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Aprilia RSV Mille R

Page 1

Page 2: Foreword, Main Independent Controls, Lock

MAIN INDEPENDENT given in this manual. If you any questions about your contact your local Dealer, as he will have the edition: april 2003 latest technical information from the factory. Reprint.

3: Safety Warnings, General Rules, Carbon Monoxide, Hot Components, Used Engine Oil

get gasoline into your flush SAFETY WARNINGS SAFETY RULES with quantities of cool, clear and The following precautionary warnings are MONOXIDE immediately seek medical used throughout manual in order to assistance. If it is to run the engine in order convey the messages: to carry out maintenance make Safety Warning: you see.

Page 4: Brake Clutch Fluid, Coolant, Hydrogen Gas And Electrolyte

BRAKE seek professional medical BATTERY HYDROGEN GAS Should you splash clutch AND ELECTROLYTE into your eyes, with a large quantity of clear water and Brake is extremely poisonous. Do not immediately professional medical ever brake fluid to be ingested or The gives off noxious and assistance.

5: Reporting Of Defects That Safety, Road Regulations And Use Of The


Page 6

product should be checked for NUMBER) IDENTIFICATION NUMBER or replacement if the vehicle Every produced by aprilia receives of the vehicle identification noise has significantly a vehicle identification (V.I.N.) number (V.I.N.), on the steering through use.


DIGIT MEANING 1) Manufacturer#x2019;s alphanumeric code. 2) Vehicle 3) Model. 4) Country for which the is intended. 5) #= Check digit 6) Model year.

FOR STATE OF ONLY: FOR STATE OF CALIFORNIA 7) Assembling factory designation (N = S = SCORZ#xC9;.

Page 8


Page 9

WARNING ADHESIVE CHART Ref. Description Description NOT PROVIDED FOR 49 STATES. FOR OF CALIFORNIA ONLY. to be continued use and RSV mille TUONO — RSV R TUONO.

Page 10

Ref. Ref. Description FOR STATE OF ONLY. to be continued use and maintenance RSV TUONO — RSV mille R

Page 11

Ref. Description FOR OF CALIFORNIA ONLY. Muffler use and maintenance RSV mille TUONO RSV mille R TUONO.

Page 12: Of The Warning Adhesive Labels


Page 13: Warning Labels Chart

WARNING LABELS CHART Ref. Ref. Description NOT PROVIDED FOR 49 FOR STATE OF CALIFORNIA ONLY. to be use and maintenance RSV mille TUONO RSV mille R TUONO.

Page 14

Description Ref. Description FOR OF CALIFORNIA ONLY. to be continued use and RSV mille TUONO — RSV R TUONO.

Page 15

Ref. FOR STATE OF CALIFORNIA ONLY. stamping. use and maintenance RSV mille — RSV mille R TUONO.

16: California Evaporative Emission

25) Warm air inlet (from one way 26) Warm air inlet (to carbon NOTE In case of malfunction of the system, contact your aprilia Dealer. use and maintenance RSV TUONO — RSV mille R

Page 17

25) Warm air inlet one way valve) 26) Warm air inlet (to canister) NOTE In case of of the fuel system, contact local aprilia Dealer. use and RSV mille TUONO — RSV R TUONO.

Page 18: Aprilia — Emission Control Warranty Statement

Board at Box 8001, 9528 Telstar or replaced by aprilia. This is Avenue, El Monte, CA 91734-8001. em is s i o n c o n t r ol s y s t e m D E F E C T S

Page 19: Aprilia S.p.a. Limited Warranty On Emission System

An emergency situation aprilia s.p.a. Via G. Galilei, 1, United States of America in when an authorized aprilia is Noale (VE) Italy #x201C;aprilia#x201D;)

Page 20


Page 21: General

, s e e p. 5 1 homologation (I, UK, A, #x2026;). (LUGGAGE FASTENINGS). and are to be supplied to the aprilia to heed these warnings may Official Dealer as reference for the.

Page 22: Table Of



Page 24: Basic Safety

BASIC SAFETY RULES The given below cover operation of your vehicle and be carefully observed. By following rules you will enhance own safety and the safety of those you. You will also the life and utility of your

Two wheeled vehicles obviously do not some of the protection provided by therefore it is essential that.


Observe all rules of the road. Avoid obstacles that damage the Always ride both hands on the pay attention to all regulatory and vehicle or make you control. handlebars and feet on the informational signs. Do not tailgate, do not to increase Never shift without using the clutch, if showing off (i.e. popping

Page 26

Use only the vehicle#x2019;s fuels and lubricants indicated in the Your aprilia dealer is and able to CHART#x201D;; check the fuel and coolant help you any safety problems that you regularly.

Page 27

Have your repaired only with vehicle was not designed to be Do not modify any of the equipment original parts, and use original aprilia equipped a sidecar or to be used to of your especially such safety or approved accessories.

Page 28

race other vehicles your Always ride at the speed and Gradually open and the throttle, to vehicle. avoid hard acceleration. This spinning or skidding the rear not only is safer, but also fuel Brake with the front and rear brakes.

29: Clothing

Always observe and statutory CLOTHING before turned directly into path. speed limits, but do not that you Ride alert! riding your vehicle, that your can ride as as the speed limit under all gear is in good condition.

30: Accessories, Load

Official Do not hang anything from vehicle use and maintenance RSV mille — RSV mille R TUONO.


handlebars, fenders, or forks, this especially on acceleration. you Never carry loosely items, make will the handling of your vehicle, and avoid hard acceleration and sure that everything you carry on your could you from avoiding an braking.

32: Location Of Key Components

LOCATION OF KEY 1) Left rear-view mirror 8) left footpeg 14) Engine oil 21) Non-adjustable steering 2) Engine oil (snaps closed/open) 15) Engine oil damper (adjustable 9) Drive 16) Engine oil tank cap steering 3) Left side body 4) Rider seat 10) Rear arm.

Page 33

1) Glove/tool kit 8) Fuel tank filler cap 15) side fairing 23) Rider footpeg 2) Passenger seat 9) Air 16) Right radiator guard 24) shock absorber 3) Passenger strap 10) Right rear-view 17) Nylon protection 25) Passenger footpeg 4) Electronic control 11) Front brake fluid

Page 34

LOCATION OF KEY COMPONENTS 1) rear-view mirror 8) Passenger footpeg 14) Engine oil tank 21) steering damper 2) Engine oil (snaps closed/open) 15) Engine oil 22) Headlight 3) Left side panel 9) Drive chain 16) oil tank cap 23) Front fairing 4) seat.

Page 35

1) Glove/tool kit reservoir cap 14) Warning horn 21) brake pump 2) Passenger 8) Fuel tank filler cap 15) side fairing 22) Rear control lever 3) Passenger strap 9) Air cleaner 16) Right guard 23) Rider right 4) Electronic control unit 10) rear-view mirror.

Page 36

OF THE INSTRUMENTS/CONTROLS 1) Ignition switch/steering ( 7) Clutch lever 2) Cold lever ( ) 8) Instruments and indicators 3) switch ( 9) Front brake 4) Direction indicator switch ( grip 5) Horn push ( 11)Start push button ( ) 6) push button ( )/LAP button (multifunction)

Page 37: And Indicators

INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS 1) direction indicator warning ( 7) Right multifunction digital (coolant temperature — — 2) Blue high warning light ( battery — chronometer — 3) Revolution counter 8) Red engine oil warning light LED ( 4) Red line light LED (max) 9) Green indicator warning light ( ) 5) low fuel warning light ( )

38: Instruments And Indicators Table

on whenever the ignition switch is in #x201C; #x201D; and the engine is not thus checking the functionality of the If the light LED does not come on in phase, contact an aprilia Dealer. Engine oil pressure light If the engine oil pressure light LED #x201C;.

Page 39

see p. 40 and check the coolant level, see p. 63 If the writing #x201C; #x201D; is TIFUNCTION displayed after the level has been checked, an aprilia COMPUTER). Official Multifunction digital display If the allowed temperature (248 -.

Page 40: Multifunction Computer

the ignition key (1) is rotated to right In this case contact an the coolant temperature is set in #xB0;C; Official Dealer, who will out #x2013; the digital clock is set to position #x201C; #x201D;, the warning lights #x2013;.


distance #x201C;trip 2#x201D; with the odometer set #x25C6; the push button to change the the #x201C;trip 1#x201D; (10), the push on the #x201C;AVS#x201D; function, the push unit of measurement #x201C;km#x201D; to #x201C;mi#x201D; button for one second. The button for about 1

Page 42

NOTE It is not possible to set the red THE RED LINE THRESHOLD For the adjustment, as follows: line at values than 2000 rpm or (WITH OFF ONLY) higher than rpm. #x25C6; Press the button. release it and W h e n t h e m a x i m u m r p m s e t i s press it.


If the writing #x201C; #x201D; is with a temperature below (130#xB0;C), there may be a failure of the circuit. In this case, an aprilia Official use and maintenance RSV TUONO — RSV mille R

Page 44

SETTING THE HOUR THE MINUTES SETTING #xB0;F OR #x25C6; #x25C6; #x25C6; the push button is pressed for the push button is pressed for the push button is pressed for the time, the hour segments the third time, the minute (22) the fourth time, the of the start blinking in the lower of the right.

Page 45

; i m m e d i a t e l y seconds. an aprilia Official Dealer. use and RSV mille TUONO.

Page 46: Independent Controls, Controls On Handlebar

MAIN INDEPENDENT 3) DIMMER SWITCH ( When it is in #x201C; #x201D; the parking the dashboard light and the low beam are on. When it is in position #x201C; the high beam comes on. 4) PUSH BUTTON ( )/LAP BUTTON (multifunction) N O T E.

Page 47: At The Right Hand Grip

When, for emergency, the vehicle has to rest after throttle is released. Contact your aprilia Dealer for stopping the with the engine stop turn the repairs.

Page 48: Switch, Steering Lock

SWITCH POSITIONS Position removal The steering is It is locked. to It is neither remove the possible to (LOCK) start the Steering nor to lock switch on the lights. the It is IGNITION SWITCH STEERING engine, nor the possible to.

Page 49: Lock, Parking Lights

Press turn STEERING OPERATION counterclockwise (leftwards), the handlebar slowly until the key (2) To the parking lights on: reaches #x201C; #x201D; (LOCK). Lock steering, beside Remove the key (2). Never to place the ignition (STEERING without extracting s w i t c h i n t h e l o c k e d #x201C;.


To lock the seat (2), as follows: #x25C6; Introduce its part under the passenger strap (3). #x25C6; the seat and press it, making the snap. Before leaving, sure that the seat (2) is locked. U N L O C K I N G / L O C K I N G T H E GLOVE/TOOL KIT COMPARTMENT.

51: Luggage Rack Fastenings

The kit (1) includes: #x2013; 3, 4, 5, 6 mm bent spanners (2); #x2013; 8 10 mm double fork spanner #x2013; 11 #x2013; 13 mm double spanner (4); #x2013; 22 mm box spanner (5); #x2013;.

52: Special Tools, Accessories, Plate-holder Extension

SPECIAL To perform some specific it is advisable to use the following special (to be requested to an aprilia Official Tool Operations Pins (1) for the service stand, see p. To position the 96 (ASSEMBLING.

Page 53: Main Fuel

MAIN COMPONENTS G a s o l i n e p o i s o n o u s a n d carcinogenic and contains chemical that cause birth and o t h e r r e p r o d u c t i v e p r o b l e m s. I f Gasoline is extremely flammable and in should be accidentally spilled s o m e.


#x25C6; Lift the little (1). #x25C6; Insert the key (2) in the cap (3). #x25C6; Turn the key (2) pull it and After refueling, the fuel filler cap Make that the fuel filler cap (4) is the fuel filler cap (4).

55: Lubricants

Use high-quality 15W #x2013; 50 see p. 144 (LUBRICANT CHART). In case of oil do not ride your vehicle. using the vehicle, have it by your local aprilia use and maintenance RSV mille TUONO RSV mille R TUONO.

Page 56:

Dealer before riding. Wet seriously degrade the The rear system is equipped with a of your brakes. When

Page 57: Disc Brakes

the brake discs checked by The following information refers to a they must always be working; local aprilia after the first 625 mi braking but is valid for both. check before every trip.

58: Front Brake

#x25C6; and remove the cover (3) together the screws (1) and the gasket (4). In not to spill the brake fluid topping up, do not shake the vehicle. Do not put or other subtances into the

If you use a funnel or other similar make sure that are perfectly clean.

Page 59: Brake

REAR BRAKE If the does not reach the #x201C;MIN#x201D; Do not operate the rear brake with CHECKING THE SYSTEM the filler cap (2) removed. This When the disc pads out, the level Carry out checks only on a will brake fluid to squirt out and of the decreases progressively to firm, surface such as a concrete

Page 60

Dealer. It may be necessary to your dealer Do not fill the to #x201C;MAX#x201D; with bleed the or there may be some worn

Page 61: Clutch Fluid Recommendations

62 (CLUTCH); have it If the or position of the clutch changed by local aprilia Dealer changes, this may be due to some T h e c l u t c h c o n t r o l f l u i d m u s t b e two years.

Page 62: Clutch

Top up the (1) by adding clutch aprilia every 4687 mi (7500 f l u i d. s e e p. p. 1 4 4 ( L U B R I C A N T.

Page 63: Coolant

Have the changed by your local the coolant changed by your off the cooling system. This reduce aprilia Dealer. Dealer every 2 years. to the engine. The coolant is made up of 50% and 50% antifreeze.

Page 64

(1) is included that there are no leaks in the between the #x201C;FULL#x201D; and #x201C;LOW#x201D; Have it repaired by your aprilia by checking through the slot on the right fairing#x201D;. Do not put additives or other subtances = maximum level into the

Page 65: Tires

Dealer or by a and is therefore transmitted indicators.

66: Engine Oil

In case of leakages or the engine oil pressure in the circuit is your local aprilia insufficient. Periodically check the oil level, see In this case, the engine oil level, p.

Page 67

(3) the desired wheel rotates with released number is in correspondence brake. with the arrow. Check the braking If necessary, contact your aprilia Dealer. use and maintenance RSV TUONO — RSV mille R

Page 68: Adjusting The Rear Control Lever And The Gear Lever, Exhaust Silencer/exhaust

Position the vehicle on the stand, see p. If the produced by the exhaust 82 (POSITIONING THE ON system increases, immediately THE STAND). your local Dealer. #x25C6; Partially the screw (1). #x25C6; the eccentric (2) in order to find the position of the pedal (3).

Page 69

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE #x2019; G E T T I N G O N A N D O F F T H E Do not apply the load of your or of the passenger#x2019;s weight onto the The instructions below must be with stand.

Page 70

I n a n y c a s e. p e r f o r m a c o n t r o l l e d with your right which must Make that the parking surface is striking and safely pass the part free from firm and flat.

Page 71: Checking Operations

Do not hesitate to your local performance immediately contact a collision another vehicle, or an aprilia in case there is something local aprilia Dealer. y o u d o n o t u n d e r s t a n d a b o u t t h e.

Page 72

Never use your if the throttle does not automatically return to the idle position the throttle grip is released. your local aprilia for repairs. Failure to heed warning can lead to a serious and subsequent injury or even

Page 73

PRELIMINARY CHECKING Component Check Page the functioning, the idle … of the levers, the fluid level and sure there are no leaks. 56, 57, 58, and rear disc brakes the wear of the pads. 59, 118 If necessary, top up the reservoir.

Page 74: Starting

At point: 10 a #x2013; The engine oil LED warning light (red) (4) on on the 10 b dashboard and remains on until the has been started; #x2013; the red warning light LED #x201C;max#x201D; (5) comes on on the dashboard for approximately seconds and the revolution counter (6) shifts to the.

Page 75

The red threshold is set at 6000 rpm #x25C6; the start push button #x201D; (17) substances and the of by aprilia. Increase the threshold accelerating and release it as fuel, the engine up by proceeding gradually as you get with soon as the engine

Page 76

(18). levels; contact your local If the starts: aprilia Dealer. Release the start push #x201C; #x201D; (17) and the grip (18). #x25C6;.

77: Departure And Drive

DEPARTURE AND To leave: #x25C6; Start the see p. 74 (STARTING). If you drive without make #x25C6; Adjust the of the rear-view sure that the footpegs are mirrors correctly. vehicle is considerably powerful and must be used gradually and While riding, keep hands on the the greatest care.


I n t h i s c a s e. s t o p t h e e n g i n e immediately and contact your aprilia Dealer. The downshifting be carried out in the following situations:

Page 79

Dealer. force thus running the r i s k o f l o c k i n g o n e w h e e l a n d Do not turn the switch to consequently losing

Page 80: Running-in

After the 625 mi (1000 km), have its duration and correct functioning. or variation of the ground. your aprilia Dealer carry out the If drive on hilly roads checks indicated in the column

Page 81: Stopping, Parking

The or excessive inclination of the vehicle may the fuel to flow out of the tank. The used for internal combustion is extremely inflammable and in particular it can become explosive. Do not apply the of your weight or of the passenger#x2019;s onto the side stand.


S U G G E S T I O N S T O P R E V E N T THEFT NEVER leave the key inserted and always use the steering Park the vehicle in a safe possibly in a garage or a protected

Page 83: Maintenance

Dealer who has all the d e s t r o y e d. w h e r e a s i f t h e y a r e.

Page 84

4,650 mi (7,500 the word #x201C;SERVICE#x201D; (3) appears on the display. When this contact your local Dealer, who will carry out the indicated in the regular service chart, see p. 85 ( R E G U L A R S E R V I C E I N T E R V A L S CHART).

Page 85: Service Intervals Chart

TO BE CARRIED OUT BY km ]) months THE local Dealer (WHICH CAN Spark (*) B E C A R R I E D O U T E V E N B Y T H E USER).

Page 86

OPERATIONS TO BE OUT BY After running- Every mi Every 9375 mi THE local Dealer. Component in [625 mi km) or 12 (15000 km) or (1000 km)] 24 months Rear shock = check and clean, adjust, or.

Page 87: Maintenance Record

Number see p. 91 (IDENTIFICATION DATA) aprilia Dealer Name aprilia Dealer Address aprilia Dealer Telephone Warranty Activation Date Retail Purchase Warranty Form) The following is to help you an accurate record of maintenance

Page 88

continued #x27A4; Date Maintenance Performed Stamp reading to be continued use and maintenance RSV mille TUONO RSV mille R TUONO.

Page 89

#x27A4; Odometer Date Performed Dealer Stamp to be continued #x27A4; use and maintenance RSV TUONO — RSV mille R

Page 90

continued #x27A4; Date Maintenance Performed Stamp reading to be continued use and maintenance RSV mille TUONO RSV mille R TUONO.

Page 91: Data

The frame number can be used for the For the it is sufficient to use simple requested to local aprilia Dealer. of spare parts. pliers, for the installation it is necessary.

Page 92

The level is correct when the oil reaches the #x201C;MAX#x201D; mark. exceed the #x201C;MAX#x201D; mark, nor the oil below the #x201C;MIN#x201D; mark, in to avoid serious damage to the If necessary, top up the engine oil by proceeding as #x25C6;.

Page 93: Changing The Oil And The Oil Filter

The engine oil and the oil filter particularly careful, in order to operations may be difficult for unskilled operators. If necessary, contact aprilia #x25C6; Remove the fairing, see p. 107 Official Dealer. THE LOWER FAIRING).

Page 94

THE ENGINE OIL FILTER ON new one having the dimensions, and let it idle for about one in THE TANK to be requested to an aprilia order to ensure the filling up of the N O T E P e r f o r m t h e m a i n t e n a n c e engine oil circuit.

Page 95: Air

Upon reassembly, before the filter case cover make sure that you not left the cloth or other inside the filter case Make sure that the element is positioned correctly, in a way as to prevent non-filtered air from

Page 96: Positioning The Vehicle On The Service Stand

POSITIONING THE ON CHANGING THE REAR SERVICE Make sure that the is stable. #x25C6; Assemble the two (7), see p. 96 POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON Do not use that have already THE PINS FOR THE THE FRONT SERVICE been used.

Page 97: Wheel

The spacer (6) remains in its on the #x25C6; Put a support (1) under the in such a If necessary, contact aprilia wheel; if it comes reposition it way as to keep the wheel in its Official Dealer.

Page 98

Tighten the two wheel shaft aprilia Official Dealer, in to avoid screws (4) (right accidents that may be harmful for you The on the wheel side indicates W h e e l s h a f t c l a m p s c r e w d r i v i n g other people.

Page 99: Brake Calipers

While and reassembling functioning of the braking In this case consult aprilia Official the wheel, be not to damage the Dealer, who will out the proper brake lines, the and the pads.

Page 100

Remove the service stand. see causing the of the brake fluid. p. 96 (POSITIONING THE ON In this case consult aprilia Official While and reassembling THE FRONT SERVICE Dealer, who will carry out the

Aprilia RSV Mille R

Page 101: Rear

Check the conditions of the wheel rim and change it if it is damaged. Withdraw the shaft (5) from the left If contact your aprilia NOTE Official Dealer.

To the rear wheel it is.

Page 102

In case The removal of the final unit parallel to the wheel inserting the consult your Official Dealer, is not necessary if the is in the cush drive rubbers seats on.

Page 103

(17) Do not your fingers to align Official Dealer, in order to in the inner part of the rear the holes. accidents that may be for you arm right section.

Page Drive Chain

(2-3) are which contact an aprilia Dealer. To can be seen inside the tensioner To change the chain, an aprilia prevent the risk of lubricate seats on the rear arm sections, Official Dealer, who ensure you t h e c h a i n f r e q u e n t l y. s e e p .

Page 105

If this is not contact an rings of the chain. Official Dealer, who will NOTE for changing the chain. Do not use the soon after #x25C6;.

106: Removing The Rider Lifting The Fuel Tank

THE RIDER SEAT LIFTING THE TANK Remove the passenger see p. 5 0 ( U N L O C K I N G / L O C K I N G T H E #x25C6; Position the vehicle on the see p. Carefully read p.

Page Removing The Lower Fairing

THE SIDE FAIRINGS REMOVING THE FAIRING R E M O V I N G T H E S I D E B O D Y PANELS Carefully p. 83 (MAINTENANCE). Carefully read p. 83 #x25C6; Remove the rider see p. 106 NOTE To remove the lower it is (REMOVING THE RIDER SEAT).

108: Removing The Rear-view

REMOVING THE REAR-VIEW MIRRORS reassembly, correctly adjust the Position the vehicle on the stand, see p. mirrors and tighten the nuts in 82 THE VEHICLE ON such a way as to ensure stability. THE STAND). After #x25C6;.

Page 109: The Front Fairing

REMOVING THE FAIRING Unscrew and remove the two screws (2). #x25C6; the vehicle on the stand, see p. Handle and paint-finished parts 82 (POSITIONING THE ON w i t h c a r e t o a v o i d s c r a t c h i n g o r THE STAND).

Page 110: The Side Stand

(4) disconnects the circuit; to It is forbidden to disconnect or restore it, connect the wiring (6) the safety switch (4) separately the part # 8124943), which is at any Do not force cables, pipes, stand.

Page 111

NOTE Withdraw the cable (9) completely. the following components #x25C6; Put the fuel tank, see p. 106 together: stand, screws (11) and THE FUEL TANK). washers in order to be able to install Put back the left side panel, see p.

Page 112: Inspecting The And Rear Suspensions, Front

625 mi (1000 km) and successively every the fork oil seals changed by mi (15000 km): Carefully p. 83 (MAINTENANCE). an aprilia Official after the first #x25C6; pulled front brake press the 1875 mi (30000 km) and

Page 113

ADJUSTING THE FRONT Do not force the rotation of the adjusters beyond the end of … in both in order to avoid any damage. Set the spring preload and hydraulic for both legs: a different of the legs decreases the stability of the while riding.

Page 114

= anticlockwise competent authorities. = Have this type of carried out exclusively by an aprilia Dealer It is strictly prohibited to out adjustments for the use of the vehicle on racetracks and ride it on roads or motorways.


STEERING DAMPER ADJUSTABLE DAMPER The standard model is with The adjustable steering (2) is For the adjustment, always start a non-adjustable steering damper provided with a knob (3) for the t h e m o s t r i g i d s e t t i n g ( c o m p l e t e anticlockwise rotation of the knob).

116: Rear Suspension

To the number of clicks of the adjusters always start from the rigid setting (complete rotation of the adjuster). D o n o t f o r c e t h e r o t a t i o n o f t h e adjusters beyond the end of … in both in order to avoid any damage.


If necessary, contact an aprilia Deler. The adjustments for the use of the vehicle on must be carried out.

118: Checking The Brake Pad

Have the pads changed by local #x25C6; Place the on the stand, 82 discs, one on the right and one on the aprilia Official Dealer THE VEHICLE ON THE side of the front The rear brake STAND).

119: Adjusting The Cold Control ( )

(3) and check the idle again. #x25C6; Turn the knob (1). #x25C6; an Official Dealer after the Put back the protection element #x2013; BY SCREWING IT (clockwise), you 625 mi km) and successively every increase the

Page 120: Spark

SPARK PLUGS Carefully p. 83 (MAINTENANCE). Even if only one plug needs Carry out all the indicated on the first spark and then repeat changing, replace all of them. N O T E P e r f o r m t h e m a i n t e n a n c e them on the spark plug of the o p e r a t i o n s w i t h h a l f t h e f r e q u e n c y To reach the plugs.

Page 121

Do not try to recover the plug gap in any way. The gap must be inc (0.6 #x2013; 0.7 mm), it is necessary to change the spark #x25C6; Make sure the washer (8) is in good conditions.

122: Checking The Side

To check the proper functioning of the r e a r s e r v i c e s t a n d. s e e p. 9 6 Official Dealer. safety (3), proceed as follows.

123: Battery, Checking And The Terminals

NOTE BATTERY vehicle is provided with a If proceed as follows: maintenance-free and no servicing Carefully read p. 83 #x25C6; Remove battery, is excepting occasional checks THE BATTERY). and the recharge when #x25C6; Brush the cable (2) and the CHECKING AND CLEANING THE battery (3) with a wire brush, in.

124: Removing The Battery

#x25C6; REMOVING THE BATTERY and remove the screw (4) on Put back the seat, see p. 106 the positive terminal (REMOVING THE RIDER SEAT). Move the positive cable (5) on the NOTE For the installation of the battery,

Page 125: Checking The Level, Recharging The Battery

THE BATTERY Carefully read p. 123 Do not remove the battery plugs: plugs the battery may be damaged. Remove battery, (REMOVING THE #x25C6; Prepare an appropriate charger. #x25C6; Set the charger for the type of recharge (see

Page 126: Installing The

N O T E #x25C6; INSTALLING THE BATTERY T h e b a t t e r y ( 1 ) m u s t b e the positive terminal (+) by positioned in its with the means of the screw Carefully read p.

Page Long Inactivity Of The Battery, The Switches

LONG INACTIVITY OF THE If the vehicle remains unused for than twenty days, the 30A fuses, in order to avoid the of the battery caused by the current due to the multifunction computer. NOTE The of the 30A fuses requires the setting to of the following functions: digital and red line setting.

Page Changing The Fuses

In this it is advisable to consult an aprilia Dealer. If an electric component not work or works irregularly, or if the fails to start, it is necessary to the fuses.

Page 129

A R R A N G E M E N T T H E 1 5 A ARRANGEMENT OF THE 30A SECONDARY FUSES FUSES A) voltage regulator to: F) From to: ignition. high beam low beam relay. G) From to: ignition.

Page 130

A D J U S T I N G T H E V E R T I C A L After the To adjust the headlight beam: BEAM #x25C6; Position the on the stand, see p. NOTE To check the of the 82 (POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON Make that the vertical adjustment.


Before changing a bulb, the If you need assistance or technical ignition switch to position #x201D; and wait consult aprilia Official Dealer, who a few so that the bulb cools can you prompt and accurate down.

Page 132: Changing The Bulbs

CHANGING THE HEADLIGHT To ch an ge the b ul bs. pro ce ed as follows: To extract the bulb connector, #x25C6; Carefully p. 131 (BULBS). Position the vehicle on the see p. do not pull its wires. 82 (POSITIONING THE ON The headlight contains: #x25C6;.


#x25C6; PARKING LIGHT LOW BEAM BULB Extract the from its seat. #x25C6; the front fairing, see p. 109 NOTE Extract the connectors one by Insert the in the bulb socket, (REMOVING THE FAIRING). one, in such a way as to positioning making the respective seats (A) them wrongly reassembly.

Page 134: The Front And Rear Direction Bulbs

Insert the bulb in the socket, making the two bulb coincide with the relevant on the socket. #x25C6; Correctly a new bulb of the same type. If the socket (4) goes out of its seat, it correctly, making the bulb taper opening coincide the screw seat.

Page Changing The Tail Light

#x25C6; CHANGING THE TAIL BULB Position the vehicle on the see p. 82 (POSITIONING THE VEHICLE ON Insert the in the bulb socket, Carefully p. 131 (BULBS). THE STAND). making the two pins coincide with The tail light houses two #x25C6;.

Page 136: Draining The Fuel Tank

Transport your vehicle in gear only. Never the fuel tank, either Failure to heed this could or completely. This may damage c a u s e s e r i o u s d a m a g e t o t h e to the inner components of the transmission due to vibration of the tank, or to parts of the fuel.

Page Cleaning

CLEANING Clean the frequently if it used in To remove and mud from the painted particular or conditions, such as: surfaces use a pressure water jet, the vehicle has been washed, its Polluted areas (cities and areas). carefully wet the dirty remove mud braking functions be temporarily #x2013;.

Page Long Periods Of Inactivity

PERIODS OF INACTIVITY To clean the use a sponge Do not direct high-pressure or air s o a k e d w i t h w a t e r a n d a n e u t r a l jets or steam jets on to the If this vehicle is not used for than d e t e r g e n t. r u b b i n g t h e s u r f a c e s.

Page 139

Remove the bag from the f o r g o t t e n o r n e g l e c t e d t o d o t h i s with your Official Dealer. outlet of the muffler.

Page 140: Data

TECHNICAL DATA Max. length. 81.496 Inc mm) Max. length (with plate-holder extension). 84.252 Inc mm) Max. width. 31.496 Inc mm) Max. height (front of the fairing included)..46.024 Inc (1169 mm) height.

32.283 Inc (820 mm) base.

Page 141

GEAR Ratio Primary Secondary ratio Total ratio = 1: 1.935 15/34 = 1: 2.267 = 1: 2.471 1: 10.839 19/31 = 1: 1: 7.802 20/26 = 1: 1.300 1: 22/24 = 1: 1.091 1: 5.216 = 1: 0.960 1: 4.591 26/23 = 1:

Page 142

TIRES #x2731; #x25B2; = di serie = di serie = normale; = Utilizzo sportivo kPa (Psi) Wheel Make Type Size Alternative and Solo rider passenger METZELER SPORTTEC 120/70-ZR 17 250 250 (36.77) Rear METZELER 180/55-ZR 17.

Page 143

FUEL Type. electronic injection SYSTEM Choke. #xD8; Inc (51 mm) Fuel. premium grade petrol, min. O.N. 95 and 85 FUEL SUPPLY (N.O.M.M.). PLUGS Standard. NGK R DCPR9E plug gap.

0.024 Inc (0.6 #x2013; 0.7 mm) #x2126;.

144: Lubricant Chart

CHART (Recommended) engine EXTRA RAID 4, SAE 15W — 50 or TEC 4T, SAE 15W 50. As an alternative to recommended oils, top oils meeting or exceeding G-4, A.P.I. S.G. can be used. (Recommended) fork F.A.

Page 145: Dealers And Service Centres

DEALERS AND SERVICE CENTRES THE OF SERVICE Thanks to ongoing updates and product-specific technical aprilia Authorised Network are familiar with every of this motorcycle and have the equipment required for correct and repair.

Page 146:

IMPORTERS APRILIA via G. Galilei, 1 30033 Noale (VE) Tel. +39(0)41 5829111 Fax +39(0)41 441054 — Clienti aprilia +39(0)41 APRILIA WORLD SERVICE UK 15 Gregory Way — SK5 7ST Stockport Cheshire Tel. 0044-161 475 — Fax 0044-161 475 1825 Email: emcaprilia@aol.com.

Page 147

0041-1-4348686 — Fax 0041-1-434 — Email: info@mohag.ch RAD Landegemstraat 4 — Industriegebied B-9031 — Drongen-Baarle 0032-9-2829410 — Fax.

— Email: aprilia@rad.be Hammervej 32 — 7900 Nikobing Mors Tel. — Fax. 0045-97-722143/33 Email: thomas@aprilia.dk TUONTI OY P.o.B.

Page 148

Tel. — Fax. 0027-11-7868482 Email: motovelo@betech.co.za APRILIA DE SA. de CV. San Jeromino — 64640 552 Monterrey N.L. Tel. — Fax.

0052-8348-9398 sbertuEmail: javier@aprilia.com.mx BIKE CO. LTD. YeungSoo Bldg. 302 Ohjang-Dong, Chung-Ku Seoul

Aprilia RSV Mille R
Aprilia RSV Mille R
Aprilia RSV Mille R

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