjustment, Adjusting The Accelerator Control

The engine idling speed must be about the idling speed is constant. 1100 #xB1; 100 rpm. NOTE If necessary, contact your aprilia Official Dealer. use and maintenance RS 50.

Page 58: Spark Plug

#x25C6; Check the spark plug gap with a thick- ness gauge. The gap must be 0.6 #xF7; 0.7 mm; if neces- sary adjust it, carefully bending the earth electrode. #x25C6; Make sure that the washer is in good conditions. With the washer on, screw the spark plug by hand in order not to damage the thread.

Page 59: Battery, Long Inactivity Of The Battery

BATTERY LONG INACTIVITY OF THE BATTERY Carefully read p. 39 (MAINTENANCE). If the vehicle remains unused for more Check the electrolyte level and the tighten- than fifteen days, it is necessary to re- ing of the terminals after the first 500 km charge the battery, in order to prevent its (312 mi) and successively every 4000 km sulphation, see p.

Page 60: Checking And Cleaning The Terminals, Removing The Battery

CHECKING AND CLEANING REMOVING THE BATTERY If necessary: #x25C6; THE TERMINALS Make sure that the ignition switch is in Carefully read p. 59 (BATTERY). position #x2248; #x2206;. Carefully read p. 59 (BATTERY). #x25C6; Disconnect first the negative (#x221A;) and then #x25C6;.

Page 61: Checking The Electrolyte Level, Recharging The Battery, Installing The Battery

CHECKING INSTALLING THE BATTERY THE ELECTROLYTE LEVEL Carefully read p. 59 (BATTERY). Carefully read p. 59 (BATTERY). #x25C6; Make sure that the ignition switch is in To check the electrolyte level, proceed as position #x2248; #x2206;. #x25C6; follows: Remove the rider saddle, see p. 52 (RE- MOVING THE RIDER SADDLE).

Page 62: Changing The Fuse, Cleaning The Exhaust Silencer And The Exhaust Terminal

In this case it is advisa- der to prevent it from accidentally fall- pipe and of the exhaust terminal tailpipe must ble to consult an aprilia Official Dealer. ing down. be carried out every 4000 km (2500 mi).

Page 63

CAUTION #x25C6; #x25C6; Withdraw the exhaust terminal (6) from Insert the cleaning brush in the flange the flange (8). hole (14), without exceeding the depth Do not use any object or tool other than (A). NOTE the cleaning brush. Upon reassembly, insert the exhaust NOTE Do not insert any object, especially if terminal (6) in the flange (8), making sure that.

Page 64: Checking The Side Stand, Checking The Switches

CHECKING THE SIDE STAND CHECKING THE SWITCHES Carefully read p. 39 (MAINTENANCE). Carefully read p. 39 (MAINTENANCE) and p. 64 (CHECKING THE SWITCHES). The vehicle is provided with two switches: #x221A; Stoplight switch on the rear brake control WARNING lever (3); Danger of fall or overturning.

Page 65: Adjusting The Vertical Headlight Beam, Bulbs

ADJUSTING THE VERTICAL BULBS To adjust the headlight beam: HEADLIGHT BEAM #x25C6; Working on the rear left side of the front Carefully read p. 39 (MAINTENANCE). part of the fairing, adjust the appropriate To rapidly check the correct direction of the screw (1) by means of a short cross-tip beam, place the vehicle on flat ground, 10 CAUTION.

Page 66: Changing The Headlight Bulbs

HIGH BEAM BULBS CHANGING The high beam and the low beam bulbs are THE HEADLIGHT BULBS equal to each other. If either of them is NOTE damaged and no spare bulb is available, it Extract the bulb sockets one by Carefully read p.

Page 67: Changing The Front And Rear Direction Indicator Bulbs

LOW BEAM BULB CHANGING THE FRONT AND REAR CAUTION DIRECTION INDICATOR BULBS Tighten the screw (12) moderately and NOTE Extract the bulb sockets one by carefully, to avoid damaging the protec- Carefully read p. 65 (BULBS). one, in such a way as to avoid positioning tion screen.

Page 68

NOTE #x25C6; CHANGING Position the vehicle on the stand. Insert the bulb in the bulb socket, #x25C6; THE REAR LIGHT BULB Unscrew and remove the two screws (1). making the two bulb pins coincide with the #x25C6; Remove the protection screen (2). relevant guides on the socket.

Page 69: Draining The Fuel Tank

#x25C6; Remove the fillercap. If necessary, contact an aprilia Official Dealer. #x25C6; Empty the fuel tank by means of a manu- WARNING al pump or a similar system.

Page 70: Cleaning

CLEANING WARNING CAUTION After the vehicle has been washed, its Polish with silicone wax only after hav- braking functions could be temporarily ing carefully washed the vehicle. impaired because of the presence of Do not use polishing pastes on matt water on the grip surfaces.

Page 71: Long Periods Of Inactivity

LONG PERIODS OF INACTIVITY After a long period of inactivity of the vehi- cle some precautions are necessary to avoid any problem. Further, it is important to carry out the nec- essary repairs and a general check up be- fore the period of inactivity, since you could forget to carry them out later.

Page 72: Technical Data

TECHNICAL DATA DIMENSIONS Max. length. 1920 mm Max. length 1985 mm (rear mudguard extension included ). Max. width. 675 mm Max. height (front part of the fairing included) 1155 mm Seat height. 810 mm Distance between centres.

1280 mm Min.

Page 73

TRANSMISSION Type. mechanical, 6 gears with foot control on the left side of the engine GEAR RATIOS Ratio Primary Secondary Final ratio Total ratio 20/71 = 1. 3.550 12 / 36 = 1: 3.000 11 / 47 = 1. 4.272 1. 45.496 16 / 33 = 1: 2.062 1. 31.271.

Page 74

TYRES FRONT. 90/80 17#x2206; 46S; 90/80 17#x2206; 46P – Inflation pressure for solo rider. 170 kPa (1.7 bar) – Inflation pressure for rider and passenger (*) 180 #xD8; 10 kPa (1.8 #xD8; 0.1 bar) REAR.

110/80 17#x2206; 57S; 110/80 17#x2206;.

Page 75: Lubricant Chart

LUBRICANT CHART Gearbox oil (recommended): F.C. SAE 75W – 90 GEAR SYNTH, SAE 75W – 90 As an alternative to the recommended oil, it is possible to use high-quality oils with characteristics in compliance with or superior to the A.P.I. GL-4 specifications.

Mixer oil (recommended): PRO GPX 2 2T FORMULA RACING.

Page 76

Authorised Dealers and Service Centres THE VALUE OF SERVICE Thanks to ongoing technical updates and product-specific technical training, aprilia Authorised Network engineers are familiar with eve- ry detail of this motorcycle and have the special equipment required for correct maintenance and repair.

Page 77: Importers

Importers APRILIA via G. Galilei, 1 – 30033 Noale (VE) Italy Tel. +39(0)41 5829111 – Fax +39(0)41 441054 – Servizio Clienti aprilia +39(0)41 5079821 APRILIA WORLD SERVICE UK branch 15 Gregory Way – SK5 7ST Stockport – Cheshire Tel. 0044-161 475 1800 – Fax 0044-161 475 1825 – Email: massimo_granata@aprilia.com.

Page 78

Tel. 0032-9-2829410 – Fax. 0032-9-2810012 – Email: Kurt_Derynck@rad.be T.M.P. Hammervej 32 – 7900 – Nikobing Mors Tel. 0045-97-722233 – Fax.

0045-97-722143/33 – Email: thomas@aprilia.dk TUONTI NAKKILA OY P.o.B. 18 – 29250 – Nakkila Tel. 00358-2-5352500 – Fax. 00358-2-5372793 – Email: satu.saarinen@aprilia.fi RO GROUP INT.(sede operativa)

Page 79

Tel. 0027-11-7868486 – Fax. 0027-11-7868482 – Email: motovelo@betech.co.za APRILIA DE MEXICO, SA. de CV. San Jeromino – 64640 – 552 Monterrey N.L. Tel. 0052-818333-4493 – Fax.

0052-818348-9398 – sbertu Email: javier@aprilia.com.mx BIKE KOREA CO. LTD. YeungSoo Bldg. 302 #206-25, Ohjang-Dong, Chung-Ku Seoul Tel.

Page 80

Importers BERMUDA INTERNATIONAL LTD. 235, Middle Road – Southampton Tel. 001-4412385050 – Email: eurospice@ibl.bm MAJESTIC AUTO LIMITED 10th KM Stone – G.T.

Road – P.O.Dujana – 203207 Dadri – Ghaziabad UP Tel. 0091-98100-19315 – Fax. 0091-98100-19300 MOTOMANIA, S.A. BOULEVARD LIBERACION 4-19, ZONA 9 1009 GUATEMALA CITY Tel.

Aprilia RS 50
Aprilia RS 50
Aprilia RS 50
Aprilia RS 50
Aprilia RS 50
Aprilia RS 50

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