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Well it all started in September 1998 when I got a BMW R65 after having being away from motorcycling for 20+ سنوات.

Here are a few more pictures:- click the thumbnail to view a larger image, and use the ‘backbutton to return here.

The two showing the water were taken on a trip to the Isle of Arran on the West coast of Scotland (wife on pillion!).

The R65 covered over 5,000 ميل في 1999. As well as the Arran trip (rather nasty wee roads for a big bike), I have beeen to Inverness and the Isle of Skye, plus several 200+ mile runs. Went off camping to Ullapool in May 2000 with the BMW Club. (click the word ‘Ullapoolto see some pics)

I passed Institute of Advanced Motorists test in October 1999, and my Qualified Observer in March 2001

In August 2001, I managed the trip to Malvern to the BMW Club’s 50th Anniversary weekend, I then went on to London and back and so covered 850 miles in the tripthe bike was perfect for me. One interesting moment was when doing a sharp right hand turn and my (not often used) tankbag hit the engine kill switch.

I n October 2000 I changed the R65 for a younger R80also black. It is a 1992 monoshock model.

One of the modifications I have made to it is to covert the flip-up sidestand to a flip-up/flip-down one. Click here for more information.

I also has an interesting clutch problem after having the gearbox off to lubricate the splines. The bottom line was that the sleeve that holds the release bearing was 0.2mm oversize and was sticking when the engine was hot. A trim in the lathe sorted that out.

It seems to be a plastic material, and before I took it out I had no problemit must have worn slightly oval! It is still OK Jan 2002, so I think we have a permanent cure.

In June 2002, I bought an R1100RS SE (1996), but I am still keeping the R80.

I have fitted Bar Backs and a Wudo screen to make it more confortable. Here it is before the mods at Loch Inshard. This was on my BMW Club Scottish Section challenge to visit 26 Scottish lochs.


I bagged them all and was awarded my certificatealso won the best picture and that was on the old R80 at Loch Rannoch (although the Bulletin reported Bill McCreery on an R60!!)

I n the Spring of 2003, I sold the RS1100 to my son-in law who had just passed his test using Direct Access and I am back with my R80, now twin plugged and going much better.

Well moving on and it is now December 2004 and a R100R is in the stable so the R80 has gone to a good home near Edinburgh.

The R100R has been successfully twin plugged and a number of modifications carried out.

Mechanical :- the rear carrier flattened to carry a top box lower; pannier frames added, side stand now stays down and is interlocked with the kill switch; progressive front springs.

Electrical :- special low wattage running lamps made ; GPS powered cradle; indicator timer, high power red led’s in rear indicator lamps; hi-lo voltage comparator; headlamp relays and running lights disable relay.

This year I have covered over 4000 miles and will be glad to replace the Metzler tyres as they are a bit skitterish in the wet.


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