Aprilia SL 1000 Falco

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Aprilia SL 1000 Falco

Enhancements and Modifications

Things to her run better

Frame Numbers


Aprilia Display Sheet

After over 5 of riding my Moto Guzzi 1100 I got the urge to try something Not instead, mind you — I own the Goose and intend to keep

This bike, even it is a V2 sports twin, is as different the Guzzi as can be. Look at the Aprilia if you want the details, or better yet see dealer for a test ride. a fascinating piece of go-fast and isn’t riddled with the problems of it’s competitors: got a better chassis than TL, it’s got more oomph Honda’s VTR, and it packs punch than any of the 600 Fours.

still a fairly comfortable and with the optional softbags is fine for touring.


In condition, the bike leaves to be desired. There is, however, a simple way to make her run even by removing a couple of restrictions the has fitted for legal reasons.

The rider will notice problems:

jerky engine below 3500 rpm in most

flat spot at 5500 rpm

on abrupt opening of the throttle

on what country version bike is, there is a restrictor the airbox which needs to be and a wire on the blackbox which to be clipped. Excellent information on these modifications is available at the website. The information given to the RSV Mille, but the Falco setup is the same with the exception of the restrictor, which is not present on the

Note: Follow these at your own risk. If you are unsure to do, have your dealer do it for

The results are pretty dramatic. It is now to roll through villages at rpm or less. Along those roads, you don’t have to to get across the 5500 rpm hole.

And response is instantaneous, regardless of the throttle is yanked open or more gradually.

Common Problems/Caveats


The clutch fluid turns within several thousand time. This is normal. have been explaining as a consequence of the power pulses the engine.

Whatever the reason it’s normal, don’t about it.

Dash Reset

is more common for some than for others. Usually when stalling the engine, or trying to start with a low The dash electronics will thereby zeroing out all counters (duh) for the odometer.

This is accompanied by violent noises the engine. Some owners this has happened after the has been ridden in the rain, or with a high-pressure washer.

It is a good idea to expose to torrents of water. However, I ridden my bike through a lot of heavy rain and also wash it with a pressure My only dash reset so far has when I stalled the engine taking off from a traffic

This remains a bit of a mistery.

The Display Cheat Sheet below will be useful to you reset the rev limit indicator to a value after this has

Shock Horror

The standard shock is a piece of crap. is no other way of saying it.

Aprilia tried to keep the price of the down by fitting a low spec, low unit. This isn’t in itself, however, the really bad is the shock *will* fail a relatively short time. The unit lost its damping about 13,000 km, with the becoming soft and sagging at the time.

A replacement unit under warranty blew a after just over km, leaving a puddle of oil under the and again no damping.

Aprilia will fit replacement units warranty. I suggest you make use of to let them see the high failure in their warranty statistics. of course, the replacement units fail as well.

Until Aprilia decides to use a shock, bike owners have to dish out their own for aftermarket upgrades. Common in Europe include White and Öhlins, in the States Penske and


Decent tires be the single most effective and upgrade to your bike! you start shopping around for shocks, put good rubber on bike.

Depending on where in the you bought your bike, it equipped with either MEZ3 or Michelin Pilot tires. Mine came Z3s.

Metzeler MEZ3: In new they handle and stick well. Dry stick isn’t as as the Z1s I’m used to, but sort of In the wet, they’re better the Z1s but then that’s not really I exchanged them with 50% tread left at 2500 in preparation for a longer vacation

Even at that point, started to degrade. Turning in to they go off-vertical very then require firm to increase the lean angle, and lean over hard minimal input. Not good and it worse as they wear on.

Bridgestone BT56: Next up I BT56s. Lovely! Dry stick much comparable to the Z1s, sharp handling without the bike unstable.

Best of finally some sport with lots and lots of wet Simply excellent. Brilliant with only one problem: The BT56s start shedding rubber as heat increases. on the road, you can see rubber rolls and come off.

They are not for track use. I’d recommend them for road use if you push things too hard. For the squidly of the bunch, try Bridgestone’s

Bridgestone BT010: This is the successor to the BT56. Dry and wet stick is to the BT56 while it lasts although exactly how long on your riding style of The BT010 feels quite making turn-in at the corner a quicker affair.

The bike leans off-vertical easily, but still predictably. As you lean angle, the BT010 to push the bike down, the rider to release pressure and stabilize the bike at maximum angle. This is my largest about the tire: I prefer to apply pressure in a linear

More pressure, more angle.

The verdict so far: for thrashing down the back and BT010 for the long holiday

Frame Numbers

In case you wondered what all the digits in the number mean, here you

Aprilia SL 1000 Falco
Aprilia SL 1000 Falco
Aprilia SL 1000 Falco
Aprilia SL 1000 Falco

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