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Honda VFR 800

2006 HONDA VFR800 INTERCEPTOR – #x0024;7650 (Северна Денвър)

Ние сме все по-близо и по-близо до пролетта. идеалното време да се хвърли крак над нов мотоциклет! А VFR ще бъде оптимален избор за този вид на нещо. и тъй като той просто така се случва, Имам един за продажба!

Така, в замяна на трудно спечелените си пари в брой ще ви дам един мотоциклет, който има няколко елегантни промени, направени, както и да бъдат надеждни, колкото е средната стойност на рок. Това е вторият по ПВП шести поколение Притежавал съм, и е практически надолу по за най-добрия мотоциклет която някога съм бил яздени. Всичко от превключвател задължение да уикенд войн да превозвач товари, този мотор прави всичко.

Може би се чудите че, If this bike is so great, why are you selling it? добре, it wasn’t a decision that I made lightly or without an immense amount of emotional turmoil. Reason being is that there is another bike I’ve had my eyes on for some time, and I [responsibly] can’t afford to have both.

Така – here’s what you’re getting:

A pearl white Honda VFR 800 Interceptor with 18,000 мили

Vinyl wrapped on the lower portion of the side fairings in an attempt to replicate the Canadian black/white model

OEM hard saddlebags, all straps intact, wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl. Honda liners included!

– (Rare!) 8-spoke rear wheel, powdercoated wet white. The front is also powdercoated to match

– 90′ black anodized valve stems (makes checking air pressure a helluvalot easier)

All rearsets/pegs/levers powdercoated black

New front wheel bearings

New front fork oil (Honda HP)

Clutch and brake systems flushed with ATE SuperBlue DOT4 fluid

New EBC brake pads front and rear

New DID VM 530 chain

New JT sprockets – 16T front, and 44T rear

Tightwad latch-and-delay HID kit with 4300k bulbs (headlights don’t ignite until the bike is started, and there is a 10-second delay between each bulb igniting to ease the load on the stator)

Clear stompgrip tank pads

Honda VFR 800

And now the bad stuff: a bike of this age and mileage isn’t going to be showroom perfect, and this one is no exception. When I bought the bike, the previous owner told me that it had tipped over in his garage. One of the fairings has a couple of light scratches, as well as the corresponding bar end.

Not really noticeable unless you’re looking closely, but something to note.

I would prefer to sell the bike as-is with everything includedbut should you decide that you’d like to save a bit of money and opt out of the 8-spoke rear wheel or the saddlebags, I am willing to remove those from the bike and drop the price accordingly.

If you’re interested, shoot me an email with questions. Alternatively, you can also shoot me a text at 303.720.6450.

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местоположение: Северна Денвър

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Honda VFR 800
Honda VFR 800
Honda VFR 800
Honda VFR 800

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