APRILIA SCARABEO 500 — 2003 MANUAL Pdf Download.

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Aprilia Scarabeo 500

Summary of Contents

Page 2

2003 aprilia s.p.a. Noale (VE) SAFETY TECHNICAL INFORMATION The following are used to Any operations preceded by identify safety information the symbol must be repeated on the opposite side of the vehicle. expressly specified otherwise.


Italy Singapore efforts to product design. Please IDENTIFICATION LABEL in the refer to aprilia Official Dealer for any here below. The label is to U n i t e d Slovenia doubts about the contained in Kingdom the left-hand member.

Page 4: Table Of


Page 6

Alcohol, drugs, substances Most road ac are caused by BASIC SAFETY and some medicines may affect riding inexperienced riders. To a motorcycle, you must satisfy to an accident. NEVER lend the to beginners or certain legal (driving licence, D o n o t r i d e w h e n y o u f e e l u n w e l l. anyone you are sure they meet

Page 7

Observe all road as well as national Avoid that could damage the and road regulations. vehicle or you lose control. WARNING sudden manoeuvres that put Avoid riding in the slip of preceding A l w a y s k e e p b o t h h a n d s o n t h e handlebars and both on the footrest safety and that of persons at risk (for in order to increase your

Page 8

COOLER Keep eyes on the road and pay close Use the recommended fuels and If the vehicle has involved in an attention to other Do not smoke, eat, lubricants in the LUBRICANT accident or has fallen check the drink or read riding.

Page 9

ONLY Do not change the position, inclination or changes to the vehicle and/or c o l o u r o f. n u m b e r p l a t e. d i r e c t i o n r e m o v i n g o r i g i n a l c o m p o n e n t s c a n Always wear an approved helmet indicators, lights and

Page 10

, b e i n t h e w a y o f inoperative. suspension or steering angle, impair Use genuine aprilia accessories. the of the vehicle controls, LOAD ground clearance or lean-in

Page 11

D o n o t h a n g b u l k y. h e a v y a n d / o r Do not carry luggage it is firmly Do not exceed the maximum allowed. dangerous objects on the secured to the vehicle.

Page 12

OF THE MAIN ELEMENTS 1) Expansion 8) Side stand 2) Coolant tank plug 9) Centre 3) Rear brake fluid 10) Headset #x221A; intercom ( 4) Air cleaner 11) Spark plug 5) top box 12) Left inspection cover 6) air filter cover 13) Horn.


1) Passenger grab rail 9) inspection cover 2) Fuel 10) Passenger right footrest 3) tank filler cap 11) Engine oil / filler plug 4) Front fluid reservoir 5) Ignition / steering lock / saddle / rear top box lock 6) Auxiliary carrier 7) Main fuse 8) Battery.

Page 14

ARRANGEMENT OF THE / INSTRUMENTS INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS 6) Red oil pressure light ( ARRANGEMENT OF THE / INSTRUMENTS — KEY 7) Blue beam light ( 1) Electric on the left side of the handlebar 8) side stand light ( 2) braking lever (operates and rear brakes) 9) Green direction indicator light (.

Page 15

CAUTION failure in the braking system. Should happen, please call an Official Dealer and remember to with utmost care sudden braking. Anti-theft (immobilizer) light (where

Blinks when the engine is off as a to prevent theft.

Page 16

Function Indicates approximate level in the tank. Fuel indicator ( When the pointer the red area, it means that the of fuel left in the tank is 2 litres. Refuel as soon as see page 27 (FUEL).

Comes on there are about 2 litres of left in the tank.

Page 17

KEY CONTROLS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE NOTE The electric components only when the ignition is in position #x2248; #x2206; 1) BUTTON ( Press it to operate the 2) DIRECTION INDICATOR SWITCH ( the switch to the left in order to your intention to turn

Page 18

CAUTION Leaving the switch in position #x201C; when the engine is stopped may the battery. After stopping the stop the engine and then the ignition switch to position#x201C; 2) STARTER BUTTON ( When the starter button #x2248; turns the engine over.


Position Function Key removal The is locked. n o t It is possible p o s s i b l e t o to remove the lock s t a r t t h e key. e n g i n e switch on the N e i t h e r t h e.

Page 20

ACCESSORIES Setting the Setting the date: NOTE Press the key W (2) for more than The clock must be set with the to enter the date setting engine stopped, the vehicle at (only when the date is and the direction indicators off.


After the first 1000 and every 6000 kilometres a SERVICE warning is displayed. you see this message, contact an Official Dealer to have the serviced as specified in the periodic chart, see page 44 (PERIODIC CHART).

Page 22

Press the button repeatedly to se- lect in the External temperature in #xB0; C Maximum speed (Vmax) + kph or mph ODO 1 TRIP 2 MODE Average AVG (kph or mph) MODE AVERAGE AND MAXIMUM DIGITAL SPEED, FUEL CONSUMPTION AND LAP

Page 23

Press the TRIP key to access in TOOL KIT UNLOCKING/LOCKING THE the SADDLE The tool kit (2) is placed the saddle. #x25C6; Insert the key (3) the ignition switch. To reach it: Press and turn the ignition key (3) (ODO) Release the saddle see page 19 clockwise.

Page 24

COMPARTMENT SMALL STORAGE REAR TOP BOX #x25C6; #x25C6; The compartment can accommodate Push on the top of the door (4). Insert the key (5) the ignition switch #x25C6; objects when you leave bike un- The door clicks to give access to (6).


30A fuse (3) Safeguarding: ABS control power cir- WARNING vehicle is fitted with braking cuit Wheel braking system does as well as servo brake and ABS in not the rider from falling the wheel. Thanks to the servo while turning.

Page 26

S h o ul d t he f r o n t w h ee l b e removed, check that the wheel (2) is 0.95 mm #xD8; mm from sensor (1) after installation. CAUTION When and installing the front wheel, do not sensor cable, phonic and sensor.

Page 27: Main Components,

MAIN COMPONENTS FUEL The fuel used to operate is highly flammable and becomes under particular conditions. and engine service should place in a well-ventilated area the engine stopped. Do not smoke refuelling or in the proximity of sources of vapours.

Page 28: Lubricants

km (625 miles) and then and top up as required. components, the area in you are 24,000 km (15000 miles) engine oil changed at an aprilia and the surrounding area. Have oil checked and oil changed at Official

Page 29: Brake Fluid Recommendations, Disk Brakes

DO NOT BRAKE FLUID INTO may be with a high-quality perform checks, contact an THE ENVIRONMENT. product. aprilia Official Have brake fluid at an aprilia Official Dealer two years. use and maintenance Scarabeo 500

Page 30: Checking Brake Level

MIN in good condition: on the sight glass (1). Contact an aprilia Official and #x25C6; Ensure that level in the reservoir is have fluid level topped up. the MIN mark on the sight glass

Page 31: Coolant

Do not ride coolant is below the MIN level. coolant level every km (1250 miles) and after a trip. Have coolant at an aprilia Official Dealer two years.

WARNING Coolant is when ingested. Contact mixture is a 50% solution of water Use water in the coolant mixture.

32: Checking And Topping Up

Remove the cover, see page 58 for leaks. the leak repaired at an (REMOVING THE COVER). WARNING aprilia Dealer. #x25C6; Turn the cap (1) anticlockwise to Wait for the engine to down before release it, but do not the cap.

Page 33: Tyres

Old may not ensure full grip due to ageing — even they are still within the limit — and must be Always change a worn A tyre that becomes in the tread area should be when the puncture is larger 5 mm.

Page 34: Muffler/exhaust Silencer

Listed below are the tyres approved If the exhaust system increases, c a r e f u l l y u n t i l c o v e r i n g s e v e r a l for this model extensive testing.

Page 35: For Use, Pre-ride Checks

, d o n o t necessary. hesitate to contact an Official Engine oil Check and top up as

Page 36: Starting

Do not start the when the vehicle braking Should this happen, the is not started within 3 is on the side please call an aprilia Dealer seconds, low beam turn off to and remember to ride utmost care #x25C6;.


CAUTION If the ABS light does not off, call an aprilia Dealer and remember to ride utmost care. CAUTION If the ABS does not turn off, the

Page 38: Moving Off —

Moving off: #x25C6; the throttle twistgrip (2) (Pos. A), the rear brake and take the off the stand. #x25C6; Mount on the Keep one foot at least on the to help keep your #x25C6; Adjust the rear-view

Page 39

WARNING When a bend, slow down or in good time. Take the at steady speed or accelerate Late braking may put the vehicle a skid.

Use the brakes sparingly when downhill, or the brake lining may and impair braking efficiency.

40: Running-in, Stopping

injury to or third persons, or STOPPING damage. Proper engine is essential to WARNING preserving life and performance If possible, stopping abruptly or over Twisty roads and gradients are s l o w i n g d o w n s u d d e n l y. B r a k e to break in engine, suspension and and in good time.

Page 41: The Vehicle On The Stand

#x25C6; Set the engine kill switch (1) to #x2206;. Push the side (7) fully down with THE VEHICLE ON THE your right STAND #x25C6; Lean the towards you until the CAUTION page 40 (STOPPING) carefully. rests on the ground.

Page 42: To Avoid Theft

Park the in a safe place, possibly in a garage or an area protected by NOTE If possible, use the suitable In most cases, stolen Embedded in the key grip is a transponder, armoured cable or an.

Page 43:

Never put any mechanical parts or If you need assistance or technical vehicle components in your contact an aprilia Official for when you have both busy. None guaranteed prompt service. of the motorcycle is edible.

Page 44

PERIODIC CHART PERIODIC MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE aprilia Dealer Components Post Every 6000 km Every km [1000 km (625 mi)] mi) or 8 months (7500 mi) or 16 months mixture.

Page 45

OPERATIONS TO BE OUT BY THE aprilia Official Dealer BE CARRIED OUT BY THE USER AS WELL) Post running-in Every km Every 12000 km [1000 km mi)] (3750 mi) or 8 months mi) or 16 months.

Page 46: Identification

FRAME NUMBER ENGINE IDENTIFICATION DATA It is a good to write down the frame The number is stamped on the The engine is stamped near the and engine in the space provided central tube. To expose the frame support of the rear shock

Page 47: Rear Top Box

#x25C6; the mat from the rear top box REMOVING THE TOP BOX and place it between cover and Place the vehicle on the centre and of the box to keep it open. r a i s e t h e s a d d l e. s e e p a g e 2 3 #x25C6;.

48: Checking And Topping Up Oil Level

Oil level must be between the MAX and MIN marks. Incorrect oil level cause severe engine #x25C6; Top up if needed. TOPPING UP Pour a small quantity of oil the filler opening (2).

one minute for oil to flow into the

Page 49: Changing Engine Oil And The Oil Filter

NOTE minutes. the engine and let it cool Place the on firm and Have the oil changed at an Official down. Check oil level using the level

Dealer. dipstick (1) and top up as required

Page 50: Checking And Topping Up Oil Level

#x25C6; Clean the in contact with the oil with a cloth. #x25C6; Tighten the (1) fully into the filler #x25C6; Extract the plug/dipstick (1) and check oil level on the dipstick: MAX = level; MIN = minimum level.

51: Changing Transmission Oil, Air

Accurate oil level measurement i s o n l y e n s u r e d w h e n t h e a b o v e are observed. Have oil changed at an Official Dealer. WARNING sure not to spill oil on the rear disk while changing

Page 52: Checking The Brake For Wear

#x25C6; Remove the air (5). CHECKING THE BRAKE FOR CAUTION WEAR CLEANING N E V E R S M E A R T H E F I L T E R I N G R e a d p a g e 2 9 ( B R A K E F L U I D ELEMENT WITH OIL.


WARNING #x25C6; substrate, contact with Visually the area between brake the parts replaced at an aprilia and brake pads proceeding as the disk would lead to and Official Dealer. the brake sparking. This will

Page 54: Checking The Stand, The Switches, Checking The Front And Suspension

R e a d p a g e 4 3 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) carefully. CAUTION front suspension oil changed at an Official Dealer for accurate, service. Have the front oil changed every 30000 km miles) or every 4 years.


REAR SUSPENSION SPRING REAR SUSPENSION ADJUSTMENT THE STEERING SETTING CHART The suspension is managed by two R e a d p a g e 4 3 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) shock that control compression

Page 56: Steering Damper, Engine Pivot Shaft

Adjust as follows: If you feel any have the vehicle While the fork, watch for serviced at an Official Dealer. looseness in the Repeat several #x25C6; the ring nut (1) clockwise for a times.

57: Removing The Right And Left Covers, Removing The Windshield

THE RIGHT AND LEFT REMOVING THE CAUTION INSPECTION COVERS R e a d p a g e 4 3 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) Pay to the fixing tab clips (4). R e a d p a g e 4 3 ( M A I N T E N A N C E )

Page 58: Removing The Rear-view Removing The Front Cover

Handle plastic and paint-finished c o m p o n e n t s w i t h c a r e t o a v o i d or damage. #x25C6; Lift the mirror (2) to remove. #x25C6;.

59: Throttle Twistgrip Adjustment

#x25C6; Lift the lower end of the cover disconnect the headlight (4) If not so: slightly as shown by the arrow. the at the wiring harness end. Place the vehicle on the centre #x25C6; front cover but do not remove it.

Page 60: Spark

#x25C6; Blow with an air to prevent residue from the engine. A spark plug be changed when: the insulator is the electrodes show traces of inc 0,028-0,031 inc corrosion or exceeding 0,7-0,8 mm 0,7-0,8 mm #x25C6;.

61: Battery, Long Inactivity Of The

Provide proper ventilation the BATTERY LONG INACTIVITY OF THE is under charging. Do not inhale R e a d p a g e 4 3 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) the gases produced by the battery the vehicle is left unused for a carefully.

Page 62: Removing The Cover, Checking And Cleaning The Lead Connections And Terminals

THE BATTERY COVER CHECKING AND THE REMOVING THE BATTERY BATTERY CONNECTIONS #x25C6; Remove the cover, page 62 Read 61 (BATTERY). AND TERMINALS (REMOVING THE COVER) NOTE Place the on firm and #x25C6; Remove the cover, page 62 at the side.

Page 63: Checking Battery Level, Charging The Battery, The Battery

CHARGING THE BATTERY Remove the battery, see page 62 THE BATTERY). #x25C6; Remove the caps. #x25C6; Check fluid level, page 63 BATTERY FLUID LEVEL) at the #x25C6; Connect the battery to a charger. #x25C6;.

Page 64

this is NOTE When you use one of the the wiring diagram). the case, an aprilia Official Dealer. remember to add a new fuse of #x221A; fuse (7) Spare fuse. 3-A fuse (8) Spare fuse.

65: Arrangement Of Main Fuses Compartment), Vertical Adjustment Of The Beam

10,94 yard (10 m) yard (10 m) To set beam height: OF MAIN FUSES VERTICAL OF THE (BATTERY COMPARTMENT) HEADLIGHT #x25C6; Open the glove and remove the blanking cap of the adjuster 30-A fuse (10) is a quick beam inspection

Page 66: Horizontal Adjustment Of The Beam, Bulbs, Replacing The Of The Front Direction Indicators

REPLACING THE BULBS OF THE FRONT INDICATORS R e a d p a g e 4 3 ( M A I N T E N A N C E ) carefully. Read (BULBS) at the side carefully. WARNING The indicator bulbs may be.

67: Replacing The Headlight Bulbs, Low Bulbs, High Beam

LOW BEAM BULBS HIGH BULBS #x25C6; Rotate socket/bulb anticlockwise and extract it the seat CAUTION in the reflector. Do not on the wiring to disconnect the bulb CAUTION #x25C6; Grasp the electric connector and To extract the socket/bulb from the pull to it from the bulb.

Page 68: Light Bulbs, Replacing The Light Bulbs

PARKING BULBS REPLACING THE TAIL CAUTION BULBS Do not pull on or the wiring during CAUTION page 66 (BULBS) carefully. the procedure. Do not pull on the wiring to the The tail light accommodates two bulb holder.

Page 69: The Rear Direction Indicator Replacing The Number Plate

NOTE Insert the bulb the bulb holder matching the two pegs with their in the bulb holder. #x25C6; Fit a new of equal rating. Ensure it is correctly. NOTE Make that the protective shield correctly into its seat on

Page 70: Transport, Draining The Tank

TRANSPORT DRAINING THE TANK #x25C6; Place the on the centre stand on WARNING and level ground. Read 27 (FUEL) carefully. Before the vehicle, drain #x25C6; the engine and wait until it has all from the fuel tank page 70 cooled down.

71: Cleaning

CLEANING CAUTION Braking efficiency may be temporarily the vehicle thoroughly before after washing the vehicle, as silicone wax. the friction of the braking Do not polish matt-painted systems may be wet. with paste. Remember that distance will be Do not wash the under the sun, longer.

72: Long Inactivity

#x25C6; Set the ignition switch to #x2248; and press Wrap and tie a plastic bag the LONG INACTIVITY the engine button #x2248; #x2206; for a few pipe opening to keep When storing the vehicle for long seconds to let oil spread all over out.

Page 73: Data

TECHNICAL DATA Max length 2310 mm Max width 785 mm Max (incl. windshield) 1435 mm saddle height 800 mm Wheelbase mm Minimum ground clearance 170 mm in running order 234 Kg Engine 4-… single-cylinder engine, 4 per cylinder, single overhead operated via a chain on flywheel

Page 74

Capacities Fuel reserve) Fuel reserve oil — engine oil and engine oil change 1500 cu cm — oil at engine overhaul 1700 cu cm oil 250 cu cm approx. Coolant (50%water+50%anti-freeze ethylene glycol) Front oil 230 cu cm (each leg) Saddle Max

Page 75

Tyres Type FRONT 110 /80 -16#x2206; 55S REAR 140 /70 65S or 66S STANDARD INFLATION PRESSURES 2.2 bar Rear 2.4 bar INFLATION PRESSURES FOR A PASSENGER Front 2.3 bar Rear 2.6 bar Type C.D.I. inductive advance Variable advance by fuel injection ECU Spark

Page 76

Warning lights repeater lights Engine oil Low beam light High light Low fuel light pads wear High temperature use and maintenance Scarabeo 500

Page 77: Lubricant Chart

CHART Recommended) engine SUPERBIKE 4, SAE 5W — 40 or 4T FORMULA SAE 5W — 40. As an alternative to recommended top brand oils meeting or A.P.I. SJ specifications can be used. transmission oil: F.C.

SAE 75W 90 or GEAR SYNTH, SAE 75W — 90.

78: Official Dealers And Service

When you demand aprilia Parts, you are purchasing products have been developed and as early as the vehicle design aprilia Original Parts undergo strict quality procedures to ensure total and long service life.


NOTE ASK FOR GENUINE SPARE ONLY use and maintenance Scarabeo 500

Page 80: Distributors

Distributors via G. Galilei, 1 — 30033 (VE) Italy Tel. 5829111 — Fax +39(0)41 — Servizio Clienti +39(0)41 5079821 APRILIA SERVICE UK branch 15 Gregory Way SK5 7ST Stockport — Cheshire 0044-161 475 1800 — Fax 475 1825 — Email:

Page 81

Tel. 0032-9-2829410 Fax. 0032-9-2810012 — Kurt_Derynck@rad.be T.M.P. Hammervej 32 7900 — Nikobing Tel. 0045-97-722233 —

0045-97-722143/33 — Email: TUONTI NAKKILA OY P.o.B. 18 29250 — Nakkila 00358-2-5352500 — Fax. — Email: satu.saarinen@aprilia.fi RO INT.(sede operativa)

Page 82

0027-11-7868486 — Fax. — Email: motovelo@betech.co.za DE MEXICO, SA. de CV. San Jeromino — — 552 Monterrey N.L. 0052-818333-4493 — Fax.

— sbertu Email: BIKE KOREA CO. LTD. Bldg. 302 #206-25, Ohjang-Dong, Seoul Tel.

Page 83

BERMUDA INTERNATIONAL LTD. Middle Road — Tel. 001-4412385050 — eurospice@ibl.bm MAJESTIC AUTO 10th KM Stone —

Road — P.O.Dujana 203207 Dadri — UP Tel. 0091-98100-19315 — 0091-98100-19300 MOTOMANIA, S.A. LIBERACION 4-19, ZONA 9 GUATEMALA CITY Tel.


WIRING DIAGRAM — 500 ABS SCROLL x1000r/min mp/h PASSING STOP TRIP 13 14 15 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 18 19 20 Az/R Ro/G Gr/Bi Gr/R Gr/Bi 1 3 2 Az/V G/Vi Ro/G Ar/N.


WIRING DIAGRAM KEY — 500 ABS 1) Multiple connectors 27) Number light 53) ABS control unit 54) ABS outlet 2) RPM sensor 28) Second light bulbs 55) ABS phonic speed sensor 3) Stepper 29) Rear right direction 56) ABS relay 4) Coil 30) Rear direction indicator.


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