1974 HUSQVARNA 400 WR 6 سرعات

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Husqvarna 400

خيط: 1974 HUSQVARNA 400 WR 6 سرعات

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للبيع – 1974 HUSQVARNA 400 WR 6 سرعات

Sorry baout the Ebay link. لسوء الحظ, the image tag option to place same in the message body is broken and only a single image attachment is allowed hence the reference to my detailed auction post.

1974 HUSQVARNA 400 Wide Ratio – 6 سرعة

Perfect for AHRMA Motocross and Cross Country Racing

This bike has been in my collection for 3 سنوات. I am selling it to finance the purchase of a highly desirable and rare motorcycle.

This bike runs excellent. The motor pulls strong, the transmission shifts perfectly and the brakes stop the bike well. After being in storage for almost three years it started on the second kick. This bike has an aluminum smaller, factory gas tank, a aftermarket exhaust and Works Performance rear shocks which are fine but should be serviced if you plan to race this machine. Both wheels have been re-laced with heavy duty, stainless steel spokes.

There is no rust on the machine to speak of. The front fork seals are leaky from age and when replaced will seal fine on the fork sliders which are in excellent condition. The seat is in perfect condition the cables all move freely and are in above average condition.

The tires are about 40% worn and do not have leaky or patched tubes.

ملحوظة: This bike was originally purchased out of Arizona where registration of off-road vehicles is not required. I will provide a notarized bill of sale to the person that buys this bike.

بصورة شاملة, I give this bike a rating of 8 out of 10. It is a racer’s bike and not a display machine. The tank is in very, very good condition with only a small dent on the left top.

Motor# 2038 0-34

Frame# MK14232

السعر: $1650 or best offer.

Delivery/Shipping options:

1) Via ForwardAir.com to anywhere in the USBuyer pays freight.

Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400

2) I will deliver the bike to the Adelanto Grand Prix in Adelanto, California on the weekend of February 28th.

3) I will deliver this bike to Barstow California, Kingman Arizona or Tonopah Nevada.

Payment Options:

1) PayPal in total.

2) Cashiers Check

3) Cash (on in person delivery)

Feel free to contact me with any question and to receive images via email that could not be posted here.

Lastly, I am curious why you do not allow that site from heck links.

To answer your question. Because this site is for Dirt Bikers to share information freely. كما, we do not charge our members a fee to sell an item here. thumb:

Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400
Husqvarna 400

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