2012 Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport Review

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Vespa GTS Super 300

2012 Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport

2012 Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport Review

2012 Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport


The Vespa GTS 300 SuperSport is a blend of distinctiveness and character, as well as sportiness and performance. The 300 electronic injection engine brings out maximum aggressiveness, whether in the city or on country roads. The dedicated graphics and the sport saddle with white piping and thermobonding complete the sporty look of the Vespa GTS SuperSport.

The shield, the steel essence of the Vespa, is distinguished by a score of personality: the right hand side now sports a large grille with horizontal slotsa clear reference to the most stylish Vespas of the pastwhich gives a marked sporty touch to the side view of the vehicle.

The Sport Special Edition of the Vespa embodies the values of style, comfort, safety and sportiness of the most widely spread scooter in the world while citing legendary models such as the 1955 Vespa GS 150, the 1965 180 SS and the T5 Pole Position from 1985.

Even sportier and more aggressive today, the Vespa GTS SuperSport and Vespa S Sport are objects of pure desire.

Since its earliest days, there have always been sports versions of the Vespa, which were frequently used in both circuit racing and in major off-road competitions. The Sport versions of the Vespa GTS Super and Vespa S offer a modern interpretation of this extraordinary competition heritage, which has written unforgettable chapters in Vespa history.

This stylish and aggressive GTS Supersport is introduced for 2012 in a new, imposing matt black -Nero Abisso- finish. Available in the most powerful 300cc electronically injected engine. The Supersport edition takes all the style, handling and performance attributes of the GTS Super model whilst bringing extra touches of distinction and character to this top selling model.

2012 Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport Model Highlights

The Vespa Sport special edition is recognisable at first glance by a few distinctive and common characteristics such as the Vespa badge and the S on the front shield of the GTS Super.

The burnished Sport plates on the S Sport and Super Sport on the GTS Super leg shield back plates, make this special edition stand out even more.

The suspension gains a distinctive racing red finish for the front spring, a motorsports detail that makes the front view of the Vespa GTS Super and Vespa S even more aggressive. An aggressive front cowl emphasises the sporty character of the Sport edition Vespas.

макс. power at crankshaft 15.8 kW at 7,500 абаротаў у хвіліну – 21.5 л.з. (11 kW at 9,750 абаротаў у хвіліну – 14.9 л.з.)

Max torque 22.3 нм пры 5,000 абаротаў у хвіліну (12 нм пры 7,500 абаротаў у хвіліну)

Fuel system Port Injected

Cooling Liquid

Starter Electric

Transmission CVT with torque server

Clutch Automatic dry centrifugal clutch with vibration dampers

Load bearing structure Sheet metal body with welded reinforcements

Front suspension Single link arm with coil spring and dual-action hydraulic shock absorber

Rear suspension Coil springs with adjustable preload (4 positions) і 2 dual-action hydraulic shock

Rear tyre Tubeless 130/70 – 12

Length/ Width/Wheelbase 1,930/755/1,370mm

Vespa GTS Super 300
Vespa GTS Super 300
Vespa GTS Super 300

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