APRILIA RSV 1000 R CUSTOM GP RACE EXHAUST PIPES, LOUD! By Www.petrolheadparts.co.uk

13 Feb 2015 | аўтар: | каментары адключаныя на APRILIA RSV 1000 R CUSTOM GP RACE EXHAUST PIPES, LOUD! By Www.petrolheadparts.co.uk
Aprilia RSV Mille 1000 R Nera

APRILIA RSV 1000 R CUSTOM GP RACE EXHAUST PIPES, LOUD! By Www.petrolheadparts.co.uk

Што вы думаеце пра гэта відэа?

Nick Boercker: I would love to find an aprilla in the US that hasn’t been run into the ground, those bikes sound awesome. especially yours

SierraKilo9: @Vortech1cobra I reckon you are wrong. Judging by the colour of the frame this appears to be an Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory Nera. Very rare, толькі 300 made. How am I doing Shrew?

Petrol Head Shrew: Дзякуй. i enjoyed every minute of the aprilia, i really really rate them as the best twin by far, forget dukes!

GalbzAndAnzi: its soo annoying im 16 and i love bikes but i own an aprilia sr 50 (cmon look at yours the big ass 1000cc and mine, freaking 50 xd) but it is my pride and joy and i cant wait to experience the actual feel of a bike it’s my passion.

factory1000: Hi can you tell me where you had your custom made cans from and if you kept it on a map 2 (open cans)

Giuseppe Dettori: terribile aprilia rsv italian pride

Petrol Head Shrew: Spot on with the model Chemicalbuoy, i can buyild more symphonic horns for you if you like? I now have a nice tri-oval sleeve choice, and some nice carbon fibre exit cones too? and ive done a RSV4 but didn’t get chance to do a video, but it was sweeeeeet! Thanks for the comments guys. shrew

MrSmithgerrard: sounds lovely but you should cover your number plate bud, people will use your bikes plates i have had it happen to me.

VashTheStampede777: sounds like a real beast

Petrol Head Shrew: not sure what a weed whacker is, do you use one in the fields you work in? hope you enjoyed it anyway, and no need to swear just because you lack the education to think of something else to say. otherwise climb back into your crackhole Doosh Mouth!

romeo86gt: sounds mint! like a proper gp bike allmost love it

Ptunings2k: @shrewiside Haters gonna hate lol

Petrol Head Shrew: it was an 07 мадэльны год, and it just looks skinny in the video focus, not sure why though?

sneakyzidar: I hate to have to say it, but that number plate is illegal. It is completley the wrong size.

mikexxxp86: @norge696 you have no clue fella!

George McKean: That is a beautiful motorcycle, and truly a man’s bike! Are you americans reading this. You need to pay attention. This is not a ninja 650 or a Suzuki Gladius! Real stuff here!

Marco Lagana: it seems a V4!!

Philmen: @sneakyzidar And is your brain legal ?

Vortech1cobra: @Chemicalbuoy actually i dont think its a factory i beleive its an r not 100% sure though may be wrong

NADASPAPAJAY: nice aspect ratio

Vilas30: I like the sound and aim not being friend or something its true the bike had a strong sound

ryan lee: @shrewiside sound’s beautiful mate guess other people dont get the sound of a gorgeous v twin thumbs up

dragonfang0105: sounds amazing keep rocking.

Shaan Nazir: sounds great, what year is ur bike, looks skinnier than my 04 somehow..LOL

armylife111: @shrewiside will you build a pair for a 09 aprilia, all black the same exzact way.

Aprilia RSV Mille 1000 R Nera

mybandit05: @norge696 wow seems like you have no idea wat ur talking about u idiot! the aprilia rsv4 is a dohc v4 engine and thats how its supposed to sound. granted this guy put on a custom exhaust so its louder but the idle doesnt change. ur mom must have kept u in a closet for a long time cuz ur not all that smart =) just sayin

p0ngl3: Sounds amazing!

Kampf0r: I just came.

germankid93: @shrewiside this dude must have some weedwacker for it to sound like that beauty!

Orlando Hernandez: I’d like to acknowledge the fact that you took the time to make your bike YOURS. It’s easy to go along with the masses and buy some name brand stuff. Great job dude. pass along the link.

I happen to be in the market for an RSVR, thanks shrewd.

norge696: @shrewiside pfft, your bike also has a terrible idle. im pretty sure most of the people on here agree with me that the exhaust sounds like crap, but they just don’t want to hurt your little feelings 🙂

George McKean: That is one super nice bike. I love the sound of a high tech V-twin racebike. So much classic music there! I bet the bike sounds incredible when you take it up in the rev-range while riding.

I can’t imagine the torque that bike has coming out of a corner. Nice.

norge696: ohh dear god. sound like a freaking weed wacker. terrible sound

Petrol Head Shrew: ha ha! you’re funny. i cant believe you are this sad chap? several weeks and numerous name changes just so you can post your inane drivel. i dont care what you think, say or write, i really don’t, i just sit hear and laugh whilst i imagine you on your crack pipe and your stolen laptop, having just robbed a buck from your mums purse for the electric, so that you can behave like a child. Was it worth it?

EvilBeasts: i want that bike so bad whaha, to bad i have to wait a few more years :S, riding a 250 4stroke dirtbike atm 🙂 i just love how the aprilia sounds, a gsxr600 or r6 all sound around the same, but a aprilia has a unique sound which is unable to copy.

RogerRamjet67: Beautiful! I’ve got Mivv titaniums on my Tuono and thankfully she sounds somewhat like yours!

Mikey James: I Must Say Mat That, Is One crap Hot Exhaust System Right There

Aprilia RSV Mille 1000 R Nera
Aprilia RSV Mille 1000 R Nera
Aprilia RSV Mille 1000 R Nera
Aprilia RSV Mille 1000 R Nera

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