Scooter Shootout: 2014 BMW C 650 GT / 2013 Honda Silver Wing / 2013 Suzuki…

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Honda Silver Wing

Scooter Shootout: 2014 BMW C 650 GT / 2013 Honda Silver Wing / 2013 Suzuki Burgman 650

dekabr 5, 2013

The Suzuki Burgman (left), BMW C 650 GT (center) və Honda Silver Wing (right) all have liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder engines, anti-lock brakes and fuel injection.

Scooters are often seen as something less, something that one learns and practices upon until he or she is ready for a real machine. You know, one that has at least two cylinders, liquid cooling, double-overhead cams, silindr hər dörd klapan, yanacaq yeridilməsi, anti-lock brakes (ABS), a respectable amount of displacement, s.

Well, the scooters you’re perusing here all happen to have two cylinders with liquid cooling, silindr hər dörd klapan, anti-lock disc brakes, yanacaq yeridilməsi, and two of the three even have dual overhead cams. And their displacement ranges from 582cc for the Honda Silver Wing to 638cc for the Suzuki Burgman and 647cc for the BMW C 650 GT. These are some serious scooters!

With that said they’re still, after all, scooters. That means they have smaller wheels than motorcycles, and a step-through frame design with a feet-forward riding position. There’s no throwing a leg over, and no seriously bent knees under you. With their automatic clutches and continuously variable transmissions (CVT), no shifting is required. Utilize the big storage area under the seat to haul your stash.

It all boils down to the fact that scooters are simple to ride, comfortable and practical.

Just because they’re scooters, however, don’t regard them as toys that are inexpensive to buy or operate. With all these advances and their 600-650cc displacements their weights are comparable to mid-size motorcycles, their fuel mileage is similar, and they range in price from $9,270 qədər $10,999.

All utilize sophisticated ABS brake systems that work well, and stopping power is impressive. Yenidən, these are serious scoots!

2014 BMW C 650 GT ($9,990 + $605 = $10,595)

2014 BMW C 650 GT

The German-built BMW C 650 GT is powered by a 647cc parallel twin-cylinder engine made by Kymco in Taiwan. With a compression ratio of 11.6:1 it requires 89-octane fuel, but the others take 87-octane regular. It’s a nice touch that deploying the sidestand not only kills the ignition, but also automatically deploys the parking brake.

Final drive is courtesy of a chain in an oil bath.

Two small storage areas live in the dash, each of which will accept a pair of gloves but little more. It is the only scooter here whose underseat storage area is big but will not accommodate two full-face helmets.

Roll on the gas and the C 650 GT’s engine revs rather high and noisily, about 4,000 rpm according to the bar graph LCD tachometer, and with a lot of slippage the bike begins to move. Once it hooks up it feels lively; the impression is that this high-performance motor needs to spool up further into its rev range to where it’s making good power. Underway, the GT feels stable on its 15-inch wheels though the ride is slightly choppy relative to the other two scooters.

The BMW C 650 GT is the quickest of the group, and offers a pair of dashboard storage compartments, an electrically adjustable windscreen and optional heated seats and grips.

For the long ride home, hit the button near the left grip and adjust the windscreen from down to up, but even in the highest position the wind hit our 6-foot-tall riders in the face. Our test GT was equipped with the optional Highline Package ($605), which includes heated grips and heated seats with separate controls for rider and passenger.

Of these scooters, the BMW’s seat height of 31.7 inches is very high for a scooter, and even our 6-footers had to tiptoe—a 30.9-inch seat is available as an accessory. The passenger likewise has the highest climb to get aboard, and by sitting higher has less wind protection.

2014 BMW C 650 GT

Base Price: $9,990

Price As Tested: $10,595

Honda Silver Wing
Honda Silver Wing
Honda Silver Wing
Honda Silver Wing

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