2007 Ducati Monster S4R S Testastretta motorcycle review @ Top Speed

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Ducati Monster S4R


The Monster is the original ‘naked’ motorcycle. Launched to rave reviews in the early 1990s, it has become a cult. сёння, more than ever, it is the bike of choice for top designers, Hollywood stars and Formula One racing drivers.

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Your own unique Street Fighter

The Monster is a ‘street fighterthat offers outstanding sport bike performance together with a style that has often been imitated but never equalled. The Ducati Accessories catalogue, which is included with each bike, is bursting with ideas to customise your bike and improve its performance.

From beautifully airbrushed fuel tanks, carbon fibre parts and accessories machined from solid aluminium to high performance exhaust systems and hundreds of special parts, the Ducati Accessories catalogue has something to make each and every Monster unique.

The Monster family offers a choice of air or liquid-cooled, 2 і 4 valve Desmo engines. All models boast Superbike-derived Trellis frames, fuel injection and braking and suspension systems that are direct results of our experience in racing.

2007 range models

для 2007 you can choose among the Monster 695. the ideal choice for every beginner, and the four different models in the SR series. The Monster SR series starts with the exciting S2R 800 and S2R 1000 мадэлі, while at the pinnacle of the Monster performance is the exciting new S4R Testastretta and the outstanding S4R S Testastretta.

Ducati Monster S4R S Testastretta, the Monster Superbike

Designed for the most experienced riders who expect the very best in terms of technology, performance and componentry, the Monster S4R S Testastretta sets new standards for the Monster family with the application of Ducati experience gained in the World Superbike Championship.

For unparalleled power, road holding and sheer excitement all in a uniquely styled motorcycle that is distinctly Ducati the Monster S4R S is the choice for discriminating enthusiasts.

The liquid-cooled, 4-valve per cylinder, 998 Testastretta L-Twin engine features a 100mm bore and short stroke of 63.5mm to limit average piston speed and allow increased rpm. The result is a staggering 130hp and 10.6kgm of brute torque.

Smooth power delivery, unparalleled components

Testastretta technology allows a reduced angle between the intake and exhaust valves resulting in a clean, compact combustion chamber that is highly efficient. The perfectly smooth combustion environment and linear flame front inside the specially designed heads, combined with cutting-edge electronic engine control technology, guarantees precise combustion throughout the rev range. This design not only provides a smooth and potent power delivery but also ensures that the Monster S4R S Testastretta complies with stringent Euro 3 emission control standards.

The chassis components are unparalleled. Fully adjustable Öhlins suspension front and rear complemented by lightweight Y-shaped 5-spoke wheels ensure outstanding handling, while 320mm Brembo twin discs on the front have radial-mounted callipers with four pistons and pads per calliper to provide rigidly mounted, powerful brakes with incredible stopping power.

And to make this Monster look even more exciting and contribute to its overall light weight is the use of carbon fibre for the silencer cover, exhaust heat plate, front mudguard, radiator covers and cam belt covers.


Frame: Tubular steel trellis frame

колавая база: 1440 мм / 56.7 у

Front suspension: Öhlins 43 mm upside-down fully adjustable fork with TiN

Front wheel travel: 130 мм / 5.1 у

Front brake: 2 х 320 mm discs, 4-piston 4-pad radial caliper

Front wheel: 5-spoke light alloy 3.50 х 17

Front tyre: 120/70 ZR 17

Rear suspension: Progressive linkage with fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock. Aluminium single-sided swingarm

Rear wheel travel: 148 мм / 5.8 у

Rear brake: 245 mm disc, 2-piston caliper

Rear wheel: 5-spoke light alloy 5.50 х 17

Rear tyre: 180/55 ZR 17

Fuel tank capacity: 14 L (з якіх 3 L reserve)/ 3.6 US gal (з якіх 0.8 US gal reserve)

вага: 177 кілаграм / 390 фунтаў

вышыня сядзенні: 800 мм / 31.5 у

Instruments: Electronic panel: speedometer, rev counter, warning light for low oil pressure, indicators for high beam, fuel reserve, сігналы павароту, LCD clock, immobilizer

Warranty: 2 years unlimited mileage

Colour combinations(Tank-Frame-Wheels): (red with white stripe-red-black) (pearle white with red stripe-red-white) (black with grey stripe-matte black-black)

версіі: Dual seat

Type: L-twin cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder Testastretta Desmodromic; liquid cooled

водазмяшчэнне: 998 куб.см

Дыяметр цыліндру х ход поршня: 100 х 63,5 мм

каэфіцыент сціску: 11.4:1

магутнасць: 95.7 kw – 130 hp @ 9500 абаротаў у хвіліну

Exhaust: 2 aluminium mufflers

Ducati Monster S4R
Ducati Monster S4R

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