2011 Індыйскі галоўны Roadmaster

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Indian Chief Roadmaster

2011 Індыйскі галоўны Roadmaster

2011 індыйскі Галоўны 105 кубічны цаля PowerPlusTM рухавік з электронным упырскам паліва

– 2011 Індыйскі галоўны Roadmaster

2011 Індыйскі галоўны Roadmaster

History tells the story of an American legend that refused to die. 110 гадоў праз, што гісторыя працягваецца.

Яно пачалося ў Springfi поле, Масачусэтс, 110 гады таму. Джордж Hendee, чэмпіён велагоншчык, і Оскар Hedstrom, таленавіты вынаходнік, дала Амерыцы яе вытворчасць Першы матацыкл. Яны пераганяюць у гэтым веласіпедзе ўсё, што было добрага ў Амерыцы – імкненне да свабоды, a love of open spaces

and a pioneering attitude. You could swing your leg over the machine they created and ride off on it into the sunset. сёння, 110 years after the fi rst Indian Motorcycle® came to life, those legendary motorcycles that graced the highways and lonely back roads of the greatest country on earth, have

been re-born.

The Heart Of American Motorcycling Is Alive And Well

The 2011 індыйскі Галоўны® Motorcycles are designed and engineered to be powerful works of art. Each

індыйскі Галоўны® features a factory built 105 кубічны цаля PowerPlusTM рухавік з электронным упырскам паліва. The head turning PowerPlusTM engine unites style and technology while delivering the heart-pounding torque and pavement ripping power you expect from America-s first motorcycle company.

From the tip of the Chief-s deep-valanced front fender to the ergonomically designed, genuine leather seat, every detail of the motorcycle strikes a perfect balance between the legendary heritage of Indian and the comfort, style and performance you demand in a qualitymachine.

Key 2011 Індыйскі галоўны Roadmaster Key Features


Chromed tear drop Halogen Headlamp

Additional driving lamps

Die cast consolecolor matched

Black and polished engine with chrome covers

Chromed spoke wheels

Indian Chief Roadmaster
Indian Chief Roadmaster

Available billet wheels

Two into one stainless steel exhaust system with three way catalytic converter and chromed shields

Polished brake calipers


Air cooled, pushrod, rigid mounted, Power Plus 105ci engine

Closed loop, sequential, port injection with heated oxygen sensors

Six speed transmission


– сядзенне: Luxury touring seat available in black, tan and red leather with or without fringe

– 5.5 gallon fuel tank

Brembo brake system with dual floating rotors and 4 piston calipers in the front and single floating rotor and two piston caliper in the rear. (not pictured)

Indian Chief Roadmaster
Indian Chief Roadmaster
Indian Chief Roadmaster
Indian Chief Roadmaster
Indian Chief Roadmaster
Indian Chief Roadmaster
Indian Chief Roadmaster

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