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Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i

Thread: Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG4

Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG4 Review

180 UG4 – The Sunset Monster.

Hi guys, my review here and I am ready to be out. Forgive the picture and quality.

I still remember moment, when I first a Pulsar 180 Classic, at Shivaji Connaught Place, I was awestruck, staring on it until it faded traffic. I decided that I will too buy one…. innocence you it! Anyway, before I further and bore you out of here, I shall go deploy my pathetic reviewing and complete the post.

Alas, you be bored anyway!!

I bought bike (in silver color) on May 2010. Don’t ask me how I got it, phir tasalli se baat karenge . I wanted a Pulsar 220 DTSi at any but somehow at eleventh hour I myself that P180 that bad either.

The reasons I to stay happy with UG4 rather than P220

I couldn’t manage extra 8K! For me initial, middle, high-end BHP, top speed 140 km/h, drags etc are all tertiary things. I wanted sheer comfort in good looks than contenders and secondarily a more of a bike.

Almost every person in my contact has got either Honda or simply Honda, as well but not Pulsar. I first that I will buy a Stunner, my neighbor won the race from me, I shared my POV with him.

Next, I decided that I buy a Yammy FZ-16, kaboom…my friend bought it totally to me. I was shattered, I somehow spent one n year with my good ol’ LML NV and with my elder brother’s XCD And next day after one n half I actually bought one P180UG4 than deciding, thinking on it, for views and criticisms.

Now I have few who taunt me saying, “Hadn’t if bought, I had almost booked Megalomaniacs you say!

Reasons why I P180 UG4 over TVS Apache 180 RTR

For me if is Woody Allen Steven then Pulsar 180 UG4 is Jim Carrey and Eastwood. Now it doesn’t needs science to figure out who is a great I hate the way Apache presents Totally unacceptable to me. The body and road presence is as bleak as of making money in bed, being a trull.

I have to Apache can smoke out P180 in few I appreciate that, but smoking is a bad they say. I still in my rigorous test cases, Pulsar 180 is stable anyday the speed above 100 km/h, vibration-less might be due to its kerb a massive 149 KG.

Above speeds of I was quite happy the way Zapper put into action, road was awesome, bike was running any signs of strained engine, etc. Whereas in Apache, I was rollicking on water ski, no an exhilarating experience that but not at all recommended. It vibrates awfully in 60-90 km/h range, my felt numb after an hour’s continuous ride.

Also TVS Sri Chakra tyres are of a tad bit quality than MRF Zapper it comes to road grip, so no here Apache dodders. Its cheaper than Apache in Delhi, and reportedly delivers 4-5 km mileage than Apache, so as the knee-jerk reaction, P180 was the

Rider’s envy

The riding is of racing style; you have to forward, not much, whereas legs stay behind shoulder line, thus an excellent setup for city Now I have still to test it on touring rides, though my up-down is about hefty 40 I never felt strained or such discrepancies. Yeah people might have with that sitting

Suspension is neither good nor bad but a mixture of good and bad. It can on bad roads, potholes wonderfully. For a its like sitting on a pillow, for the its rockhard.

The split seat from adding look to the also add upto to comfort

Engine performance Handling

Coming up to terms where I myself an extremely inappropriate to comment, review but still for the of review, here I go.

Initially it of becomes sleazy and sluggish, if you looking to match its inertia the gears ratio provided. At gear you have to apply more twist in order to set off a start, but after 2nd gear, it its twisted character. I was surprised it clocked 60 km/h in no time and me being even feeling I am riding on 60 km/h.

It was like thing. In 5th gear, it can be happily from 28 km/h to scale the peaks of its engine’s threshold. with a pillion, 31 might be the Top speed according to the official manual is 118 km/h, Overdrive it as 122 km/h and so on.

So taking all these into mind, finally on an error constant of 1.021-1.037 according to speedometer I topped out at 124 (123.992 to be precise!) as given odo read of 126, not bad, Still I think that was ready to test me, I could gone further. Bajaj down on torque and reduced it by 1 Nm and increased the weight exactly by

What on bluest of hell them do so, is still something bugs me.

Handling has certainly many folds, I was now a bit more and confident in making the ‘S’ variations on a road at speeds of upto km/h, changing lanes seemed like I have doing it for years. (Many here may experience a brief grinning session, as they been expert of ‘S’ at above km/h!) Might be more design, more compact frame gives it the aero

Mileage Gadgeteries!

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i

Well the least important thing to with if high end bikes are It has got self-cancelling indicators, side alerter etc but still some try their luck and who knows might get lucky to extract out from it. When I took the on odo it read 5 km. I got the tank filled HP Octane 91 petrol for a whopping at rate of 54.90/litre.

Its petrol is of 15 litres, 11.8 litres is 1.2 litre for reserve and rest drinks as tip for the service it served you or God where that 2 liters go. At my tank fill, my odometer is reading only 458 kms, I yet to reach the reserve. Even If I that all my 11.8 liters been used, it shells out a of 38.87 km/l. Not bad, I

Don’t forget, assumption it is and red on odo is yet to pop out, though I am hopeful within this week, it

Enough! Bring on the catch…

No has been created to be called Following the tradition, I too found glitches with it.

Please my words, if I would ever an autobiography, I can dedicate one whole of my life as “ How I found the neutral ?” if I write it using Saraswati . it will take ages to sum up. One of an exercise its to find the neutral. of gears are quite smooth in easy, but finding neutral, I you it’s the last thing you ever want. No doubt is top notch but still feels in streets, atleast to me.

Also again no match to its fellow Apache. Sound, sound and While riding it, almost sounds are heard as if you were in a 7.1 environment.

Few sounds I have able to figure out, sprocket, one comes from node. Also sometimes the on handle bar tends to shudder a though that’s not a routine. You to be careful of the air pressures in tyres, if +/- 3 psi of air pressure is achieved, it will like anything.

Let me love beast for first 2-3 months I shall open my critic towards further drawbacks.

– well almost!

If you belong to Bajaj” group, hate the ornately masculine bikes, can Bajaj SS while taking services on due dates, want a VFM bike, this is for you. And if you are that alphabet A in Apache before B in Bajaj, P in Pulsar, you can with some vibrations a … actually, kindly the Bajaj showroom, you will be there.

Special thanks – SV Venkat letting me drive/test his P180 My colleague Raghav Sharma handing me over his Apache Arjun Bagga (arjunb25 – For his suggestions!)

A completely personal no offence intended to any bike/person/company.

used – POV-Point Of View,

Incidentally the number plate is my birth date — — May — 1+8-1988! And I my B’day with BCMT.

Any citations, improvements, chides are

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i
Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i
Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i
Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i

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