Comparative Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC, BMW C 600 Sport ABS, Honda Integra…

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Aprilia Mana 850 ABS

Comparative Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC, BMW C 600 ABS, Honda Integra Yamaha TMAX 530 ABS

In 2012, TMAX 530 ABS is dethroned! At the time of our exclusive match the opponent in BMW C 600 King inclined himself of a small point. There but is worth these two vis-a-vis SRV 850 and Honda Integra 700?

is the best maximum scooter 2012? Felt, measurements, all is on !

Attentive readers, you observe last week BMW C 600 Sport gained a small in the match which opposed it to the of the maxi scoot’ category, TMAX 530 (with being or reading again here).

into account the level of used in Bavarian sporting but also of the difference in cubic between the two machines, one suspect it slight; however force is to that the Japanese is far from completely released side quite to the contrary, while large points in addition.

But in BMW C 600 Sport is not the only threat for TMAX 530. Indeed, at a maxi scooter with the of sporting motor bike is Aprilia SRV 850, narrowly from Gilera GP 800 but redrawn for the of machine races. Lastly, as a outsider, we see in Honda Integra a typical scooter which its cards hidden well.

its elegant figure which it a priori less on the side of the sportsmen, its part cycles motor bike, its engine and its news on the segment (without its placement price of most new the maxi scooter Honda not miss assets.

What is hence these four 2012 as regard performances but of the practical aspects to the category? is nimblest and maneuverable with the newspaper? Which is greediest carburizing? On the road, which is capable to get feelings to you?

equipment (balances, stop gps, and bench of power) in of our feelings with the handlebar, puts the small dishes in the ones and proposes to this exclusive better maximum “sportsmen” 2012 to you to help you at the of choice. One makes some too much for you…; -)

Aprilia SRV 850 Controlled power

Since its in 2006, the large Gilera never really worried the on the level as of hexagonal sales (a few a year against a few thousands for the Yes but here, “the most scooter in the world” today under the Aprilia banner tech”. Thus, to control the 76 developed by its twin-cylinder out of V, the firm of benefits from its know-how in the bike to propose its swift equipped with ABS and the ATC, Traction Control.

As a result, because of this controlled power (on paper in any the Italian maxi scooter intends to impress the beginners and to them to benefit fully a very good driving Insofar as it is the heaviest scooter of comparative 2012, the SRV 850 is certainly not to take off, however it is him who offers the best taken and the best lengthening-piece (top

Aprilia SRV 850 2012 likes the tracks

Remain that SRV 850 presents gauge out-standards in the Even if it profits from one of the turning radii of this maxiscooter 2012, it is far from simplest to operate at low speed, to Yamaha TMAX 530, cut batch to face the city. The field of Aprilia concentrates on the fast tracks.

There, SRV 850 offers a very good a proven comfort and profits a rigorous handling.

Consequent and inertia of the large block out of V of Cm3 oblige, it is not most natural to in curve or to raise, nor most on the angle on the way of a bump besides, its large couple available as of the low is a treat to start again at exit of turns. Astonishing in spite of this vice of the Aprilia SRV 850 2012 is far from greediest with the pump. Honda Integra 700, it was most sober on this

The Aprilia SRV 850 is far from being practical

Maxiscooter cuts for the the SRV 850 sins from the point of of the practical aspects. Admittedly, as on TMAX 530, one can shelter a helmet under his saddle, but more. There is an additional contrary to the trunk of the maximum scooter which can still a behavior of rain and a …

Moreover, no arrangement is available in its whereas even Honda is entitled to small a vacuum-pocket.

To the SRV 859 on its central crutch requires training and it is here being not equipped with hazard But to like, the new high-end Aprilia enjoys a quality of raised an extremely pleasant completion and a of 10,299 € for this version electronically ABS-ATC for less vis-a-vis the productions BMW and Yamaha. But the tariff point of view, Honda, it is another history…

Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC 2012, our

Acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of 3 6 ‘ 65

Resumptions from 50 to 90 km/h of 3 timings): 2 ‘ 95

Resumptions from 90 to 130 (average of 3 timings): 4 ‘ 52

Turning 3.66 m

Consumer average of the 6.24 l/100 km

Weight all facts: 280.2 kg (AV 131.4 kg; AR kg)

Maximum speed: 185 km/h 205 km/h with the meter

BMW C 600 ABS: The anti TMAX Berlin

After C1, BMW strikes a blow to mark its return the of the scooter! It’s in a clear of sight Yamaha TMAX that ‘the Bavarian intends to well relegate to the For that, it first of all creates a with the lines racy of exciting.

The sporting design of BMW C 600 is indeed a success.

On the other – it is however there that one C 600 Sport -, force is to recognize the TMAX 530, SRV 850 and Integra 700 do to regard the quality of manufacturing, ugly plastics around instrument panel, nor granular on the level of their transmission

Also, with a saddle to 810 mm of the ground, BMW C 600 Sport is least to small gauges on this maxiscooter 2012. BMW catches up itself however with an thought very well and a of living perfectly arranged so the pilots of large gauge their eases.

First on the 100 standing start

After C1, BMW a great blow to mark its the market of the scooter! It’s in a line of sight Yamaha 530, that ‘the manufacturer intends to well to the background. For that, it first of all a machine with the lines of more exciting.

The sporting of BMW C 600 Sport is indeed a success.

On the hand – it is however there one expects C 600 Sport -, force is to that the TMAX 530, SRV 850 and 700 do better  to regard the quality of without ugly plastics their instrument panel, nor texture on the level of their casing.

Also, with a culminating to 810 mm of the ground, BMW C 600 Sport is accessible to small gauges on comparative maxiscooter 2012. BMW up with itself however an ergonomics thought very and a space of living perfectly so that the pilots of large find their eases

BMW C600… sporting and practical

its part cycles high BMW sticks to the road in all circumstances. rigorous in all the fields, it offers feelings of piloting, but request a little experiment to manage its not really light will be to you about it (256 kg all full on the balance bikescatalog). Fortuneatley braking, to control his heats, one from a system ABS of quality, and one is delighted to have a plethora of aspects with his handlebar.

this point of view, BMW C 600 remains an authentic scooter, the best throw weight of comparative (with the stop one two crash helmets in its trunk saddle), with an adjustable manuall which protects well even at high or an automatic parking brake to the side crutch. Without all this has a price: 11,100 € the options of the Highline pack), the tariff of this comparative.

BMW C 600 ABS, our measurements:

Acceleration 0 to 100 m (average of 3 timings): 6 ‘ 55

Resumptions 50 to 90 km/h (average of 3 timings): 3 ‘ 21

from 90 to 130 km/h (average of 3 5 ‘ 33

Turning radius: 3.65 m

average of the test: 6.53 km

Weight all full facts: 256 kg (AV kg – AR 130.4 kg)

Maximum speed: 177 stopwatch, 180 km/h with the

Honda Integra 700 C-ABS: The quality ratio/price/services

In 2012, innovates (again)! Indeed, the manufacturer presents a whole new scooter far from our usual With its wheels of 17 inches, typified motor bike, new 700 Cm3 coupled with an automatic box (with double clutch, the and final transmission by chain, the does not miss originality.

by standards of elegance forms with “wise” but well To Provide frontage in a not easily

However, to climb on the saddle of it is necessary to mount an extremely central tunnel, tallies of bike obliges. Also, if a comfort of base is felt, one quickly with narrow the handlebar of the machine so much on board is restricted. Inevitably, the of the pilots of more than m come to be coiled against the of the apron.

With the floor, is place for the feet but one cannot the legs for “cruiser”, thing able to be practiced on the three maximum scooters of this

Mode “Sport” for the performance or for strolls

Side motorization, offers well to us! Admittedly, the sonority of the block of this 700 is disconcerting, its vibrations with low like the fact that one each change of report. But in of performance, the twin-cylinder of 670 Cm3 makes

Fixed on the mode “Sport”, it up quickly with the starting and of very good recoveries to or 110 km/h, while showing reasonable in petrol consumption, sober of this comparative scooter sportsman 2012 on the

Moreover, thanks to his typical one can also roll with flexibility (and even fuel) by selecting his mode And taking into account the that this integrated from an authentic frame motor bike (which one besides on trail NC 700 X and roadster NC 700 S), it is in all that one benefits from services of first order. And to down its heats, note Integrated it 700 profits here best braking, with a coupled ABS (available to the left at the very least reassuring.

Integra 700, large but small trunk

But the beautiful one so quite carried out on the dynamic is not most general-purpose of our quadruplets of scooters. Downtown, the three maxis equipped with wheels prove indeed than Honda. Its comfort is not the and with its trunk of saddle to volume and its vacuum-pocket minimalist in the apron, the throw weight of the scooter is also the least of the batch.

Admittedly, with an competitive selling price (of 8,490 €), can one financially allow to graft a top to him puts, but what it be then of its handling at high This Honda production proves very relevant in order, but it is found finally in of until one waits on this scooter, because if it is simply a of taking feelings with vehicle, many motor sold with this fill already this

Honda Integra 700 C-ABS, our

Acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of 3 6 ‘ 57

Resumptions from 50 to 90 km/h of 3 timings): 3 ‘ 33

Resumptions from 90 to 130 (average of 3 timings): 5 ‘ 77

Turning 4.65 m

Consumer average of the 5.2 l/100 km

Weight all full 239.2 kg (AV 119 kg – AR 120.2 kg)

Maximum 169 km/h stopwatch, 179 km/h the meter

Yamaha TMAX 530 ABS: The sharpened sportsman

That it is in 2012, spirit TMAX Although it presents here the motorization, that its competitors at the head) compete of audacity on the level or innovating technical (as on Integrated DCT), new the maxiscooter stamped of the logo to the three forks keeps all its legitimacy on a which it itself created.

In the of its predecessors, this new Yamaha 530 has a style hooker, a quality of manufacturing (the best on the and proves to be accessible and accessible, for the like his host. With its small or large gauges their marks quickly and an ergonomics most instinctive.

gets a good comfort and is good whatever the pace. unlike BMW C 600 Sport, its bubble is not manually; nevertheless one can vary his on three levels quickly, via a standard key BTR (Allen).

Yamaha 530 remains most general-purpose

On comparative maxi scooter best cut for everything to do its residence TMAX. Leger, sharp, having of a very good and a solid transmission, the Yamaha 530 shines by his versatility. At ease “to commutate” between center and maximum Yamaha reveals all its potential on road where one exploits fully his motorization to his part cycles lending difficulty the side to criticism.

with a smaller engine, it is powerful than its competitors of the but it is not exceeded for as much. Its setting in is indeed impressive, it’s recoveries and its lengthening-piece more honorable.

On the dynamic level, in the straight broad outlines is the of T max 530, and then it is its agility charms. Without putting with him one passes from a turn to another very and one even surprises oneself to much angle… If it thus smallest and on paper less than these rivals, Tmax 530 remains model of always such a frightening in the of the action.

More practical Honda Integra and than SRV

Second larger carrier of comparative, Yamaha TMAX 530 a trunk for a crash helmet saddle, but of other knick-knacks can be there too. The opening the front to the back a little and is not best thought to charge however the restraint system per is very quite carried

As on BMW C 600 Sport, one finds on TMax two spaces in the apron, but the vacuum-pocket of does not make it possible to least the Smartphone there. Its is all the same of very good but all the more remains that its remains always also vis-a-vis a BMW scooter which for the same price, offers more in many fields.

Yamaha TMAX 530 ABS, our

Acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of 3 6 ‘ 84

Resumptions from 50 to 90 km/h of 3 timings): 4 ‘ 08

Resumptions from 90 to 130 (average of 3 timings): 5 ‘ 96

Turning 4.00 m

Consumer average of the 6.34 l/100 km

Weight all facts: 221.6 kg (AV 106.2 kg – AR kg)

Maximum speed: 168 km/h 180 km/h with the meter

assessment maximum scooters 2012: Very tight…

You it at the time of our preceding match BMW C 600 Sport to Yamaha TMAX our table of notation revealed the Bavarian scooter gained its to face of a small point The TMAX offers a better its services are remarkable, but it is now exceeded in field by the maxiscooter with the

This last offers practical aspects, important on the scooter category. Behind two sizes, Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC and Integra 700 C-ABS finish equality, but are however very

Aprilia is propelled by a subsidiary with feeling and is comfortable and however it is found somewhat by its imposing gauge, its weight and its of practical aspects. From point of view, it is even well parceled out, one reproaches him for being not very for the large gauges, but it marks as regards price inevitably, of engine, braking or quality of

Between these 4 maxis at the summit of the scooter category, we had to say with respect to our felt to handlebar. Here thus our verdict on these Aprilia SRV 850 BMW C 600 Sport ABS, Honda 700 C-ABS and Yamaha TMAX 530

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