Test Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord ABS Motors TV

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Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord

Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord ABS test


Using a tried and true method in the motorcycle industry- that of coming up with endless uses for a certain type of engine- the Italian manufacturer Aprilia is trying something new with its 60- V twin 1000cc engine- with this big Trail GT- the CapoNord. Initially slated for use in the Superbike World Championship- this modern and powerful twin engine needed a chassis which would live up to its High Tech image if it wanted to become a bona fide "Trail" product.

Aprilia pulled out all the stops- giving this new CapoNord the "typically Italian" profile of a very technologically advanced machine -the Italian synonym for performance-. It-s very rugged appearance underlines this tendency for state of the art technology.


The CapoNord- just like its siblings- is pretty impressive in size- accentuated by some rather bulky equipment. The 860mm of the non-adjustable seat may quickly turn off potential clients with an "unsuitable" morphology. Chock full of various patents like the rear axel assembly-s anti-dribble system or the spoke rims equipped with tubeless tyres- this engine uses a string of noble materials like aluminium- magnesium or carbon.

The 2004 model also comes with ABS to reinforce its "Touring" personality. The CapoNord also shows off its all-terrain qualities with all the trimmings- high wheel travel- spoke rims- a safety hood in a carbon-magnesium alloy and large sized sleeves. Equipment which nicely fills out a dashboard devoted to both rider and passenger comfort.


To make this twin engine a "maxi trailer for touring" -meaning the flattest torque curve possiblemost of the changes focused on a new configuration of the combustion chamber- a specific valve-timing diagram due to a heavier crankshaft and new camshaft. The whole thing enhanced by different injection mapping for both cylinders. The twin uses two stainless steel mufflers which can be fitted with a catalytic converter to satisfy Euro II anti-pollution standards.

Despite efforts to make the twin-s sports version a little "softer"- the CapoNord still lacks a bit of flexibility at low speed. Coupled with a very "metallic" sound and a few "hiccups" here and there- the Aprilia engine feels a lot better once it-s passed the 3000 rev mark- where it comes off much more convincing without adding more noise. Feeling much more at home- the engine gets back to its original roots and prefers the wide open spaces.


Once on the road- you-ll quickly notice that the CapoNord-s 215 kilos and its XL size somewhat limit the chassis- agility. Not very feisty- it compensates with a high tech framejust fantasticoffering loads of stability going into tight curves. A distinction which says loads for its touring capabilities. The riding position is very relaxing- the saddle-s measurements and improved suspensions ensure first rate comfort for both the rider and passenger.

With an almost "perfect ten" in protection- ә 25 litre tank and loads of storage space- the CapoNord will take you to the ends of the earth and back again.

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