APRILIA SPORTCITY 125 – 2004 MANUAL Pdf Download.

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Summary of Contents

Page 1

SPORTCITY 125 – 200 8104819.

Page 2: Safety Warnings, Technical Information, Warnings – Precautions – General Advice

#xA9; 2004 aprilia s.p.a. – Noale (VE) TECHNICAL INFORMATION SAFETY WARNINGS #x2605; The operations preceded by this The symbols and warnings used through- symbol must be repeated on the out this manual have the following mean- opposite side of the vehicle.

Page 3

Page 4: Table Of Contents


Page 6: Basic Safety Rules

BASIC SAFETY RULES Most road accidents are caused by inexpe- Avoid obstacles that could damage the ve- rienced riders. hicle or make you lose control of the vehi- To drive the vehicle, you must satisfy cer- cle. tain legal requirements (driving licence, NEVER lend your vehicle to a beginner minimum age limit, psychophysical fit- and make sure any person borrowing your.

Page 7

The driver should pay attention and avoid If necessary, have the vehicle inspected by Making any modifications to the vehicle an aprilia Authorised Dealer who should distractions caused by people, things and and/or removing the original components movements (never smoke, eat, drink, read.

Page 8: Clothing, Accessories

CLOTHING Do not ride with sharp or pointed objects in ACCESSORIES your pockets as they might cause injury in Always wear and fasten your helmet cor- The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the event of a fall (this includes keys, pens, the choice, installation and use of any ac- rectly before moving off.

Page 9: Load

Do not exceed the maximum load capacity aprilia recommends the use of genuine of each luggage rack. accessories (aprilia genuine accesso- ries). The overloaded vehicle will become unsta- ble and handle poorly.

Page 10: Arrangement Of The Main Elements

ARRANGEMENT OF THE MAIN ELEMENTS 1) Expansion tank 8) Engine oil filler plug 2) Coolant expansion tank plug 9) Left passenger footpeg 3) Rear brake fluid reservoir 10) Battery 4) Left rear-view mirror 11) Fuse carrier 5) Bag hook 12) Frame number 6) Air filter 13) Front cover 7) Centre stand.

Page 11

1) Passenger grab handle 7) Warning horn 13) Antitheft hook (for the aprilia Body- 2) Seat 8) Glove compartment Guard shielded cable 3) Fuel tank 9) Ignition switch/steering lock 4) Fuel tank filler plug 10) Battery compartment cover 5) Right rear-view mirror.

Page 12: Location Of Instruments/controls, Instruments And Indicators

LOCATION OF INSTRUMENTS/CONTROLS INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS km/h km/h MilesKm TRIPODO Miles TRIPODO 1) Electrical controls on the left side of the handlebar 1) Green turn indicator warning light ( 2) Rear brake lever 2) Blue high beam warning light ( 3) Front brake lever 3) Orange low fuel light ( 4) Throttle grip.

Page 13: Instruments And Indicators Table

It blinks when the right or left direction indicator is on. It comes on to warn that engine oil pressure is low. When this is the case, stop the engine immediately Engine oil pressure icon and contact an aprilia Authorised dealer.

Speedometer Indicates road speed.

Page 14: Controls On Left Handlebar

MAIN INDEPENDENT CONTROLS 4) DIMMER SWITCH ( ) / HIGH BEAM FLASHER (PASSING If the dimmer switch is in position #x2248; #x2206;, the high beam comes on; while if it is in position #x2248; #x2206;, the low beam comes on. CONTROLS ON RIGHT HANDLE- CAUTION The electric compo-.

Page 15: Ignition Switch, Steering Lock

Press the key (2) and turn it anticlock- #x25C6; wise (to the left), then steer the handle- bar slowly, until the key (2) reaches posi- tion #x2248; #x2206;. Extract the key. #x25C6; Position Function Key removal The steer- It is possible ing is to remove the locked.

Page 16: Auxiliary Equipment

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT Setting the clock CAUTION For safety reasons, it is possible to set this function when vehicle is stopped only. Hold down the Mode button (2) for at least three seconds. The column dividing hours and minutes will Miles start flashing.

Page 17: Bag Hook, Antitheft Hook, Unlocking/locking The Seat

To prevent the vehicle from being stolen, it is Insert the key in the seat lock. #x25C6; ously compromise the manoeuvrability advisable to secure it with the aprilia Turn the key (4) anticlockwise. #x25C6; of the vehicle or the movement of your Body-Guard.

Page 18: Glove Compartment, Tool Kit

For a better stability, it is necessary to #x221A; 8×120 mm rod. Maximum allowed weight: 1.5 kg fit handlebar counterweights together with the case; they are supplied with the original aprilia case. use and maintenance SportCity 125 – 200.

Page 19: Main Components, Fuel, Lubricants

24000 km (15000 mi). Raise the seat, see page 17 (UNLOCK- #x25C6; Have inspection and replacement carried ING/LOCKING THE SEAT). out by an aprilia Authorised Dealer. Unscrew the filler plug (1). #x25C6; use and maintenance SportCity 125 – 200.

Page 20: Brake Fluid – Recommendations, Disc Brakes

The following information applies to both OIL LEVEL). Authorised dealer every two years. braking systems. Have engine oil changed at an aprilia Au- WARNING thorised dealer.

Sudden changes in brake lever play or a spongy feel of the lever may indicate problems with the hydraulic system.

Page 21

CAUTION Position the vehicle The following information applies to both contact an aprilia Authorised Dealer. on firm and flat ground. braking systems. The braking system may need bleeding. Position the vehicle on the centre stand.

Page 22: Coolant

(up to 60% maximum) to the solution. engine parts. It may ignite and produce invisible flames. Wear latex gloves during servicing. Have the coolant changed at an aprilia Authorised Dealer.

Coolant mixture is a 50% solution of water and antifreeze.

Page 23

#x25C6; for leaks. Have the repair carried out at tained in the expansion tank (2) is includ- an aprilia Authorised dealer. ed between the MIN and MAX marks. MIN = minimum level.

Refit the front cover, see page 42 (RE- #x25C6;.

Page 24: Tyres

Use only tyres in the size suggested by The tyres could come off the rims under WARNING aprilia, see page 55 (TECHNICAL DA- harsh braking. Periodically check the tyre inflation TA). Finally, the vehicle could skid during pressure at room temperature, see cornering.

Page 25

If the exhaust system noise increases, contact an aprilia Authorised Dealer im- New tyres may be coated with an oily mediately. film: ride carefully until covering sever- al miles.

Page 26: Instructions For Use, Pre-ride Checks Chart

Wheels / tyres Check tyre surface, inflation pressure. Check for wear aprilia Authorised Dealer. or damage. A quick pre-ride check takes just a few Steering Steering should rotate smoothly and evenly.

There should minutes and greatly improves your #x221A;.

Page 27: Starting

CAUTION STARTING Set the engine stop switch (2) to position To avoid the exces- #x25C6; #x2248; #x2206;. sive wear of the battery, do not keep the Turn the key (3) and set the ignition starter push-button #x2248; #x2206; pressed for more #x25C6;.

Page 28

Press the start push-button (4) and #x25C6; aprilia Authorised Dealer. To clean a flooded engine: let the starter run for about five seconds Do not use the vehicle with insufficient Press the start push-button .

Page 29: Moving Off And Riding

MOVING OFF AND RIDING CAUTION Before moving off, carefully read section Safe Riding, see page 5 (SAFE RIDING). CAUTION If the low fuel warning light (8) positioned on the dashboard comes on while the vehicle is running, this means that the electric reserve is operating and there are still 1,4 of fuel available.

Page 30

WARNING When approaching a turn, slow down or brake and take the turn at moderate, constant speed or accelerate slightly; braking in a turn will greatly increase your chances of skidding. Continued application of the brakes on long downhill grades may cause the brakes to overheat, thereby reducing braking efficiency.

Page 31: Running-in, Stopping

STOPPING WARNING Signal your intention to change lane or WARNING turn in good time using the turn indica- If you can, do not stop or slow down tors and avoid sudden swerving or move- suddenly and avoid limit-braking. ments. Release the throttle grip (pos. A) and Switch off the turn indicators as soon as #x25C6;.

Page 32: Parking

PARKING PLACING THE VEHICLE ON THE CAUTION STAND W i t h t h e e n g i n e s t o p p e d an d t h e WARNING ignition switch in position #x201C; #x201D;. the Carefully read page 32 (PARKING).

Page 33: Maintenance

Ensure the area is well ventilated before ditional antitheft device. We recommend having the vehicle road- proceeding. tested at the aprilia Authorised dealer af- Make sure you have all the necessary doc- ter repair or servicing. Be careful of any parts of the engine or uments with you and that the road tax has In addition, perform the Pre-ride checks.

Page 34: Scheduled Maintenance Chart

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE CHART OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE aprilia Authorised dealer (CAN BE CARRIED OUT BY THE USER AS WELL). Component After running-in Every 6000 km Every 12000 km [1000 km (625 mi)] (3750 mi) or 8 months.

Page 35

OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE aprilia Authorised dealer. Component After running-in Every 6000 km Every 12000 km [1000 km (625 mi)] (3750 mi) or 8 months (7500 mi) or 16 months Idle mixture (CO) Converter belt Steering tube bearings.

Page 36

FRAME NUMBER ENGINE NUMBER IDENTIFICATION DATA The frame number is stamped on the The engine number is stamped near the It is a good rule to report the frame and en- frame central tube. To read it, it is neces- lower support of the rear shock absorber.

Page 37

The difference between MAX and CHECKING AND TOPPING UP EN- MIN amounts to approximately 200 GINE OIL LEVEL cu. cm. Carefully read page 19 (LUBRICANTS), The level is correct if the oil reaches ap- #x25C6; page 33 (MAINTENANCE) and page 58 prox.

Page 38: Air Filter

REMOVING AIR FILTER Apply a filter oil on the whole surface of #x25C6; the filtering element. Release and remove the screws (1). C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E – #x25C6;.

Page 39: Checking The Brake Pads For Wear

Inspect the brake pads before each ride. #x221A; Front brake pads (1); #x221A; From above, on the rear part, for both pads #x221A; rear brake pads (2). (C). WARNING Have the coolant changed at an aprilia Authorised Dealer. use and maintenance SportCity 125 – 200.

Page 40

INSPECTING THE FRONT AND REAR SUSPENSIONS C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E – NANCE). CAUTION Have the front fork oil changed by an a p r i l i a A u t h o r i s e d D e a l e r. f o r guaranteed accurate, prompt service.

Page 41

REMOVING THE BATTERY-FUSE REMOVING THE ENGINE INSPEC- COMPARTMENT COVER TION COVER CAUTION Proceed with care. Do not damage the C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E – C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E – tabs and/or their seats.

Page 42: Removing The Front Cover, Idling Adjustment

C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E – carburetion setting. NANCE). NANCE). If necessary, contact an aprilia Author- Position the vehicle on the centre stand.

Adjust the idling speed every time it is er- #x25C6;.

Page 43: Spark Plug

WARNING When finished, turn the handlebar to make sure its movement does not affect the engine idle rpm and check that the throttle grip – when opened and then re- leased – returns smoothly to the closed position. A D J U S T I N G T H E T H R O T T L E SPARK PLUG TWISTGRIP C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E -.

Page 44: Battery

Energetically blow some air, in order to BATTERY #x25C6; prevent the removed residues from get- C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E – ting into the engine.

Page 45: Checking And Cleaning The Terminals

Charge or use the battery in a well-ven- tilated place. Do not inhale the gasses produced by the battery under charg- ing. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Avoid leaning the vehicle at steep an- gles or you might spill battery fluid.

CAUTION Never invert the battery cables.

Page 46: Removing The Battery, Installing The Battery

CHARGING THE BATTERY CAUTION Do not remove the battery plugs or the battery may damage. Remove the battery compartment cover, #x25C6; see page 41 (REMOVING THE BAT- TERY-FUSE COMPARTMENT COVER) Remove the battery, see page 46 (RE- #x25C6; MOVING THE BATTERY). Be sure to have a suitable battery charg- #x25C6;.

Page 47: Changing The Fuses

Check as follows: ARRANGEMENT OF THE FUSES CHANGING THE FUSES #x221A; 7.5A fuse (2) Remove the battery compartment cover, C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E – #x25C6;.

Page 48: Checking The Switches

If you need assistance or technical advice, hicle and make sure that the light spot on contact your aprilia Authorised Dealer. the wall is just below the horizontal line of for guaranteed accurate, prompt service. the headlight (about nine/tenths of overall height).

Page 49: Lamps

LAMPS Press the bulb (3) slightly and rotate it #x25C6; anticlockwise. C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 3 3 ( M A I N T E – CAUTION NANCE). If the bulb holder (4) comes off its seat, refit it correctly.

Page 50

LOW/HIGH BEAM BULB PARKING LIGHT BULB C H A N G I N G T H E H E A D L I G H T (HALOGEN BULB) BULBS CAUTION Carefully read page 49 (LAMPS). CAUTION Do not pull on the wires to remove the The headlight accommodates: bulb holder.

Page 51

REAR TURN INDICATOR BULB NUMBER PLATE LIGHT BULB C H A N G I N G T H E T A I L L I G H T BULBS Remove the coloured shield (7), pay at- Unscrew and remove the screw (8). #x25C6;.

Page 52: Transport, Draining The Fuel Tank

Tighten the drain screw (2) with care, to avoid fuel leakages from the carburettor Remove the engine inspection cover, #x25C6; during refuelling. see page 41 (REMOVING THE ENGINE INSPECTION COVER). If necessary, contact an aprilia Author- ised Dealer. use and maintenance SportCity 125 – 200.

Page 53: Cleaning

CLEANING especially in the summertime, when the WARNING body is still warm, as the shampoo will After the vehicle has been washed, dry before you can rinse it away and braking efficiency could be temporarily could damage the paint. impaired because the friction surfaces Do not use fluids at a temperature high- of the braking systems may still be wet.

Page 54: Long Periods Of Inactivity

LONG PERIODS OF INACTIVITY #x2248; #x2206; for a few seconds, to distribute the Wrap and tie a plastic bag around the ex- #x25C6; oil evenly on the cylinder surfaces. haust pipe opening to keep moisture out. When the vehicle is to remain unused for Remove the cloth.

Page 55: Technical Data

TECHNICAL DATA DIMENSIONS Max. Length. 1965 mm Max. Width. 730 mm Max. height (headlight fairing included). 1130 mm Seat height. 790 mm Wheelbase. 1360 mm Minimum ground clearance. 130 mm Weight in running order. 148 kg ENGINE Model.

Page 56

TRANSMISSION Converter. automatic, stepless Primary. V-belt Final. gears Total engine/wheel ratio – minimum. 36.5 – maximum. 10.95 Total engine/wheel ratio – minimum. 22.36 – maximum.

7.88 CARBURETTOR WVF7 #xB5;29 WALBRO / CVK7 30 Keihin Model.

Page 57

TYRES Type. tubeless Front. 120 / 70 – 15 56 P Rear. 130 / 80 – 15 63 P STANDARD INFLATION PRESSURE Front. 200 kPa (2.0 bar) Rear. 200 kPa (2.0 bar) INFLATION PRESSURE WITH PASSENGER Front.

200 kPa (2.0 bar) Rear.

Page 58

LUBRICANT CHART Recommended) engine oil: SUPERBIKE 4, SAE 5W – 40 or 4T FORMULA RACING, SAE 5W – 40. As an alternative to recommended oils, top brand oils meeting or exceeding CCMC G-4 A.P.I. SG specifications can be used. (Recommended) transmission oil: F.C.

SAE 75W – 90 or GEAR SYNTH, SAE 75W – 90.

Page 59

NOTES ASK FOR GENUINE SPARE PARTS ONLY use and maintenance SportCity 125 – 200.

Page 60

WIRING DIAGRAM – SportCity 125 – 200 PASSING MODE LOCK 1617181920 R/Ar Gr/N 4 5 6 use and maintenance SportCity 125 – 200.

Aprilia Sportcity 125
Aprilia Sportcity 125
Aprilia Sportcity 125
Aprilia Sportcity 125

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