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Suzuki G-Strider

Suzuki G-Strider (noyabr 2003)

BikePoint reported on a number of concept bikes unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, of which Suzuki’s G-Strider was one

Here’s the factory insight into what makes the machine tick.

The Suzuki G-Strider concept redefines the traditional riding position of a motorcycle, instead replicating the posture a relaxed human being assumes in a weightless environment.

The ergonomic feet-forward design approach is complemented by an unprecedented level of information technology and electronic assistance on a motorcycle.

Suzuki’s G-strider is all about pushing the boundaries, introducing new ideas and speculating on where motorcycle design might go in the future, Perry Morison, General Manager – Motorcycles, Suzuki Australia, said.

As with previous concepts such as the Hayabusa-powered B-King, Suzuki has incorporated technology in the G-Strider that may be pure fantasy or may make production next year. that’s what makes the concept so interesting.

Powered by a 916cc, four-stroke, maye ilə soyudulan, DOHC, paralel əkiz mühərrik, the G-Strider utilises Suzuki’s Electronically-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (SECVT), as found on the Suzuki Burgman 650 superscooter.

Electronics feature extensively in the Suzuki G-Strider‘s design, with electrically adjustable handlebars, windscreen, rider’s seat, footrests, and backrests for both rider and passenger, enabling selection of the most comfortable seating position possible.

The Suzuki G-Strider also features an advanced telematics system which utilises a bidirectional wireless infrastructure to support videophone communication and Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation assistance.

The G-Strider is equipped with an intelligent keyless ignition system and a self-diagnosis function, in which data from a range of sensors is analysed and results displayed on the liquid-crystal main monitor located behind the windscreen.

Əlavə olaraq, a handlebar-mounted digital meter with electroluminescent backlighting provides easily readable information about the bike’s key functions.

A unique tank-mounted console with trackball control and large function keys, which can be easily operated by gloved hands.

Suzuki G-Strider

Futuristic safety features on the Suzuki G-Strider include two rear-facing cameras mounted in the rear lighting system, which feed video images to the rearview monitors, replacing conventional mirrors.

A high-intensity-discharge projector-type light integrated with high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs) form a powerful combination headlight, while the tail and indicator lights also employ high intensity LEDs, making the G-Strider more visible to surrounding traffic, even in broad daylight.

An intelligent cornering lamp system, which uses microprocessors to sense the motorcycle’s bank and handlebar angle, illuminates the road on the inside of the turn accordingly.

Suzuki’s G-Strider also incorporates a centre-hub steering system and a compound-laser welded front swingarm for enhanced rider control, and an anti-lock brake system (ABS), with the front brakes using radial-mount four-piston calipers.

The package is mounted on impressive 140mm front and massive 220mm diameter rear tyres to further its handling and stability.

Published. cümə, 21 noyabr 2003

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Suzuki G-Strider
Suzuki G-Strider
Suzuki G-Strider
Suzuki G-Strider
Suzuki G-Strider
Suzuki G-Strider
Suzuki G-Strider
Suzuki G-Strider

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