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Bonhams At Hemmings Blog And Collectible Cars And Parts

by Bonhams representatives in a village on the of Paris, the Van Vooren-bodied saloon, number 57380, engine 254, was at one point owned by Le competitor Clément Auguste and is believed to have been off the since 1968. According to auction description, the Bugatti very complete and original but in of a full mechanical restoration at the least. Based on their Bonhams pegged the Bugatti to for £40,000 to £50,000, amounts surpassed by a number of telephone and bidders competing for the car.

it was the Toyota Celica ST185R GT4 Sainz Group A Rallye, but to who love them, theyre the GT-Four. On the outside, you might its just a Celica with flares and arches, but the goodness is deep. These are true the limited production homologation that allowed Toyota to in the new Group A rally class.

did get a version in the later All-Trac, but Carlos Sainz won the Drivers in 1990, Toyota launched a edition, known variously as the Rally Championship (RC); Sainz (SC) Special or as in Australia, Carlos Sainz A Rallye. Most went to and Europe, with a handful to and New Zealand.

The special hood was a air extractor to cool the air-to-water the bodywork was lightened; and it had a strengthened and revised shifter. The 3S-GTE turbo makes around although exact figures are to find. Its certainly far more the 200hp our All-Trac got.

was probably in the 3,200-pound range, of pounds of which were seat motors, etc. the rallyist could strip Many did, as the car continues to be a choice for privateers.

anyway in June 25 Sydney sale, an estimate of only AU$14,000 Thats a long way from AU$45,000 sticker, and definitely the GT-Four on the list of Things to when the clocks winds Right after that quattro

Shortly after the Jon, with his son Jake, the Lazz on the 2006 Great sending us regular reports the road. After that, he regular visits to our neck of the to participate in the Mt. Equinox Hillclimb, and enjoyed the heck out of it.

All of us at Hemmings see and/or spectacular cars time to time as we go about our but a few of them become something Like when someone your two-and-a-half year old son to into his Lazzarino.

The Lazz is one of a handful of cars that defined my time here. Its not valuable (although perhaps it be) the estimates place it in Dino 246 GT or Speedster range and with a distinguished by Argentine Chrysler its hard to say its exotic. But it transcends all of with a fabulous history, and a record of performing for days at a without exciting breakdowns.

Its one of perfect cars, and in this its the only one.

Ill miss how to find the garage where the is kept, and the little internal Ive had from an awareness that if for reason I needed to see it, I knew who to But it deserves to be driven, and if Jon isnt that any more, I understand it is time for a new home. If that is with you, I wouldnt if you dropped me a line sometime.

You know, just to let me know the car was well. And take good of her, okay? We had some times.

If theres anyone at who doesnt dig wagons, they had the courage to speak up about it. bring almost the same as a sedan version, but were always produced in much numbers. There were clever packaging solutions in the like jumpseats, two-way sliding cargo trays and

And of course, theres always the utility of a vehicle that like a car but can swallow weeks of without impinging on the seating

You might think the utility is obvious when its a two-door (shooting brake), one of 12 1965 Martin DB5 Vantages custom-bodied by at a cost of around £7,000 $19,500, or one Ferrari 400 Superamerica, tax). But after an initial with the

in Wales, where it functioned as an actual station it made its way to Aston enthusiast Roy Smith in 1972, who, a young son, needed a vehicle. But Radford Shooting hold their value, and needed a loan to secure it. No said the bank, who gave him a mortgage, because of its obvious and the need for a family vehicle.

owned it until his … in installing a five-speed ZF transmission in of the original automatic, much to his disgust. His son took charge that, until he offered it at

on May 21, it just about doubled the estimate when it sold for ($704,4oo, which is now-hah! less than a 400 Superamerica). Jr. had kept it in storage for many before having it reconditioned for the where it dazzled all who saw it with its paint, interior and engine, and immaculately documented miles. to Bonhams,

, She now needs a good and, more than a new life. I dearly hope a family out there somewhere the panache and guts to take a new of kids to school in high

How many replica cars can six figure bidders? A few handfuls at possibly; and you would think there are even fewer collectors who would fall that category. However, just who showed up or phoned in at the Bonhams spring auction in Carmel, California. The auction a

back in February. Selling at the Husky won top honors at the sale closely by another six figure a historic 1925 BMW R32, set a new record for antique BMW auction at $139,000. Complete results of the Auction, including Crockers and and many other great are listed

Based on the strong sales at January Las Vegas auction, as as these eyebrow-raising sales in Carmel, Bonhams USA has also their first live auction to be held in August Pebble Beach Car Week. listed for this auction is a one of 1954 AJS Porcupine E95, is expected to sell somewhere 3/4 of a million dollars. Two of the Porcupines are on at the

and one was sold at auction about 10 ago. We dont have any on what it sold for then, but E95s have certainly in value since then, as vintage motorcycle enthusiasts about them. A list of the for the August live auction is

Due to a busy schedule as Britains one Formula One point-scorer, Button has to part with the car. He Ive had a great time driving the however; my F1 commitments will not me to enjoy the car to its fullest. It has had a thorough that has addressed all the usual of an older Ferrari.

Bonhams an extensive service history, and the car is in excellent condition. Yes, it was actual, personal car, but its not as he had a special bond with it. see if the name alone makes the sort of spectacular result his did last year.

crossing the block in the Bonhams Stafford on April 24, that same will also feature a of vintage cafe racers. of these names you may not recognize, but have a few things in common. All are with road racing in one of the Grand Prix classes in and share the small fairing and board (seat) prevalent in and Seventies road course

* 1972 Benelli/Motobi model 2C. The company was started by one of the Benelli in 1950 and re-acquired by Benelli in Motobi bikes were with the Benelli tank until the early Seventies.

Motobis were imported the United States and rebadged as Ward Riversides.

A 1960 250, a 1930 Brough a 1949 Vincent Black and a 1965 Triumph Thruxton are expected to sell for much than any of these cafe but these small, lightweight are more likely to see action in an USCRA or WERA vintage race and are cheap enough you could easily buy more one.

High miles are a selling point for any vehicle, but its a bigger issue with than cars. So there has to be very special indeed for a bike to attract attention, and doesnt get much higher that accumulated by a 1955 Black Prince offered

as the bike is known, has racked up miles in the hands of its original Stuart Jenkinson, who bought his new Black Prince from St. Motors in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1955.

rode Vinnylonglegs as regular and on tours for the next quarter-century, but started accumulating the miles in when he started running his own bike tours, including in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Czechoslovakia, Montenegro, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Hungary and In fact, Stuart estimates about 120,000 miles accumulated in Greece alone, in the of 40 tours there.

In a Bonhams statement, Stuart As any long-term owner of a bike or car understand, selling Vinnylonglegs 56 years and almost three of a million miles is going to be a wrench. Ill just have to do now with the memories of all our wonderful

According to the description, modifications included a re-designed front incorporating twin headlamps, and the original upper frame a stiffer box section Series C while a four-gallon Series C tank now caters for the longer tour. Electrical equipment has modified to provide greater and reliability, while disc and Koni dampers provide safety and riding comfort.

The frames carry two five-gallon while the shelf above carries a large army kit bag full camping gear. estimates £35,000 £40,000; do you people think that makes sense?

The 1970 and 400s are now the most prized among collectors, and anything a connection to Steve McQueen is auction gold. So while its a surprising to see a dirt bike Bonhams sale of Exceptional amp; Related Memorabilia, May 14, at the Lodge in Carmel, California, its when you learn that the happens to be

Last wed heard, the 71 400 to famous boxing promoter Holden and was on display in a museum in Oklahoma. Bonhams tells us it was from McQueens estate in 1984 at Harrahs Auto in Las Vegas. The Husky will be with a wooden trunk of owned by McQueen, including racing trophies.

Last sale at Quail Lodge saw a 1910 Royal Pioneer sell for $92,000, the only surviving 1914 Flanders D Twin –  formerly owned by newspaper scion Otis – sell for $78,200, and a 1913 Merkel Single Board Racer sell for $64,975.

(18.May 2011): Bonhams has amended their description of the to say that this is not the exact that McQueen rode for the of Sports Illustrated, but that it is to that bike. Regardless, did own the bike in question.

on February 5. In to the highly publicized Megola (above), with a five-cylinder engine mounted to the front a rare 1936 Brough SS80 is expected to bring of the highest bids. BMW collectors enjoy bidding on several bikes: a 1928 R42 and a 1928 R62 the latter bike an unrestored find. Vincent enthusiasts appreciate the 49 Rapide, as well as a Black Knight Series D and a C model 1950 Comet.

bike manufacturers such as Wanderer, Parilla, Dollar, Ultima and Werner are also in this auction. Twenty-six in all will go up for sale, including newer Ducati and MV Augusta Scheduled to be sold just the bikes, almost 200 lots of

Oh yeah, and 91 vintage automobiles be sold immediately after the are gone, too.

You are looking at a seen 1953 Buick convertible. This car runs and looks amazing. I have to great lengths to pamper it the years. It has never been hard or abused. If it needed any of work I had it professionally done.

You are at a truly collectible car in an excellent condition.

This beautiful has been garaged and it shows. The and chrome simply sparkle. The is equally pristine and delighting to the This drivable car will turn heads as you motor the road.

You might also that I have the original very rare) wire covers installed.

The speedometer 39,000 miles, but it was reset service work at about miles. Im not sure what the mileage is on my baby. The in-dash needs repair, but that is a easy maintenance task I just havent done

You are looking at a rarely seen Buick Special convertible. car runs great and looks I have gone to great to pamper it over the years.

It has been driven hard or If it needed any sort of work I had it done. You are looking at a truly car in an excellent collectible condition.

beautiful classic has been and it shows. The finish and chrome sparkle. The interior is equally and delighting to the senses. This car will definitely turn as you motor down the road.

You also notice that I the original (and very wire wheel covers

Benelli 254 Quattro
Benelli 254 Quattro

The speedometer reads 39,000 but it was reset during service at about 10,000 miles. Im not what the actual mileage is on my The in-dash clock needs but that is a relatively easy task that I just done yet.

This Dodge Super Bee is a fresh restoration of a true V Code 440 Six car with a date code Six Pack engine. Finished in its and hard to find original impact color of Go Mango 5th digit in the VIN is a V and the original Fender Tag the E87 engine code for the 440 Six Pack and the EK2 GP exterior color and H6XW interior.

The 70 body style is in the fact that it was one year and the only year to have the individual oval bumpers the grille and its the last year the stripe was offered. 1970 is to be the high-water mark for Chryslers cars. The quality of restoration far the level of the factory-original build control.

This car is as bright as it is on its roof and has a complete stainless exhaust system. The attention to throughout the entire car is amazing.

This 1970 Dodge Bee is a fresh rotisserie restoration of a V Code 440 Six Pack car with a code correct Six Pack Finished in its rare and hard to original high impact of Go Mango Orange.The 5th digit in the VIN is a V and the Fender Tag shows the E87 engine for the 440 Six Pack and the EK2 GP Mango exterior and H6XW white interior.

The 70 style is unique in the fact it was one year only and the only to have the split, individual bumpers surrounding the grille and its the year the Bumblebee stripe was 1970 is considered to be the high-water for Chryslers performance cars. The of restoration far surpasses the level of the build quality control.

car is as bright underneath as it is on its roof and has a stainless steel exhaust The attention to detail throughout the car is amazing.

1941 Buick sedanette two door fastback,just out of years storage,mostly complete,and runs well,with the accessory carbs,fully functional, atop the straight eight engine.It has a frame,but some typical metal rust-an excellent or street rod candidate.

1941 Special sedanette two door out of forty years storage,mostly unmolested.It runs well,with the dual carbs,fully functional, the original straight eight has a solid frame,but some sheet metal rust-an restoration, or street rod candidate.

Siata Daina GS Spider, For is the only surviving SIATA Sport Spider in aluminium. steel bodied cars produced but only 3 were in aluminium. This car is much than the well known 300 BCs.

This car is highly for any historic motoring event Mille Miglia or Monaco Grand Prix. This car has in the Mille Miglia in 2008 and and is highly eligible for 2012. for 2012 are open. This car has some distinctive figures as fender lip flares, that the use of larger borrani wheels.

The is 1500cc, which also was an Most of the Siatas had the smaller engine. The combination of the lightweight and the engine made this a very fast car for its days.

Siata Grand Sport might have been by an American race driver. It is that delivery of the car was delayed, so the order was cancelled and the car sold

The first proven race can be found in the 1980s. The Siata Sport Spider in its current now is a very constant and fast racing car with the Italian of the early 1950s. Details of the improvements on request.

History on request. Part exchange

1951 Siata Daina GS For sale is the only surviving Grand Sport Spider in Many steel bodied were produced but only 3 built in aluminium. This car is bigger than the well SIATA 300 BCs. This car is eligible for any historic motoring e.g. Mille Miglia or Historic Grand Prix.

This car has participated in the Mille in 2008 and 2009 and is highly for 2012. Entries for 2012 are This particular car has some figures such as fender lip that allow the use of larger wheels.

The engine is 1500cc, also was an option. Most of the had the smaller 1400cc engine. The of the lightweight and the bigger engine this Siata a very car for its days.

This Siata Sport Spider might been ordered by an American driver. It is supposed, that of the car was delayed, so the original order was and the car sold otherwise.

The first race history can be found in the The Siata Grand Sport in its current condition now is a very and fast historic racing car the Italian style of the early Details of the technical improvements on History file on request.

exchange accepted.

Features: 440 Magnum, Slap Stick Ralley Dash, Plum Purple,White Interior,Buckets with White Vinyl Top, AM Hood Pins, HD Power 3.55 High Performance Body Numbers Matching. NOM HP and 727 Transmission. Condition:This Cuda is a solid project car needing

Frame rails are very needing very little Detailed photos available by Lower quarters were put on a of years ago and never finished.

floor pan and center of trunk were patched at that also. This car could be into a driver as is, however, availabilty of new metal now, it new quarters and partial floor Car is mostly complete except for Side Mirror, Starter, Some engine parts,1 of Chrome Trim for door. #1 in 440 will need to be sleved. Original Fender Tag

Features: 440 Magnum, Slap Stick Ralley Dash, Plum Purple,White Interior,Buckets with White Vinyl Top, AM Hood Pins, HD Power 3.55 High Performance Body Numbers Matching. NOM HP and 727 Transmission. Condition:This Cuda is a solid project car needing

Frame rails are very needing very little Detailed photos available by Lower quarters were put on a of years ago and never finished.

floor pan and center of trunk were patched at that also. This car could be into a driver as is, however, availabilty of new metal now, it new quarters and partial floor Car is mostly complete except for Side Mirror, Starter, Some engine parts,1 of Chrome Trim for door. #1 in 440 will need to be sleved. Original Fender Tag


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