Motorcycle Industry. The Good The Bad And The Ugly. at Cyril Huze Post…

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Motorcycle Industry. The The Bad And The Ugly.

A new (and justified) big written especially for you my readers by Callen,  Editor in Chief of Source Magazine .

Thinning Of The Hurts All Of The Industry .

I remember a few ago, as motorcycling started its Trend” hearing so many spout off about the effects believed this change have. Like some of I even let me thoughts drift the idea that in some a lean economic period somehow drive out the profit and leave our industry in better for it.

Well, here in good ol’ that has surely happened but the times have also to take with them of the most revered of our ranks as This all came to mind as I the news that Randy of Milwaukee Iron was closing his Randy has been a good to me for some years now and for that alone I felt a pain in my but as I further explored my emotional to this sad news I began to see what is going on right now is the opposite of what many had

Take Randy for instance. Iron and or Randy personally been responsible for quite a few in our industry.  The pop-up gas cap for one is probably his notable but how about the fact before they were custom steel fenders on the market most all of them fiberglass or plastic, other those that you could buy as one

So here is a man that has made improvements to his craft, starting out in his basement, working over a five year period to company into what it has today, or was until a few days So is this all the work of a struggling where no one has the money to buy parts I myself? Hardly!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the does have its challenges now as I well know as a small publisher but to get to the root of the problem I ask for just a minute you put away ideas about protectionism, and rights to a global market so we may this a little further. You one of Randy’s biggest challenges, and I this from talking him personally, was the lackadaisical approach our has towards foreign trade.

people will argue our unions are the reason why America compete in the world market and I even go there but instead I mention that compared to the restrictions and additional expense American companies must in, union wages aren’t the half of it. So for a company like Iron, working hard, their taxes, dealing the EPA, making good steel products here in the USA and American Workers, is all for not if the federal won’t do for them what should be doing for all of us and that is a level playing field for all

If the Chinese government doesn’t the same EPA standards then product prices should be at our borders; PERIOD. It worked in the when Reagan did it for Harley and it be the only way we save manufacturing in our country today. When you add in the that there are no international mark or patent laws to the intellectual property of those minds like Randy then you have what has common practice in our world Get a good idea, ship it they knock it off and sell it for less money than we can it for.

Big Bear Choppers Sled 100 Carb
Big Bear Choppers Sled 100 Carb

This is by no means a problem the motorcycle industry has alone from textiles to furniture, that have long gone and even larger of our food production is starting to be all the time. Once great like GM have been the great swindlers of the modern age and good reason.

Even as GM and waits for additional monies the “Pension Fund” oh, I’m sorry, the Plan, after bankrupting on the thirty million of taxpayers theyalready have another to emerge from bankruptcy by a considerable amount of their to factories in China….American cars, in China, and shipped here to be Only thing they announced is who will be left with enough money or to buy them once their year plan is complete.

Right now we are seeing not only leaving this country but our our very ability to defend Factories like the York assembly plant were munitions facilities during War II and hopefully will be there if our needs them to fit that in the future.

So back to our industry and our You might not think when you up a catalogue and order your and accessories that there anything wrong with more for your money by products that have made in China that are forcing Americans out of work and out of but brother you’re wrong. it protectionism if you like but for me and my family to support our friends and neighbors is

To not choose this higher is not only personally irresponsible but you put another countries government or people ahead of yours, it is the very definition of treason. And in that last sentence you let me lay a quote on you from one of the great men in our history who also thought way:

If ye love wealth better liberty, the tranquility of servitude the animated contest of freedom, go us in peace. We ask not your counsels or Crouch down and lick the which feed you. May chains set lightly upon and may posterity forget that ye our countrymen! — JOHN ADAMS

Big Bear Choppers Sled 100 Carb


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