Guzzi V7 Stone, xüsusi, Racer: Review and corrected … həmçinin!

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Moto Guzzi California Stone

Guzzi V7 Stone, xüsusi, Racer: Review and corrected … as well!

The first version had left us perplexed. Since then, the Italians have made some adjustments. More careful, but efficient, the new Guzzi V7 Stone 2012 evolves very relevant while tightening its price. The nostalgic pragmatic newbie’s as well as connoisseurs would do well to read the following…

Guzzi V7 Stone, xüsusi, Racer: First attempt

“Since Moto Guzzi belongs to the Piaggio group, we have more freedom to negotiate prices with suppliers, spare parts are cheaper, and in parallel we have improved the production process.” Thus, managers of the staff of the Italian brand we explain how the new Moto Guzzi V7 Stone has significantly improved until a point that he lacked: the price / quality ratio. At Euro 7990, the old model appeared in 2008 V7 Classic was not really a bargain. Posted today at 7899 Euros, the 2012 V7 Stone is not a huge difference to the bank account, but straightens the bar significantly and also the emblem of regales Moto Guzzi’s most accessible moment, in every sense of the term.

But not the exciting…

Wedged in the mountains of the Italian Alps, Lake Como is certainly one of the meccas of local boating, but above the entire motorcycle world. If the big time at which the manufacturer was supporting many local families is gone, there is nevertheless still produce here all brand bikes. In such an environment, a test of the famous V Twins facing the road has obviously nothing of punishment. Even if a priori, the V7 Sport is probably not the most exciting recent Moto Guzzi.

lakin, after a still too short stroll to the handlebars, it is made with regret to its owners. Because they are not so common these bikes capable of attracting benevolent gaze, to skim apace without a varied route request control of world champion, and carry you all day without wringing the portfolio.

The grip of the machine is almost a formality. The saddle allows close to as many ask at least one foot flat on the ground. The high handlebars and (çox) broad chest and straightens the arm relieves. The controls fall naturally under the hands, provided they are of standard size, because the settings spacer levers remained at suppliers. Only legs bent significantly by high footrests and advanced may eventually interfere with the greatest.

In short, on this side, no change or very little, the Guzzi V7 Stone itself to be tamed more easily keep it light and compact. Just the first laps they point turning radius not great and most importantly, a direction surprisingly clumsy at very low speed. But the engine, it has already begun its seduction operation.

First point, his music should appeal to music lovers, and slightly more aggressive cavernous than before. More importantly, the work of the plant is immediately appreciable. If he is still very flexible – able to wander in the fifth to less than 2000 rev / min – the V twin 750 cm3 now responds much better to handle. And on the small road that borders the lake, where the eye is literally overwhelmed by the landscape as much as the boats and the daily office, it helps.

Thighs tight against the tank long guaranteed pure metal; the Gizzi V7 Stone is guided without forcing the handlebars. Seated in the center and not on the front wheel as the most “evil” Japanese roadsters, then we rediscover the charms of the old geometry, and this fork more inclined than usual, which does not deviate for a yes or a non its path … If it is not the quickest to jump on the angle, the new Guzzi V7 Stone is not nonetheless become more natural to include cornering, less resistant and “falling” more later – or at cases less – as the old model. Nevertheless, the onslaughts of Italian mountains, its 179 kg do not play the field while relieving the pilot’s arm, while the engine has not said everything. Friendly low speed, the smaller V Twins Mandela has also improved markedly in pure performance…

Character, you’re back!

Moto Guzzi California Stone

As the pace increased in the pack of testers French media invited to this little walk digestive (ah, Italian pastas …), we soon appreciate its power on the increase to “high” regime. sonra 4500 r / min to over 6 000 r / min, the new Guzzi V7 is not asking his propel you manfully illegally while you tickling the ends by its vibrations invasive … But fortunately, the former fade reasonably normally, just to remind you that only two pistons drive the beautiful Italian.

Reworked at the very top of engine and fuel injection, twin-cylinder 750 cm3 and found that this character should have never lost, capable of effective acceleration or navigate comfortably between 90 qədər 130 km / h, of 3 500 qədər 4 500 rev / min. Purists will regret just this usual speed range is not more conclusive, because without falling into a hole (of fuel) gaping, the new Guzzi V7 Stone then just take them effectively without changing gears to overtake a car for example.

The engineers have to tell us tweaking the injection mapping on this point, given that there will anyway be content with the old gearbox mechanism, imprecise and require regular back outside twice to demote sweetness. Even on the revised 2012 model, this one still does not work miracles, it’s a shame.

Drops of it to the Guzzi!

Between permanent changes in altitude, inclination angles and engine speeds, the day passes quickly, without stress or boredom. Probably even more than its new price / quality ratio, the whole point of this new Moto Guzzi V7 Stone is to satisfy a wide range of users.

For beginners – and future holders of the European license – it offers an amazing grip ease despite his pedigree “Madeline” backpackers sufficient power to travel with ease with bag and baggage, to face a real nostalgic classic motorcycle mechanical sensations that awaken some of the old memories, and motor soothing urban flexibility and low maintenance. Healthy behavior, provided it remains comfortable in its flight, the Guzzi V7 is no longer the rustic and too expensive motorcycle that has been known an alternative but more careful and realistic then the other twin public or Honda NC 700.

Faced with this, apart from its price of course, it is mainly the absence of an ABS braking that will hurt him – his two discs are doing well though – while his personality can now legitimately tip the balance. Remains at the side of V7 Stone entry level ( 7,799), Special bi color ( 8,199) and more Racers ( 9399) we always seem too expensive in relation to competition remarkably focused. But the heart has its reasons…

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