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CONTACT US — — PHONE 419-250-2795

FOR SALE — x Nesta Presa Canario born Jan 26th 2014

FOR — Checa x Hernan Canario puppies born Feb 2014 Presa Canario For Sale — We are proud to the Outstanding Presa Canarios of Kennels. Our dogs have carefully selected to meet our standards, and include some of the bloodlines available. CALL OR — 419-250-2795.

Bearclaw / Guardia De Canarias is a Dedicated Canario breeder of Presa We have Presa Canario for sale, as well as Presa Breeder’s information on Presa readily available. Our Presa are Proven Championship bloodlnes.

All our canario puppies are UKC, or FCI registered. We also offer Championship Presa Canario .

Bearclaw Kennels breeds Presa Canario puppies . yields protective, large and dogs that are still loving companions for their All of our Presa Canarios have champion lines. We also working dogs involved in personal protection, tracking, and

Please take a look our web site and educate yourself on the and take a look at the puppy as as the … Presa Canario

At Bearclaw Kennels we consider all of our to be apart of our family. Before our first Presa Canario . we did a deal of research on the breed. We to Rare Breed dog shows to see the in action.

We bought books about the Canario . on how to raise them, to expect from the breed, size, aggression, nature, and more. What caught our the most as we were doing is how everything we read always how loyal and loving the breed was to families. We were sold.

active and even-minded, the Presa is an unequalled watch and protection Affectionate with the owner, with children and with the if necessary he becomes a terrible and protector of people, house and Presa Canarios are easily



Hernan is one of our finest Presa Canarios / Dogo you can find anywhere. Hernan has a Fawn brindle coat, a head, excellent guard straight front and is unbelievably with excellent bone


Bearclaws ( Vitorian x Sahara ) — At 152 lbs is a Presa Canario with a temperament, nerves of steel, strong drive, amazingly short coat, and great Owned by my friend Ray


TARA — is a large and muscular 120 pounds. She has bone, tons of muscle, a head and the perfect temperament. also has the drive, confidence and movement that’s so desired of the Canario breed


Checa — has many Presa Canario champions in her She is our new Spanish import from de Canarias.

Lilith — She is a female Presa Canario still has quite a bit of growing to do but now she is very muscular with bones like her parents.


Nesta She is a very powerful and muscular Presa Canario . Nesta is 115 of pure muscle with a bite, excellent angulation, a rear end, great extreme athleticism, superb with a very wide and a beautiful red brindle coat.


Our main focus is the of the Perro de Presa Canario and the utmost in family companions. parental selection is always a top when planning future All of our PRESA CANARIOS are bred to love, protect and conformation to the Canario ( Dogo Canario )

We breed for temperament, health, bone structure, and beauty. The Canario is a working breed dog and is for Family Protection.

OUR PRESA have been OFA’d, or other x-ray evaluated that shows they are from Canine Hip Displaysia.

OUR CANARIO PUPPIES — Our CANARIO PUPPIES FOR SALE excellent temperaments; they are with many friends and Our Presa Canarios have a pond to swim and drink they want and there is of room to roam. Each Canario has a warm comfortable quarters and access to 2 acres of open space to play.

There are secluded whelping that are designed to give the and pups peace and quiet so bonding in the first part of the lives can take place.

As our PUPPIES FOR SALE and Presa puppies grow larger have access to larger areas where they toys to play and learn Our program is designed to expose CANARIO PUPPIES to multiple and locations, to give them a base for good social Even though Presa are a large breed of dogs great strength, they are with children and this them a great family

If correctly the Presa Canario probably be the best dog you have owned.


The Perro de Presa Canario is from the Canary Islands in the notably Gran Canaria. Its ancestry is unknown, but enthusiasts that the Perro de Bardino an established farm dog from the Islands, was crossed with the and other English dogs to the Islands by visitors and colonists, the foundation for the modern Presa

The Perro de Presa Canario is a between Bulldogs, Mastiffs and dogs, in the 1800s English brought over mastiffs and bulldogs that bred the Canario. This resulted in powerful, muscular, large-boned which were used for until 1940, when dog was banned. The Presa Canario was not a fighting dog, however, and was often used as a herding guard dog, and all-purpose dog.

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In the 1940s the breed started to but was revived once again in the by Spaniards searching for the native that were able to pure blooded specimens of the Within ten years, the breed was on its feet again, not in high but in good bloodlines and back in the ring. Today the breed is in the U.S. unfortunately, as a threatening that has attacked people.

these dogs can be aggressive, training and socialization are key in their to produce a calm and responsible

Reportedly, during the late a handful of Presa Canario were imported into the States either by brokerss or breeders. Their intended was to introduce this wonderful to the American dog aficionado, while to the known breed standard of the It soon became evident the formation of several breed within the United States the Presas popularity was on the rise. Dog were anxious to own and show rare breed dog.

In the United Perro de Presa Club ( UPPCC ) was formed in the States providing a registry to all Presa Canario dogs. As of 1990, all certified Presa dogs could be recorded the American Kennel Club ( AKC ) their Foundation Stock program ( FSS ). Soon there other American Presa clubs were founded. were quick to affiliate with the new Canary Island Club, its officers and breeder

It appears the intention of this new grouping was to gain FCI breed this of course required a name change from Canario to Dogo Canario. from this non-historic new came a reconstruction of a shorter of the historical Presa Canario. new dog appears to be of a type more the show ring than of the rustic guardian known as the de Presa Canario.NT


Canarios are calm, attentive and around children and their Perro de Presa Canarios are unafraid and balanced. They great watchdogs and guard defending what is theirs to the They are quiet and rather at home, and devoted to their

They can be difficult to train, as can be stubborn and dominant. They like to domineer over dogs, and will not tolerate unless they are submissive. The de Presa Canario needs training and socialization at a young age to unwanted dominance issues as as develop their tolerance for

They are a world class dog that holds their in the highest regard.


Male Canarios: Height at shoulder: inches, Weight: 110 — 140 lbs

Presa Canarios: Height at 21-25 inches, Weight: 85 120 lbs


The Presa Canario is a powerfully dog with a massive head an overall impression of an imposing and guard dog. The breed is and agile enabling him to do the work he was bred for: to drive and cattle as well as to protect his and family. The Presa is also affectionate, calm, docile, devoted, loyal and eager to in the home and with his family.

He is, however, suspicious of strangers and to be aggressive with other

The Presa’s single coat is flat, harsh in texture and in any shade of fawn, black and in any combination of these colours. He a black or dark brown on the face that does not over the eyes and he may or may not have a blaze or patch on the head.

The is also characterized by a sloping (with the rear being higher than the shoulders). characteristic of the breed is the shape of the (cat foot) and the catlike of the animal. The body is mesomorphic, is, slightly longer than the dog is contributing to the feline movement.

The should be powerful, balanced, and in appearance. It is heavily built, but to move with great

Big Dog Mastiff

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