Playing With My Little Italian Toy (Scooter/Moped) Aprilia SR 50 R Factory…

10 Jan 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Playing With My Little Italian Toy (Scooter/Moped) Aprilia SR 50 R Factory…
Aprilia SR 50 R Factory
Aprilia SR 50 R Factory

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BRACKO98: i have a question im 16 and i want to buy an Aprilia SR50 Like this one i live in Macedonia,Europe and theyre cheap and i have a driver’s license for a 50cc Scooter like this one and i have a question im not so,so tall about 1.65m and i want to ask you if i could drive this one on curves. and im not so fat to. п»ї

Sir Zappa: haha you can see this guys a beginner 😀 he has so much difficulty driveing xD putting his leg out cuz hes freaking paranoid 😀 п»ї

Jonathan Fox: This Standard. Any mods. Seems like standard but also seems quite fast to be standard :Pп»ї

Navraj Gill: New rider? You can really throw these into the corners. You don’t have to stick a leg out like your motocross racing. And I’m convinced these are the best 50cc scoot ever. Smooth rise.

Unparralleled reliability. Good speed. 50mph and 100mpg can’t beat itп»ї

cptstubing: it sounds like a underpowered lawn mower. mine does anyway. if i didn’t know any better, i’d think it’s a guy running down the street with a weed trimmer.

Keelan Munn: my mums hair dryer is louder. oh. wait. this is my mums hairdryer.

lukethekanefan: i keep asking u this because i am really intrested about the difrences the mods make to the speeed how fast have u had out of it now have u beat the previous 50mph

XboxFunPlay: Yes you can, I’m 16 and I used to have this scooter before I sold it and bought a Derbi GP1 50 Open 🙂 I like the Derbi more, but the Aprilia is fine.

new Bransco: max speed in w leovince zx ?

smasher1k: @Mntry89 come on bro scooters are fun u know that right?all Filipino likes scooters.that’s the major transporter in the Philippines bro.why u gotta hate bro. lol hehe.

Beny FichtlaЕ™: Of course you can 😉

Harry G: @rheaMDC21 Very nice.

daonendonli: man it seems like this is more your bike than for your wife.

ToastToGo: Ah, loooks like you’ve got yourself a camera man. 😎

Mark Nowhereman: @BlackFalcon16 — i just stated my opinion as well. nothing personal. this is the internet like u said. everyone can say what ever he/she wants. i don’t get angry at all. i just reply to what ever comment you and the other viewers/subscribers post on this channel. nothing personal. -)

Mark Nowhereman: @Nickiller6969 – A reality check about what? thatп»ї posting a vid about a scooter is nothing but crap? I understand m8 what you meant. Coz u don’t care about scoots and u have been following my vids for months. I’ll tell u what the reality is. That the vids i upload about my scoots will be seen by future viewers subscribers who are interested in scoots/mopeds.

I do apologize if i offended you w/ my reply. That McDonald thing was for a general kinda message. I did not target you specifically.

slovenc4evr: damn acceleration at 0:30 look horible.Is it that bad?

Mihajlo m: did you get leo vince clutch springs in package. with them setup is good for ditech/factory SR .what is the weight on those rollers ?with zx handmade you get 4.9gr and it could go over 50 ,i don’t know how more since ’03 sr had a scale speedo with 50mph bench mark .cheers from Serbia

Beny FichtlaЕ™: And vintage ?

Iyswift: Yeah it’s one of the best. It has big wheels, it’s liquid cooled, fuel injected, inverted forks, and stock expansion chamber. This thing flys for 50cc’s

braceyoself777: @Nickiller6969 plenty people with MBA’s that are out of a job right now lol

EnergyMiikee: how fast is it?

tailgate30: i had a sr 50 harada replica back in the 90s..and i loved it so much. leo vinci exhaust..98 kmh on the flat.but you gotta get in the bubble. now i have the sxv450. aprilia is the best!!

Mark Nowhereman: @bendina88 — yeah i think i would put the stock roller weights back. thanks for the info.

ddrum1978: Does the 2012 SR 50 R come in the Factory Alitalia Replica.

cenatop1: is this 50cc

Jonnylover1990: Sr 50 r factory is the king of the scooters

Mark Nowhereman: @spartanturtle333 — no democracy huh? hehe. Yeah man, many subscribers are hating my scoots bcoz they got used to see my riding a super sport. but like i said, d vids i upload about scoots will be seen by future viewers and subscribers who are interested in scooters/mopeds. if they don’t like d vids about d scoot. then they don’t need to watch the damn vid! hehehe,,

bob505470: That thing is the cleanest idling 2 stroke I have ever heard.

THEDROPPEDSOCK: Is that aprilia stock other than the exhaust ?

spartanturtle333: @rheaMDC21 good for you bro don’t take any crap from these loosers who just don’t get the scooter thing. If any of you who think the internet is free-speech I will tell you, that has not been my experience. Please look at this thread on Modern Vespa dot com.

I am talking about my experience with my brand new lemon Piaggio mp3, the moderator is a little nazi that if you don’t say you love your little broken down three wheel scooter, he shuts you out. They want no bad press to vespa or mp3’s

Mark Nowhereman: @Nickiller6969 — u wanna know why i have 914 vids? It’s because i am not like you who work full time at mcdonalds in the kangaroo land. I have plenty of time to do videos like this one. So focus on quality huh? So those 914 vids of mine have no good qualities, huh. -) U don’t need to watch my vids.

You are free to un-subscribe anytime u want.

Mark Nowhereman: @spartanturtle333 — Well, you just broadcasted it man! hehehe. Many viewers will read this comment of yours.

braceyoself777: hahahaha you have it up! lol awesome

lukethekanefan: @rheaMDC21 dont worry i think the scooter vids and scooter moding vids are the best tbh love the super sports vids dont get me wrong but in england me being 16 the only thing i can ride is 50cc upto 125cc untill i do my bike license so ignore the bad comments on the scoot vids cos by making them ur spanning your channel out to other people who ride scoots and things who wouldnt have watched your super sport videos before

yowhatsupmark: Pare pag uwe mo ng pinas karera tayo ha.

Mark Nowhereman: @ToastToGo — yeah michael was my camera guy yesterday. i was his camera guy too. i was video taping him using his DRIFT HD.

Harry G: Its a very nice looking scooter but i reckon my 1999 modified jog would eat it. (no hate) Whats the top speed and acceleration like?

Ajdin Punkt: Hey, I am not very big, I think I’m so 1,60 meter and I am 14 (in 4months 15). And in Germany we can drive scooters with 15 legal and my question is: Can I drive the Aprilia? (sorry 4 my bad english)

braceyoself777: @IIxSmgYxII He secretly owns Kawasaki.

LamboFanatic: No, trust me, putt some sport exhaust and boost botle and 70cc cilynder, top speed over 60 mph

Mark Nowhereman: @lukethekanefan — u got that right! ride safe and hope to hear from you that few years from now, u are riding a super sport or a super bike already. cheers m8!

Trexpass: no he’s not giving full trottle

footfingergrease: Sounds like a dieing cow

thodorisconstantinou: It’s really good scooter?

Naqib Johari: @rheaMDC21 easy..lighter roller give better acceleration but less top speed..heavier roller does not have good acceleration but more top speed. but the scooter will not go any where if the roller too heavy( its like using too small rear sprocket..if u get what i mean ) just stick with original give the optimum speed..if u want more power, go with bigger bore + bigger carb + slightly heavier roller. =]

LamboFanatic: Why don’t you put 70cc cylinder, it would go so much faster?

johnnygoodjob69: I want to see you get your knee down lol

Shane Mc Geown: how can you afford all your motorbikes n stuff ?

cptstubing: i don’t think it would. been told it would only help acceleration.

Aprilia SR 50 R Factory

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