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Big Dog Mastif


I recommend carefully researching both the sire and dam for structure, temperament, and to be comfortable with your breeders requirements and restrictions. Ask to see any test results to be sure your puppy will be more likely not to have hip or elbow problems. Research the breeder you are interested in personally and not on hear say.

I have read articles on other websites that offer advice similar to the following: Avoid breeders who make it their mission to criticize and bash other breeders’ dogs and programs. It is not constructive to listen to a breeder bad-mouth others. I personally think they bear part of the blame for creating homeless TMs by preventing beautiful, healthy, puppies from finding good homes and then blaming the breeder they have bashed.

Reputable and dedicated breeders should be more concerned with the welfare of their own dogs. I think this is great advice! After co-owning a dog bred by a well known long time breeder and based on my personal experiences, I don’t recommend picking a breeder just because they have been in the breed for many years.

Sometimes this is a license to do things that would be very hypocritical or getting too comfortable riding on your reputation 🙂 I live in a state where the competition is extremely competitive. Many dogs go back to the well known and well respected Kesang Camp kennel. Many of the breeders in my state wanted this line and did not go directly to Kesang Camp.

I feel very honored and fortunate to have gotten dogs directly from Kesang Camp and to have this breeder’s support and help! I highly recommend Kesang Camp.

What is the breeders motive? Is it about control, or monetary gains through web site sales, promotions. and contests or because they truly respect and love the breed? Some breeders are quick to judge others and it seems as if they want everyone to do as they say, not as they do. I think this is hypocritical. I believe that things can get nasty when money and competition are involved.

Some breeders will defame others for advertising anywhere except the website that they are making a business of and are being dishonest about their own motives. They will bash other breeders on any social media, especially during the puppy season. Is it to protect their own puppy sales? It is almost as if they want to be the gatekeeper of the breed. Why do they want to know of and have control of every TM sold?

With so much competition in the breed it might be hard to get an honest recommendation. Some web sites are good for some information but don’t rely on them for referrals – you don’t know if you are getting a biased opinion. Are you comfortable spending $1500.00 or more, having what seems to be a background check, and then being told you can only have limited registration unless they deem you dog worthy of full registration?

If they want you pay $1500.00 or more and won’t give you full registration, I would definitely look somewhere else. If not, I would not pay more than $500.00 for the dog. Are you comfortable spending $1500.00 or more and being told you must spay or neuter your pet?

I keep asking myself what the motive is, health or control? Why? Is spaying or neutering good for the dog? There are differing opinions on this subject. Could spaying or neutering change their personality and make there coat difficult to manage?

These are questions you need to ask. Don’t tolerate being talked down to – go to someone else! If they make you feel stupid – it’s probably intentional:) When someone makes an accusation or starts a rumor about another breeder’s dogs, RUN THE OTHER WAY!

It’s probably jealousy. I would be wary of some breeders that dominate the web and claims to be the information authority TMs. Be diligent in doing your own research. Contrary to what the TM Gods and N _ Z _ S think, you are not stupid! I would be wary of those who know too much :).

This will be your companion for the next 10 to 15 years so don’t let anyone make that decision for you.

When they can’t find a valid reason to criticize someone, it seems they resort to testing. If you do one test, they come up with another and pretty soon it’s just about who can out test and out spend the next guy! How many times are you going to submit the poor dog to radiation and poke them with needles? They say it is all about healthy dogs but now I am really starting to wonder. I am so happy to be a human and not have to be scrutinized by some of these TM Gods / N _ z_s standards.

Try to imagine if every human with any genetic problem was immediately sterilized. These are beautiful, loving dogs regardless if they should wind up with a fault – but even humans with unforeseen illnesses have made great contributions to mankind 🙂 Nobody is perfect – same with dogs! We all get old or sick and die – same with dogs!

No human can guarantee a perfect dog, it just isn’t possible, and those that say they can are simply not being honest. You have to ask yourself if a guarantee no one can make is worth giving up your rights to the dog? As I mentioned earlier, these are only my opinions based on my experiences.

Nobody can guarantee what puppy will grow up to be – it just isn’t possible. I think it is very dishonest to claim to be able to do so. Some breeders think their dogs are beautiful and worthy of great merit just because they bought them a championship.

Trust your eyes, not what others think.

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