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Cardan suspension in de Honnecourt’s sketchbook (ca.

Early modern dry compass by gimbals (1570)

The gimbal was invented by the Greek inventor of Byzantium (280220 BC). described an eight-sided ink pot with an on each side, which can be so that while any face is on a pen can be dipped and inked — yet the ink runs out through the holes of the sides. This was done by the of the inkwell at the center, which was on a series of concentric metal which remained stationary no which way the pot is turned.

The authenticity of description of a cardan suspension has doubted by some authors on the that the part of Philo’s which describes the use of the gimbal only in an Arabic translation of the 9th century AD. Thus, the sinologist Needham suspected Arab as late as 1965. However, de Vaux, author of the French which still provides the for modern scholars, regards the as essentially genuine.

The historian of George Sarton (1959), asserts that it is safe to the Arabic version is a faithful of Philo’s original, and credits explicitly with the invention. So his colleague Michael Lewis In fact, research by the latter (1997) demonstrates that the copy contains sequences of letters which fell out of use the time of Christ, thereby the case that it is a faithful of the Hellenistic original, a view also shared by the classicist Wilson (2002).

The ancient author Athenaeus who flourished during the reign of (30 BCD 14), described the military use of a mechanism, calling it little ape When preparing to … towns from the sea-side, engineers used to yoke together to take the siege up to the walls. But to prevent the shipborne from rolling around the in heavy seas, Athenaeus that you must fix the pithkion on the attached to the merchant-ships in the middle, so the machine stays upright in any

After antiquity, gimbals widely known in the Near In the Latin West, reference to the appeared again in the 9th century book called the Little Key of (Latin: Mappae Clavicula). The inventor Villard de Honnecourt a set of gimbals in his famous sketchbook right).

In the early modern dry compasses were suspended in

In China, the Han Dynasty (202 BC AD inventor Ding Huan () a gimbal incense burner AD 180. There is a hint in the of the earlier Sima Xiangru BC) that the gimbal existed in since the 2nd century BC. There is during the Liang Dynasty that gimbals were for hinges of doors and windows, an artisan once presented a warming stove to Empress Wu (r.

690705) which employed Extant specimens of Chinese used for incense burners to the early Tang Dynasty and were part of the silver-smithing in China.

Inertial navigation

In navigation, as applied to ships and a minimum of three gimbals is to allow an Inertial Navigation platform (stable table) to fixed in inertial space, for the ship’s Yaw (direction) as well as its and Roll. In this application, the Measurement Unit (IMU) is with three orthogonally gyros to sense rotation all axes in three dimensional

The gyro outputs drive controlling the orientation of the three as required to maintain the orientation of the In turn, angular measurement called resolvers mounted on the gimbals provide the nine values for the direction cosine needed to orient the ship.

sensing platforms can be used on

In inertial navigation systems, lock may occur when rotation causes two of the three rings to align with pivot axes in a single When this occurs, it is no possible to maintain the sensing orientation.

Rocket engines

In propulsion, rocket engines are mounted on a pair of gimbals to a single engine to vector about both the pitch and yaw or sometimes just one axis is per engine. To control roll, engines with differential or yaw control signals are used to torque about the vehicle’s axis.


In big-game a two axis gimbal set may be used as a pivot for the … of the rod, the gimbals mounted in a fighting or a fighting chair. In either this is a considerable advantage to the Inside the gimbal there is a horizontal pin that the fishing rod into, preventing rotation the long axis of the rod, it easier to reel.

This is in the 1975 film Jaws, the character Quint uses a chair and a fighting belt/harness to to catch the shark they are

See also

Gimbal lock





Keyhole problem

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Big Bear Choppers Bear Bones 100 Smooth Carb

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Big Bear Choppers Bear Bones 100 Smooth Carb


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