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Indian Motorcycles Returns…AgainYahoo Autos

рубрыка: індыйскі Галоўны | 22 Jan 2015 | Comments Off на Indian Motorcycles Returns…AgainYahoo Autos
Indian Motorcycles Returns…Again – Yahoo Autos

Indian Motorcycles Returns…Again Witness the depressing case of Avanti. At one point, it was the future-forward, Raymond Loewy-penned. glimpse at things to come from Studebaker. The next thing you know, it was on its third iteration as a half-put-together kit car, the lion’s share of which came from the Corvette. The same thing happened with Indian Motorcycles, a once-proud American brand that had been shipped around the world like a shanghaied sailor. у цяперашні час, Indian is poised to make a comeback with yet another owner. Bold Ride takes a look at its tumultuous history, and its likelihood for success. 1901 у 1953 – The Glory Years Founded in Springfield, Масачусэтс, in 1901–two years ...

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205: 1953 Indian Roadmaster Chief : Lot 205

рубрыка: індыйскі Галоўны | 19 Jan 2015 | Comments Off на 205: 1953 Indian Roadmaster Chief : Lot 205
205: 1953 Indian Roadmaster Chief : Lot 205

Description 40hp, 80 cu. in. V-вобразны рухавік, three-speed handshift transmission, plunger-type suspension with coil springs. колавая база: 62 Wearing its stylish Indian ‘Eightytank emblems, this 1953 regal red Roadmaster was Indian’s swan song, a celebration of a half-century of excellence now drawing to a close. More than a dozen years earlier Indian had embarked on its classic Art Deco influenced skirted-fender era. All the 1940 models took on this streamlined look, and public response to the dramatic fender treatment elicited both positive and negative reviews. For its last incarnation, the transmission of the 1953 Chief was now lubricated separately from the main drive, ...

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Indian Motorcycle Company Bought News & Абнаўлення матацыклаў Cruiser

рубрыка: індыйскі Галоўны | 15 Jan 2015 | Comments Off на Indian Motorcycle Company Bought News & Абнаўлення матацыклаў Cruiser
Indian Motorcycle Company Bought News & Updates Motorcycle Cruiser

Chris-Craft Owners Buy Indian Motorcycle Company Xl+Indian_Chief_Road_Master+Rear_Right_Side_View_0.jpg The company that owns and revived Chris-Craft boats and Outboard Motor Corporation has purchased the remains of the Indian Motorcycle Company, which shut its doors in September 2003. The new owner is Stellican Limited, a private equity firm headquartered in the UK that specializes in reviving ailing recreational product companies with strong brand names and also owns firms in unrelated industries like soft drinks and cash registers. It has a U.S. office in Florida. Because its principals supply their own capital, it is less likely to encounter the problems other would-be motorcycle makers ...

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Bangalore blast: Events as they unfolded

рубрыка: індыйскі Галоўны | 14 Jan 2015 | Comments Off на Bangalore blast: Events as they unfolded
Bangalore blast: Events as they unfolded

Bangalore blast: Events as they unfolded Zee Media Bureau Bangalore: The Centre would start an inquiry into the bomb blast near BJP office in Bangalore which left 16 persons injured, Union Home minister Sushil Shinde said on Wednesday. Meanwhile, sources told Zee Media that Indian Mujahideen may be involved in the blast. Live Updates: 8 pm Bomber used bike stolen from Andhra Pradesh, fixed forged Tamil Nadu number, as per a news channel. 7:30 pm Congress distanced itself from party leader Shakeel Ahmed’s remarks. We all know terrorism is a national issue or problem. We do not view the problem in terms of political benefit or loss, party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi told reporters. ...

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1999 Галоўны індыйскі OHV

рубрыка: індыйскі Галоўны | 12 Jan 2015 | Comments Off на 1999 Галоўны індыйскі OHV
1999 Indian OHV Chief

1999 Indian OHV Chief Need more performance for your Chief Motorcycle? Starklite Cycle is now the US distributor for the Overhead Valve Top End Kit, Manufactured in Australia by Wigwam Engineering Starklite Cycle booth in Davenport Iowa in September 2000 Plan to see it Hear it in Person ! Pricing for conversion kits is $6,500- For more details please call Starklite Cycle 909-780-0421 or look for a full review of the bike on this page in October 2000! Overhead Valve 1946 Indian Chief from Australia. I always look forward to the first Sunday in May. The annual Great Race a time trial challenge between Indian and Harley held in Melbourne Australia. This years event has brought out a development ...

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BBC TopGear Magazine Індыя Афіцыйны сайт

рубрыка: індыйскі Галоўны | 11 Jan 2015 | Comments Off на BBC TopGear Magazine Індыя Афіцыйны сайт
BBC TopGear Magazine India Official Website

агляд: Indian Chief Classic Bigger, the better is the American way, and in the world of cruisers, there is nothing bigger than the current range of Indian bikes. The American cruiser motorcycle brand has been launched in India, and is now ready to take on its traditional rival, Harley-Davidson. We got our hands on the entry-spec model, the Indian Chief Classic, and here are our first impressions. The bike is a typical Indian motorcycle whichever way you look at it. The traditional red paint, bucketloads of chrome, the massive headlight and not to forget, the Indian hood ornament that sits on the front mud guard. If you know what an Indian is, you will love this bike for its looks, and if ...

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BrooksNightmare Indian 2001 Indian Chief Roadmaster Hot Bike

рубрыка: індыйскі Галоўны | 8 Jan 2015 | Comments Off на BrooksNightmare Indian 2001 Indian Chief Roadmaster Hot Bike
Brooks’ Nightmare Indian 2001 Indian Chief Roadmaster Hot Bike

1104_hbkp_04_z+2001_indian_chief_roadmaster+floorboard_0.jpg If you’ve been reading this magazine for a while, you’ll remember builder Alex Brooks and his custom Springer Sportster Strutter that was featured a little more than a year ago. It was the bike that was willed into existence by insisting that a Sportster would accommodate an HD springer frontend. When Alex and I first met, it was to take a look at Strutter and discuss locations for a shoot, he went over the Sportster in detail and we talked bikes for a while. What stuck out from that meeting had nothing to do with my assignment; it was the Indian Chief he had in the garage he calls Nightmare. It was his bike-the one ...

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2014 Indian Motorcycle Review: Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and Chieftain

рубрыка: індыйскі Галоўны | 1 Jan 2015 | Comments Off на 2014 Indian Motorcycle Review: Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and Chieftain
2014 Indian Motorcycle Review: Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and Chieftain

Harley-Davidson has something to worry about Print Email a Friend Go Back Print this page By Jon Langston August 9, 2013 21 Photos by: Barry Hathaway, Tom Riles In what had to be one of the most anticipated reveals in motorcycle cruiser history, Polaris boldly used the backdrop of the world’s largest motorcycle rally to unleash the latest generation of Indians on the motorcycling community. On the steps of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and in the shadow of the Black Hills, notice was served with a loud and clear report: Indian Motorcycle is back. As with all great expectations, the risk of anticlimax is real. But after spending a few days aboard the newest American cruiser, two things ...

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