Triumph Thunderbird Sport Cafe Racer How To Make & Рабіце ўсё!

29 Mar 2015 | аўтар: | Comments Off на Triumph Thunderbird Sport Cafe Racer How To Make & Рабіце ўсё!
Triumph Thunderbird 900 Sport

Triumph Thunderbird Sport Cafe Racer

Што вы думаеце пра гэта відэа?

2003tbs: @cesarazpilcueta Hi seat cowl is very hard to come by nowadays ,have seen a few on Ebay go for up to 400 euros or more ,can not order them anymore from Triumph ,they look great and you sit alot more comfortable and you have a much better riding postion on the bike ,regards Tim

itsonlyrcknroll: easy way to make your own is to quarter an old gas tank off any bike that has contours that you like, and that fitits saves you the trouble of shaping the metal yourself, especially if you lack a french wheel or other metal working tools, then just smooth the edges, drill mounting, add paint and you’re done

paulbourrell: Very cool.

2003tbs: Hi IВґm a Yorkshire lad but live in Germany ,thanks for the comment

zappatx: Say what is the model of that rear swingarm stand you are using? I also hve a Sport (1998) and haven’t found one suitable.

ThunderbirdSport99: Tidy bike, well done.

Steabner1: 83л.з.. Where did that number come from? The brochure says 50bhp, which means around 45hp on the wheel. How does your’s have DOUBLE that. Curious. Looks great of course.

2003tbs: next vid iВґll take a spin ,will wait for spring next year, roll on decent bike weather,

Cesar Azpilcueta: where u get that sit.

2003tbs: Introduced in late 1997, this was a more sporting version of the Thunderbird 900 with power increased to 82 л.з. (61 кВт) @ 8,500 and six-speed gearbox. Also included was uprated suspension, wider rims, and revised styling, including a 3:2 exhaust and ‘cheese graterair filter, and twin disc front brakes. Have the not for road use exhaust pipes on which give a bit more power.The 50bhp is the standard thunderbird

Triumph Thunderbird 900 Sport

phatart: sweet bro she looks nice next vid ride it pls

introrama: Hi, nice bike.ecpecially the seat cowl. Pls do you have any link where I can buy the rear seat+fender?

RICOqOuOp: cool.

petespicer86: Nice bike. Where you from?

2003tbs: Hi thanks for the comment,try ebay UK Triumph thunderbird sport seat cowl ,its not an original Triumph one but as you canВґt buy these anymore its perhaps your best or only option good luck and believe me the bike looks so much better with a spot seat cowl and you can ride way better too much nicer postion on the bike ,regards Tim

BrissoParrothead: love the bar end indicators! a sweet ride!

EMT: дзякуй! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won’t be able to cheat you.

Triumph Thunderbird 900 Sport
Triumph Thunderbird 900 Sport
Triumph Thunderbird 900 Sport
Triumph Thunderbird 900 Sport

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