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Norton water-cooled Classic

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العثور على موقع ئي باي: 1978 ياماها SR500

Yamaha’s SR500 was a retro bike before being retro was popular. وردة إلى أيام BSA الذهبيات.

دراجة نارية الإستطلاع: الذي فئة 500cc التوأم هل شراء?

تذكر منتصف 1970s, عندما كانت لا تزال التوائم الساخنة وكانت الدراجة فئة 500cc كبيرة بما يكفي للطريق? ثلاث،.

Ultra Rare AJS Goes to Auction

Only four 1954 بنيت AJS E95 سباق الدراجات, واحد منهم هو الذهاب للبيع. الدولية في.

إدخال سرعة في اتجاه قابل للسحب, مأوى للماء وتأمين حماية كاملة

1939 AJS 500 V4 المتسابق

Total production: 2

السلطة ادعى: 55hp @ 7,200rpm

السرعة القصوى: 135mph

نوع المحرك: 495سم فوق كام, اثنين من صمامات لكل اسطوانة, سوبر تشارج, water-cooled 50-degree V4 with 180-degree crankshaft and chain-driven Zoller volumetric compressor

وزن (جاف): 405رطل (243كلغ)

In a country so long wedded to single-cylinder supremacy, where the connotation “multi” for many decades denoted nothing more exceptional than a parallel twin, the idea of a Made in England four-cylinder Grand Prix racer always seemed at best unlikely if not downright impossible. It’d be a bit like Triumph or Norton making a two-stroke.

But just once, more than 60 سنين مضت, a British manufacturer dared to invest in the exotic rather than the functional. And even if the result took a while to win a race (thanks to a scattered development path that was first interrupted by WWII, then terminated by the postwar ban on forced induction), it eventually led to the creation of the bike that won the first-ever 500cc World Championship, في 1949.

That manufacturer was Associated Motor Cycles, and its AJS E90 Porcupine remains the only twin ever to have won the 500cc World title. By comparison the supercharged 50-degree AJS V4, AJS’s prewar GP contender, was the first bike to lap a classic road course at over 100mph, in the hands of Walter Rusk in the 1939 Ulster GP, 15 days before the outbreak of WWII. The parallel twin ‘Porc’ was, if not exactly conventional, certainly much less exotic than its prewar predecessor.

The fact that the only surviving examples of each bike have been brought together by someone who regularly puts them through their paces in public is very fortunate. But then Sammy Miller, their owner and past winner of a succession of International Six Days Trial enduro gold medals, is a fortunate man.

Order the November/December 2006 issue of Motorcycle Classics to read more about the AJS 500 V4 Rider, including riding impressions by Alan Cathcart. Contact Customer Service at (800) 880-7567 or contact us by email .

Norton water-cooled Classic
Norton water-cooled Classic

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