APRILIA SCARABEO 50 2T — 2005 MANUAL Pdf Download.

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Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T

Summary of Contents

Page 1

50 2T — 50/100 4T 8202453.

2: Safety Warnings, Technical Warnings — Precautions General Advice

#xA9; aprilia s.p.a. — (VE) SAFETY WARNINGS INFORMATION T h e s y m b o l s a n d w a r n i n g s u s e d The operations preceded by

Page 3

Page 4: Table Of


Page 6: Basic Safety

Most road accidents are by Avoid obstacles that damage the BASIC SAFETY inexperienced riders. vehicle or you lose control of the To drive the you must satisfy vehicle. lend your vehicle to a certain legal requirements licence, and make sure any borrowing your Avoid in the slipstream of vehicles.

Page 7

If have the vehicle inspected by any modifications to the vehicle by other or by smoking, eating, an aprilia Dealer who should and/or the original components drinking, etc. when riding. check the frame, handlebars.

8: Clothing, Accessories

Do not ride sharp or pointed objects in ACCESSORIES your pockets as might cause injury in wear and fasten your The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the of a fall (this includes pens, correctly before off.

Page 9: Load

Do not the maximum load capacity inoperative. of each luggage aprilia recommends the use of genuine a c c e s s o r i e s ( a p r i l i a g e n u i n e The vehicle will become

Page 10: Arrangement Of

ARRANGEMENT OF THE ELEMENTS 50 2T 50 2T 50 2T 1) Warning horn 7) lock 2) Kick starter 8) rack 3) Glove compartment 9) stand 4) Fuse carrier 10) Air 5) Battery 11) Inspection cover 6) passenger footrest (in the countries required) use and maintenance Scarabeo 50 2T Scarabeo 50 4T — Scarabeo 100 4T.


(in the countries where required) 5) Bag 11) Antitheft hook 6) Frame cover (for the aprilia shielded cable 7) Front fluid reservoir use and maintenance 50 2T — Scarabeo 50 4T — 100 4T.

Page 12

ARRANGEMENT OF THE MAIN 50 2T 50 2T 504T 1004T 50 4T 100 4T apri 1) horn 7) Luggage rack 2) compartment 8) Centre stand 3) carrier 9) Kick starter 4) 10) Air filter 5) Left passenger 11) Inspection cover (in the countries required) 6) Seat lock.


(in the countries where required) 3) Bag 9) Antitheft hook 4) Frame cover (for the aprilia shielded cable 5) Front fluid reservoir 6) Spark 7) Fuel tank use and maintenance 50 2T — Scarabeo 50 4T — 100 4T.

Page 14: Arrangement Of Instruments/controls And

ARRANGEMENT OF INSTRUMENTS/CONTROLS AND INDICATORS 50 4T 100 4T 50 2T mph aprilia mph km/h aprilia aprilia mph km/h mph km/h 1) controls on the left side of the 10) Speedometer 2) Rear brake 11) Fuel level indicator ( )

Page 15: Instruments And Indicators

INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS TABLE Function Direction indicator light Blinks when the indicators are on. 50 2T 50 2T Mixer oil reserve Comes on when ignition is in #x201C; #x201D; position, a lever is pulled and start #x201C;.

Page 16: Main Controls, Controls On Left Controls On Right Handlebar

INDEPENDENT CONTROLS CONTROLS ON HANDLEBAR CONTROLS ON LEFT NOTE The electric components operate when the ignition The electric components only when the ignition switch is in the #x201D; position. switch is in the #x201D; position. NOTE system operates only if is running.

Page 17: Ignition Steering Lock

Position removal The steering It is possible is It to remove is not the key. possible to the Steering engine or lock on the lights. Neither the It is possible SWITCH STEERING LOCK nor to remove The ignition switch is on the the lights will.

Page 18: Equipment, Unlocking/locking The Seat, Compartment, Antitheft Hook

To the vehicle from being it is Insert the key into the seat (1). Insert ignition key lock (3) and turn it advisable to it with the aprilia Turn the key and raise the clockwise.

Page 19: Kit, Bag Hook

50 2T 50 4T 100 4T TOOL KIT BAG 504T 1004T Tools are in a housing inside the To reach the kit, unlock and lift the plastic cover. s e a t. s e e p a g e 1 8 WARNING THE SEAT).

Page 20: Helmet Into The Top Case

Fit the helmet (3) the case and 100 4T position it as shown in the or on the label on the case. Close top (2) until you hear a click and remove the key from lock CAUTION Do not leave the key inside the

Page 21: Main Components,

MAIN COMPONENTS FUEL 50 4T 100 4T 50 2T The fuel used in internal engines is highly flammable and can explosive under particular It is important to refuel and service the in a well-ventilated area, with the off.

Page 22: Lubricants

remove any trace of oil. an aprilia Authorised Dealer will bleed the system. In of oil leakage or malfunctions, D o n o t p u t a d d i t i v e s o r o t h e r contact an Authorised Dealer.

Page 23: Up Engine Oil

In order to prevent any it is Have the engine oil checked and recommended to check oil level engine each time you are to drive up every 2000 km mi) by an aprilia time the vehicle is the veichle. Authorised Dealer.

24: Checking Transmission Fluid

8000 km (5000 mi) or every 2 and may also cause irreparable Have inspection and replacement out by an aprilia Authorised Have and replacement carried Dealer. TRANSMISSION FLUID out by an aprilia Dealer.

Page 25: Changing The Oil And Filter, Brake Fluid Recommendations

Have the oil changed and the cleaned never exceeding the MAX every 4000 km (2500 mi) by an WARNING Use new oil for any topping up or change, Dealer.

Page 26: Disc

Brake fluid reservoir is near the Have brake changed at an aprilia WARNING brake lever coupling. Authorised Dealer every two check the brake fluid in the reservoir.

Page 27: Rear Brake

The braking system may bleeding. Check the brake for operation. perform routine do not hesitate to contact an aprilia Dealer. CAUTION If adjuster (1) is screwed, it means that shoes are worn out; in case see page 50 (VERIFYING SHOES WEAR).

Page 28:

NOTE Braking action brake shoes thus clearance between friction and drum. Therefore it is important to the clearance also when shoes are at operating temperature. the vehicle and operate the rear several times.

WARNING the check when engine is

Page 29

72 (TECHNICAL out by an aprilia Dealer or DATA). Using than specified tyres by a tyre repairer. may adversely handling.

Page 30: Automatic Switch-on, Exhaust Muffler/exhaust

If the exhaust system noise contact an aprilia Authorised immediately. use and maintenance Scarabeo 50 2T Scarabeo 50 4T — Scarabeo 100 4T.

31: Instructions For Use, Pre-ride Chart

Check the proper of all the devices. page 64 aprilia Dealer. l i g h t s. h o r n a n d Change the bulbs or fix the in case of failure.

Page 32:

NOTE STARTING ELECTRIC Do not hold down the starter #x201C; #x201D; for more five seconds or Place the on the centre stand on the battery run down. If the engine firm and ground. WARNING does not in this lapse of time, ten Make sure that the switch (2) is E x h a u s t g a s e s c o n t a i n c a r b o n.

Page 33

50 2T 50 4T 100 4T 50 4T 100 4T Avoid the starter button CAUTION (1) when the engine is running, or the W h e n s t a r t e r b u t t o n #x201C;.

Page 34

If the engine to start Wait a few seconds and the COLD START PROCEDURE. If remove the spark plug, see 57 (SPARK PLUG) and make that it is not wet. If the spark is wet, clean and dry it.

Before it: NOTE Put a clean cloth on the

Page 35: Moving Off And Riding

To off, release the brake and vehicle will move CAUTION Never move off with a cold engine. T o r e d u c e e m i s s i o n s a n d f u e l ride slowly until several miles to warm the up to operating temperature.

Page 36

WARNING When approaching a slow down Rough rails, manhole covers, or in good time. Take the at road markings, large plates near moderate, speed or accelerate roadwork slippery in the wet slightly. Late may put the and should be avoided or negotiated into a skid.

Page 37: Stopping

500/1000 km (312/625 mi) km (312/625 mi) For the first 500 km (312 keep to the STOPPING RUNNING-IN indications: 0-100 km (0-62 mi) WARNING Until you have the first 100 km If possible, avoid abruptly, After the first 500 km mi) 504T (62 mi), use the brakes and avoid.

Page 38: Parking, Positioning The On Centre Stand

Rotate the key (1) and set the PARKING POSITIONING THE VEHICLE (2) to position #x201C; #x201D;. ON STAND Place the vehicle on the see WARNING Carefully read 38 (PARKING). page 38 (POSITIONING THE Park the vehicle on firm and ON CENTRE STAND).

Page 39: To Prevent Theft

Park the in a safe place, possibly in back to the owner thanks to a garage or at a guarded parking details recorded in the Owner’s If possible, use the appropriate aprilia shielded cable. or an additional device.

Page 40: Maintenance

We having the vehicle road- for the engine and ex haus t tested at the Authorised Dealer CAUTION to cool down; where after repair or servicing.

41: Scheduled Maintenance Chart

mi) or 12 (5000 mi) or 24 (312 mi)] months OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE Authorised Dealer (WHICH Battery #x2013; Clamp — Electrolyte CAN BE CARRIED OUT BY THE level USER).

Page 42

TO BE CARRIED OUT BY Component After Every 4000 Every THE aprilia Authorised Dealer 50 2T 50 2T in km km (2500 mi) km (5000 mi) (312 or 12 months or 24 months Rear absorber #x2013;.

Page 43

mi) or 12 (5000 mi) or 24 (625 mi)] months OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE Authorised Dealer (WHICH plug — Electrodes gap #x2013; CAN BE CARRIED OUT EVEN BY THE check / Carburetion #x2013;.


OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY Component running- Every 4000 8000 THE aprilia Authorised 504T 1004T in [1000 km km mi) km (5000 mi) (625 mi)] or 12 or 24 months Throttle cable #x2013;.

Page 45: Identification

IDENTIFICATION DATA FRAME ENGINE NUMBER It is a good to report the frame and The frame is stamped on the The engine number is near the engine numbers in the provided in frame central To be able to read it, it lower of the rear shock absorber.


CLEANING WARNING Do not use petrol or solvents to wash the filtering in order to avoid fires or Wash the filtering element (3) clean, non-inflammable solvents or with high volatility then let it dry thoroughly.

Page 47: Wheel

Make sure the vehicle is stable. personally, to the following brake fluid. In this case consult aprilia Au- Place a support (1) the tyre to hold thorised who will carry out the the wheel in once released.

Page 48

Fit washer (4) between odometer balancing checked by an aprilia Au- odometer (7) fitment tab (8) in (7) and fork leg. thorised Dealer, in to avoid any its housing on the wheel

Page 49: Rear Wheel

of the rear brake lever. torques, the wheel truing and Loosen splashguard. balancing by an aprilia Au- Remove the wheel. Dealer, in order to avoid any that might seriously the rider and/or other

Page 50: Checking The Brake For Wear, Verifying Brake Wear

WARNING failures or damaged please contact an aprilia Dealer for repair Inspect the pads before each operations. use and maintenance Scarabeo 50 2T Scarabeo 50 4T — Scarabeo 100 4T.

51: Inspecting The Front And Rear Checking The Steering

1000 km mi) and then every 4000 km mi). CAUTION In the event of operation or if you need assistance an aprilia Au- thorised Dealer. the support under the vehicle and THE STEERING a spongy cloth them, so that.

Page 52: Engine Fulcrum Axis, The Rear-view Mirrors, Removing Handlebar Cover

Operate not to damage seat (3) If you detect a contact an Keep the screw (3) and loosen of tab (4). aprilia Dealer that will nut restore ideal use conditions. the rear-view mirror (2).

53: Removing Front Inspection Removing The Exhaust Silencer

REMOVING THE EXHAUST CAUTION INSPECTION COVER SILENCER H a n d l e t h e p l a s t i c a n d p a i n t e d C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 4 0 C a r e f u l l y.


CAUTION Do not force the lower as it is connected to the frame only by two screws. NOTE When fit the two central tabs first and the side ones. When the three screws (2) visually the alignment between footrest and screw seat.

Page 55: The Stand, Checking The Switches, Adjustment

Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T

IDLING ADJUSTMENT C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 4 0 Adjust the idling after the 500 km (312 mi) and every time it is To carry out this operation, as follows: Ride for a few miles reaching the operating temperature, stop the.

Page 56: The Throttle Twistgrip

When Tighten the nut (3), lock (4) and CAUTION fit the rubber protection If necessary, contact an aprilia ised Dealer. use and maintenance 50 2T — Scarabeo 50 4T — 100 4T.

Page 57: Spark Plug

50 2T 50 4T 100 4T To and clean the spark plug: the electrode gap with a feeler PLUG gauge. Pull the cap off the plug (1). C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 4 0 The gap must be 0.5

Page 58: Battery

50 2T CAUTION battery fluid level and The spark plug must be firmly, tightening after the 500 km (312 miles) otherwise the may overheat and and every 4000 km miles) 12 severe damage may months afterwards.

Page 59: Inactivity Of The Battery, Checking And The Terminals

I f y o u n e e d a s s i s t a n c e o r If the vehicle remains for more Carefully read 58 (BATTERY). technical advice, your aprilia Au- than days, it is necessary to Reach.

60: Removing The Battery

50 4T 100 4T 50 2T REMOVING THE COMPLETE REMOVING If necessary: first the negative (-) and then read page 58 (BATTERY). sure that the ignition is in the positive cable (red) position #x201C; #x201D;. THE BATTERY Disconnect the breather

Page 61: Checking Battery Level, Charging The Battery, The Battery

CHARGING THE BATTERY 50 4T 100 4T read page 58 (BATTERY). battery, page 60 (REMOVING THE Prepare an appropriate battery Release and remove the caps.

electrolyte level, see page 61 BATTERY FLUID LEVEL). the battery to a battery charger. A recharge with an amperage to 1/10th of the battery capacity is.

62: Changing A Fuse

Then the damaged fuse with the be a short circuit or overloading. In spare fuse (3) or with one of the case, contact an aprilia same amperage. Dealer. use and Scarabeo 50 2T — Scarabeo 50 4T Scarabeo 100 4T.

Page 63: Vertical Of The Headlight Beam

50 4T 100 4T NOTE To the headlight beam: When you use the fuse (3), VERTICAL OF THE remember to add a new spare fuse the HEADLIGHT BEAM Place the on the centre stand on proper

Page 64: Bulbs, Changing The Bulbs

BULBS Carefully page 41 (SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE WARNING 100 4T Risk of fire. K e e p f u e l a n d o t h e r f l a m m a b l e s u b s t a n c e s a w a y f r o m e l e c t r i c

Page 65: Replacing The Front And Direction Indicator Bulbs, The Tail Light Bulb

50 2T 50 4T 100 4T the bulb (4) slightly and rotate it THE FRONT AND CHANGING THE TAIL BULB anticlockwise. REAR INDICATOR Carefully read 64 (BULBS). Extract the bulb (4) its seat.

BULBS Place the on the stand.

Page 66: Changing The Direction Indicator Bulbs

50 4T 100 4T 50 4T 100 4T 50 2T Press slightly the amber 504T 1004T CHANGING THE DIRECTION If the bulb holder (5) off, (3), turn it and remove it. INDICATOR BULBS it into its seat so that the opening of the holder matches the for NOTE While removing

Page 67



INSTRUMENT PANEL LIGHTS CAUTION Extract the bulb one by one to avoid a wrong positioning reassembling. Remove bulb from instrument panel where poor lighting was Pos. Lighted area upper side Left side (*) Right lower WARNING (*) In some versions bulb could not be.

Page 69: The Fuel Tank

If necessary, an aprilia Author- Take left passenger Remove the filler plug. 504T ised Dealer.

Page 70:

CLEANING Clean the vehicle if it is used in To remove dirt and mud the painted particular areas or such as: surfaces use a low-pressure jet, carefully wet the dirty remove mud Pollution (urban and areas) a n d f i l t h w i t h a s o f t c a r s p o n g e High salinity and (sea areas, impregnated a lot of water and.

Page 71: Long Periods Of

LONG PERIODS OF INACTIVITY the vehicle is to remain unused for periods, some precautions are to avoid damage. Do not postpone repairs or you could forget when you take the vehicle out of a general check up is also

Page 72: Technical Data

DATA DIMENSIONS Max. 1875 mm 50 2T 50 2T Max width (at brake 710 mm 50 2T 50 2T Max. height (at rear-view 1270 mm 50 2T 50 2T Seat height. 700 mm 50 2T 50 2T

Page 73

Seats. no. 1 (2 in the countries passenger is allowed) 50 2T 50 2T 504T no. 2 1004T Max. carrying (rider + passenger + luggage)..180 Kg (in the where passenger is allowed) Model: #x2013;.

Page 74

PRESSURE WITH PASSENGER (in the where this is allowed) 190 kPa (1.9 bar) Rear. 230 kPa bar) IGNITION Type. control unit Spark 50 2T 50 2T. 20#xB0; Spark advance.

504T Spark advance.

75: Lubricant Chart

LUBRICANT (Recommended) engine oil: 4, SAE 5W — 40 As an alternative to recommended top brand oils meeting or CCMC G-4 A.P.I. SG specifications can be WARNING For use in particularly hard or warm climates we recommend synthetic oil. (Recommended) fluid: F.C.

SAE 75W — 90 or SYNTH, SAE 75W — 90.

Page 76

DIAGRAM — Scarabeo 50 2T 50 2T V Bi R use and maintenance Scarabeo 50 2T — 50 4T — Scarabeo 100 4T.

Page 77

KEY TO DIAGRAM — Scarabeo 50 2T 50 2T 1) connectors 34) — 2) Instrument 35) — 3) Oil level warning 36) — 4) Dashboard bulbs 37) 5) High beam warning 6) Direction indicator warning 7) Fuel level tool 8) diode 9) Key-operated switch.


WIRING DIAGRAM — 504T 1004T LOCK Gr/V G/Bi 2 1 3 4 5 4 3 2 1 use and maintenance 50 2T — Scarabeo 50 4T — 100 4T.

Page 79: Key To Wiring Diagram Scarabeo

KEY TO WIRING DIAGRAM SCARABEO 504T 1004T 1) 36) Pick-up 2) Transducer 37) Fuse 3) plug 38) Multiple connectors 4) 39) — 5) Voltage regulator 40) cold start 6) Battery 7) 8) Start relay 9) Front switch 10) Rear stoplight 11) -.

Page 80: Authorised Dealers And Centres

When you demand Original Parts, you are purchasing that have been and tested as early as the vehicle stage. aprilia Original systematically undergo strict control procedures to ensure reliability and long service

Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Street 2T

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