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American Ironhorse Legend

новы American IronHorse Legend owner, AIH owners come on in

I’ve been riding for 14 years now, an HD for the last 10. I’ve always loved the custom bikes. Starting going to Bike Week and stuff since the late 90’s. I’ve been thinking about getting a new sled for maybe the past month or two and have been trolling craigslist, cycletrader, and ebay and finally got a 2006 American IronHorse Legend.

I just found this website last week and searching through it has been helpfull. The bike was too much for the previous owner, 65 year old guy, about 5’7. He only rode it a few times. He said the odometer read 114 miles the last time he put it away. I can’t verify that since the head unit is now on the fritz.

I’ve read that this is common and I’m actually glad it happend and he saw it. i think it helped in my bargaining. I believe what he says the mileage is just based on the condition of the bike. Other than the dust, the bike is clean. The tires still have the nubs on em.

I had it up on the lift last night and went over everything, cleaning, tightening, checking fluids, adjusting the shift linkage and kickstand, і г.д..

I’d like to find out everything I can about this bike. I’m not just the casual owner. I do my own wrenching and like to know all that I can.

From what I can tell and have read, its a 124 SS, Super E, Baker RSD 6 speed, Gib ignition, Thunder Heart guage cluster, RC Component wheels, and Riviera clutch.

Anything else I should know? The owners manual is a joke. Does anybody have any pdfs of a shop manual, wiring diagrams, or anything like that or know where I can get anything?

I took the bike out for it’s maiden ride today. On the good side, it handled pretty well for a bike this big. on the test ride I scrapped the kickstand pretty easy, but the adjuster was set way out. I adjusted that so its not an issue. So on the ride today nothing scraped, and I had it leaned over pretty good trying to feel it out. On the bad side, the bars don’t come far back enough for me.

I remember reading that the 2006 Legend had new bars that came back 2 further than the previous ones. Well I could use another 2 цаляў. With the internal wiring that might be a bitch. I’ve changed the bars on my HD, twice. Anybody out there change their bars on an AIH?

American Ironhorse Legend
American Ironhorse Legend

I see I’ll have to change the clutch and brake lines if I go this route, and I’ll have to figure something out with the guage unit. Its dead anyway, but I don’t know what’s an easy swap.

The motor is noisier than I expected and I hope this is normal and just the way it is with a big beast like the 124 that isn’t even broken in yet. There’s a lot of noise on the primary side of the bike. A slight high pitched whistle, the clickety clack I’m guessing of some monster opening and closing, and another little noise that makes it sound like a dry clutch.

I checked, and its a wet clutch and fluid is good, coming up with the bottom part of the clutch in it (this is on the lift and level, not leaned over). When I put it up for the winter I’ll change all the fluids and adjust the primary too, and then maybe again next year after putting some more miles on it.

I thought the stock exhaust might be too quiet, the bike being production. But I like it, not too loud, not too quiet. At idle its probably quieter than my HD, but on the go it has a nice deep rumble to it. I looked at some bikes that were just way too obnoxious and ran alot less smoother than this one.

Its real touching slow rolling in first gear, but other than that its pretty civilized if you treat it with respect.

So far, a happy new owner. Here are some pics:

American Ironhorse Legend

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